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Preview for German €50K Monster GW 38

This Saturday is the 34th and last matchday of the Bundesliga.

Of course Fanteam has a big tournament here too.

For 20€ buy-in per team there is a guaranteed prize pool of €50.000.

But now, after a short explanation of the Pursuit format, we go directly to the preview, have fun.


The tournament this Saturday will be played in Pursuit format. This means that there will be no budget problems, but at the end of the tournament you will receive bonus points the more budget you have left.

More precisely, there are 0.4 points for every 1 million in budget that is left at the end.

So it can be worthwhile if you attach special importance to value for your money, while building your teams.


Since all 9 match will start at the same time on this Saturday, we will see the starting line-ups of all 18 clubs before the tournament starts.

But let’s take a closer look at the 18 clubs in this tournament:

From the probabilities it is a very interesting match day. Of the 9 favourites only Düsseldorf is just under 50% probability of winning, so there is no really tight match.

You can also see that from the 9 outsiders even Union Berlin has only 25% chance to win.

Now we look at the defense and the offense of all 18 teams today.

Fanteam price means the average price for the expected line ups.


On defense, the 9 favorites all have (significantly) more than a 20% probability for a clean sheet, while the bottom 6 teams only have a single digit probability.

In terms of prizes, Freiburg and Düsseldorf seem to be very interesting, but further down the line, Union Berlin and Gelsenkirchen are also interesting.

Only Hoffenheim and Wolfsburg are probably too expensive from all 18 teams, with only 8% and 7% respectively and average prices on Fanteam of 6.7M and 6.8M.


In offense, 3 teams have a probability of over 50% to score at least 3 goals.

5 others at least 30%, which is quite high.

In terms of prices, Frankfurt is interesting at the top with only 13.1M, otherwise the average prices at Fanteam are rather well set, Hoffenheim with 7.8M is certainly worth a look as a saving tip.

Players to watch

Now i want to introduce you some interesting players for this tournament.

K. Ayhan (Düsseldorf / 8.6M) DEF

The defense chief of Düsseldorf is certainly a good choice with 8.6M. 

Düsseldorf has a high clean sheet probability of 29%, only 4 teams have a higher one.

Ayhan is also always dangerous in the offensive, so he scored 2 goals and 3 assists this season.

A. Silva (Frankfurt / 13.3M) FOR

Silva is in great form and has scored by far the most in the Eintracht with 11 goals. Also 4 assists can only be outbid by Kostic and Kamada at Frankfurt..

In this last match of the season it could be very tricky for the already safe table-bottomed Paderborn, because they don’t have a single central defender fit anymore.

Therefore there will be quite an emergency team in the defense and Silva should be able to take advantage of that.

Even so, no team has conceded more goals than Paderborn in this season, with 71 already in the number.

E. Haaland (Dortmund / 13.4M) FOR

Haaland is a very good pick for 13.4M on this last matchday for me, not only because he scored incredible 13 goals and 2 assists in 14 Bundesliga games for Dortmund, even if we see him compared to other goal scorers on this Saturday:

A to score probability of 56% is very high and players with similar probabilities cost significantly more, such as Lewandowski with 15.0M, Werner with 15.7M and Havertz even 16.0M.

Goal scorers

We wish you best of luck in our tournament. You can enter the contest here.

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