CS-summit 6 Qualification 22.6. on FanTeam Preview

Esports Preview CS:GO Summit 6 Qualification 22.6!

A new weak means a new tournament as usual, though, it is actually a qualification for the actual tournament cs_summit 6 starting on June 24. The main tournament is already looking stacked with teams and teams like BIG and Complexity will look to make that lineup even more competitive. 

Other than at most of the other CS:GO tournaments we have had on FanTeam before, the matches will all start at the same. 8 games starting at 15:00 CET and the leaderboard will be moving for 3 hours straight. More action isn’t possible in Fantasy Sports so I can definitely recommend you to join this tournament. Another factor that changes is the level of CS:GO in this tournament. While there are some teams you might have heard of already, you probably don’t know the majority of the teams and its not different for me, even I don’t know some of the teams. This leads to very unbalanced odds in most of the cases. 

The buying for today’s tournament is 20,00€ and there is a guaranteed prize pool of 30,000€, with 5.000€ for the first place alone. Next to it there is also a 2€ tournament and a 200€ tournament for the highrollers today.

As the CS:GO tournaments will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points,it would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure you can take advantage of this we focus on the best value plays in these articles. 

In the following image you can see the matchups including their odds. As you can see, the favorites (on the left side) are a all favorites by far, besides c0ntact and OG, who still have odds 1,5 to their name.

I am sure there will be one upset at least, but it would be random to predict this myself, so I wont give you predictions for each match.

Looking at the players these are my top picks for today. In the following I will explain why I like them the most.

Today I will approach the explanation of why I chose which player different. I won’t go trough match by match, but will explain different categories of players who could very well benefit from these kind of matches.

Underdogs experience

It’s safe to say that you will need the players of an underdog in order to win, if a team wins with odds of 6 or anything close. 

Some of the underdog teams have players in their roster who have been at the top already, so they have the knowledge on how to beat such good teams. The experience of these payers will definitely be needed in order to pull an upset of this kind.

The following player fall into this category:

NaToSaphiX – Nordavind

FREDDyFROG, PlesseN – Japaleno

byali – AVEZ

Spiidi – Sprout

Aggressive Players

Each CS:GO player approaches the game a little bit different. Some players are known for their aggressiveness. They will often push on the CT side and will go out as one of the first on the T side. If the games go as expected the favorites will pretty much roll over the underdogs. If the aggressive players gain confidence it is nearly impossible to step them, especially if you yourself aren confident at all and are the underdog anyways. 

Players known for their aggressiveness and on the favorite team: 

k0nfig Complexity



Bubzkji MAD Lions

Upcoming Talents

The CS:GO scene produces more and more talents every month, as the player numbers are rising steady. It doesn’t matter if on the favorite or underdog team, these kinf of matches are the perfect games for young talents to gain experience but also perform to the level they are able to. It’s an online qualification match with not that many people watching. The focus is on 7 other games as well.

Some of these players with huge potential are:




tabz Japaleno

h4rn FATE

If you have any questions regarding the players I chose or the format, you can reach me on my twitter @_thaics. Furthermore, 

Good luck and Have Fun!

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