That’s why I love Pursuit! Interview with German DFS-Player Simmmen

That’s why I love Pursuit! With his great success on Fanteam, our community member has caused quite a stir. Now Simmmen has been interviewed by our partner 11Heroes. – You can read the original interview in German here.

11Heroes: Simmmen, you might be the most successful player on Fanteam in the last few weeks. This weekend you were able to take second place and only two days later you won the next tournament. Your winnings in 5 days are more than 10.000 €. Explain to us mere mortals what that feels like?

Simmen: It’s unbelievable… I’ve only been involved with Fanteam since the lockdown and I was already a big fan of manager games like KICKBASE before. But of course I never dreamed that I would achieve something like this.

Of course I also sweated a lot while watching the games. Especially towards the end of the games it was always an unbelievable tension.

I had the last week off and wanted to do something meaningful with my time. Then I started to deal with DFS more intensively and not just superficially. I always had it in mind

“Somehow you have to manage to be in the top 10 more often.”

Just an incredible feeling to bury yourself in something that is fun, that takes a lot of time, but in the end it pays off. But I also put on the brakes of euphoria, because in the past I was inclined to risk more when I was winning more in the betting business, which was counterproductive in the end. This will certainly not happen to me this time in the form of badly analysed bets or senseless tournament trios.

11Heroes: Ok, maybe we start late with your introduction, Who are you and what do you do when you are not crushing the competition?

Simmmen: My name is Simon, 27 years old, orginated from the Lower Rhine (Kleve district) and work as a design engineer. I also have a small business that deals with sandblasting work. I’ve been playing soccer since I could walk, which is no longer possible since a major knee injury last year. But maybe I have found my new fulfillment in fantasy football.

11Heroes: What would you say is the most important quality a fantasy football manager should have?

Simmmen: In any case joy in sports, statistics and mathematics. You should be hard-working and have stamina, because victories are not given to you and you can’t be up there every week. Of course you can be up there with a team that you have set up according to your gut feeling. To achieve continuous wins, however, you should have a strategy that you are constantly improving.

That’s why I love Pursuit!

11Heroes: Recently, the German league and the Pursuit point system were introduced on Fanteam, which has more impact on your game?

Simmmen: To be honest, I hardly played the other system at all. When I started, I always played CSGO in Pursuit format and shortly after that I think everything else was changed to it.
But I love the system because it is so multifaceted. There are so many possible combinations and the bonus points are worth gold with the underdogs.
Above all, you can put so much more knowledge into your teams and prepare yourself with a reasonable research. It’s great fun.

11Heroes: How do you see the future of DFS?

Simmmen: I think and hope that the whole thing will become even more popular and popular. Even though the range of tournaments is already more than satisfactory at the moment.

11Heroes: If you can give DFS players a tip to make them successful, what would it be?

Simmmen: In any case, a real BR management and start with the smaller 2€ tournaments only when you don’t have that much experience. With these tournaments you can refine your strategy and build your BR.
You don’t get anything for free, there is a lot of time spent on developing the strategy, so you should only do it if you enjoy it.

Stay persistent and ambitious and draw the right conclusions from every win or loss and learn from it. Excel skills and the right handling of masses of statistics is of course also an advantage.

11Heroes: Thanks for your time Simon, are there any other people you’d like to greet?

Simmmen: I would love to! The 11Heroes Community, the Fanteam and spicer-Cartel Telegram groups have been very helpful, so greetings and thanks go out to these guys 🙂
Your podcast is also always cool!

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