Esports Preview CS_Summit 6 03/07

CSGO Esports Preview CS_Summit 6 03/07. After a couple of days of daily Premier League matches today there are none which leads to a bigger CS:GO event again.

The cs_summit 6 event is still going on but is slowly coming to an end. Today the first team will qualify for final in each the EU and NA tournament.

A short reminder that the tournament will give teams RMA points in order to qualify for the next major, so every game is nothing but important for the teams.

The first match is starting at 15:00 CET. 

The buy-in for today’s tournament is 10,00€ and there is a guaranteed prize pool of 10,000€, with 2.000€ for the first place alone. Next to it there is also a 1€ tournament and a 200€ tournament for the highrollers today.

As the CS:GO tournaments will be played in Pursuit Fashion, which means that cheap players receive more additional points,it would be wise not to disregard cheap players as some of them might give you the edge over other players due to their bonus points. 

To make sure you can take advantage of this we focus on the best value plays in these articles. 

Today’s matchups are the following:

Looking at the players these are my top picks for today. In the following I will explain why I like them the most.

Esports Preview CSGO Summit 6 Odds

Heroic vs OG 15:00 CET

The first match of the day is a really balanced one odds wise with a small edge for Heroic. Both teams have a lot of potential but are still in their building phase. The seem to be on quite a similar level right now. The fact that leads many to Heroic being the favorite, is that Heroic came to this skill level a lot faster. While OG has been around for some month already, Heroic is doing damage after playing just a couple of weeks together. On top of it they can communicate in Danish which will always help in close matches, while OGs players can’t communicate in their native languages.

Looking at the prices of the players Heroic seems to be more interesting as OG is priced the same on average while being the slight underdog.

Heroic is a really balanced team where really anyone can be the top fragger. Since forming the team stavn has performed on a star player level. Even though he has been struggling the last couple of days, at 10,5 million you can’t go wrong.

CadiaN is the direct opposite, as he has been performing great the last couple of days while being one of the lower fragging guys before. If he can maintain his form he will be a steal at 10,0 million, so make sure you pick him once or twice.

The situation isn’t much different on the OG side of things. The team is fragging quite balanced right now while you wouldn’t expect it looking at the names. 

Either one of the lower fragging guys of aleksib and NBK has been going huge the last couple of days. Finding the right one of both of them and combining him with the right star player will be the key today. Based of stats and the eye test NBK featuring mantuu is my favorite call.

Vitality vs BIG 18:00 CET

The second match of the day is the upper bracket final where the winner will qualify for the final and the loser has a second chance. BIG is on a phenomanal ride and it is hard to call who is going in as a favorite. I expect a 3 map series here and nothing but a great match.

Looking at the top players of the tournament so far it is no surprise that ZywOo has the highest average of fantasy points so far. What is more exciting is that RpK is actually sitting on the second place. Averaging 200 fantasy points over the course of the whole tournament there is no way around him today, as he is priced at just 9,6 million.

On the BIG side things are tougher to call, as consistency is a rare thing to be found in terms on who gains the most fantasy points. Known as a big game player and having the best fantasy points average on BIG to his name TabseN has to be mentioned here. In order to have a chance someone else has to step up and I predict it to be SyrsoN. The AWPer will have to find an impact and he has shown a lot of recent success where he has shown what he is capable of.

fnatic vs Godsent 21:00 CET

The third matchup is the only obvious matchup of the day. Fnatic are the clear favorites as they have been finding some of their form again recently. Godsent on the other side have performed not to good but also not too bad the last couple of days, but the skill difference of the teams is the reason why Fnatic is the favorite here.

It isn’t possible to call which two players perform the best on Fnatic as basically everyone has a shot on it, but it is clear to say that Brollan will most likely be in. He averages 30 fantasy points more than the best of his other teammates and deliver 190 fantasy points on average even though Fnatic have lost 2:0 twice in the tournament already. Next to him it is tough to call, but JW should have the best value for money. He averages the second most points but costs only more than Golden. At 10,2 million he is the most reasonable play.

Sadly it doesn’t get any easier on the Godsent side as literally anyone but Krystal can be the top fragger after the game. Looking at the stats of the last 3 months and this tournament so far Styko and Maden would be my picks. Though, if I consider the matchup both teams had just a week ago against each other, Farlig and zehN would be my picks as they performed the best there. In the end I like the 2 marked players the most, but this is mostly based on a feeling.

Liquid vs Evil Geniuses 00:00 CET

The last match of the day is the NA upper bracket final, which means the winner qualifies for the final. Historically both teams are the 2 strongest of NA and this match will be a banger for sure. The odds are quite even and the only factor that lets me lean into the direction of Evil Geniuses is the matchup both teams had against each other just days ago. EG beat Team Liquid 2:0 there and it wasn’t too close at all.

Looking at Liquid, Elige is your captaincy option all the way. His performances since playing online have been huge, and if Liquid wants to win here he has to step up.

Next to him actually Stewie2k seems like a great option. At just 9,7 million he averages the 3rd highest amount of points on the Liquid roster

I am way more excited on the EG players. Tarik at 9,7 million has been performing superb so far and so he is averaging the second most fantasy points on EG even though there are so many stars next to him. What also speaks for him is his recent performance against Liquid. In just 51 rounds, he finished with a +27 kill/death ratio which is absolutely insane.

Next to him Cerq will surely be a great option if EG manages to win. The Bulgarian AWPer is in a sick form and if he is on fire his ceiling is very high.

If you have any questions regarding the players I chose or the format, you can reach me on my twitter @_thaics. Furthermore, 

Good luck and Have Fun!

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