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Monster Preview for the Sunday 50K Event

Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW33

This Sunday there will the next big tournament on

The Premier League Main Event in England is guaranteed to be €50,000 and the first place will win €7500, so same as on Saturday.

Each team for this tournament will cost a buy in of only €20.

But now, after a short explanation of the Pursuit format, we go directly to the preview, have fun.


The €50K tournament this Saturday will be played in Pursuit format. This means that there will be no budget problems, but at the end of the tournament you will receive bonus points the more budget you have left.

More precisely, there are 0.4 points for every 1 million in budget that is left at the end.

So it can be worthwhile if you attach special importance to value for your money, while building your teams.

Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW33 Overview

Of the total of 4 matches, we only see the starting formations of the match between Burnley and Sheffield United  before the tournament starts.

This can be a small disadvantage for the other 3 matches, but often we are protected by the Safety Net anyway.

But let’s take a closer look at the 8 teams in this tournament:

The two best teams in England also dominate this Sunday.

Both have a 74% chance of winning, their respective opponents accordingly only 9% and 10%.

The other two games are extremely balanced with chances of victory ranging from 33% to 35%.

Now we look at the defense and the offense of all 8 teams for this Sunday.

Fanteam price means the average price for the expected line ups.


From the average prices, Liverpool as also Man City seem to be way too expensive, especially if you compare them with Sheffield and Burnley.

These 2 teams are with 7.1M average price and still very strong CS probability of 34% and 32% respectively, much more interesting for me and also seem to make more sense than West Ham and Newcastle.

Because West Ham and Newcastle “only” have a 26% probability for a CS and a slightly higher average price (7.4M) on Fanteam than Sheffield and Burnley.


In the offensive Liverpool and Man City show their dominance. 47% and 43% are very high probabilities to score at least 3 goals. West Ham and the rest are much cheaper on average, but have a maximum of 14% probability of scoring at least 3 goals.

Players to watch

Now i want to introduce you some interesting players for this tournament.

D. Henderson (Sheffield United / 7.9M) GK

Sheffield is one of the strongest defensive teams in England.

Only 32 goals against in 32 games is an incredibly good figure and accordingly, the very good goalkeeper of Sheffield is my first choice here as well.

7.9M for a goalkeeper whose team has a CS probability of 34%, that’s all it takes.

E. Pieters (Burnley / 7.1M) DEF

The left-back of Burnley would already be a great pick for only 7.1M, where Burnley has a very good CS probability of 32%. But Pieters gets even more interesting because he has been playing in midfield since the corona break, but is listed as a defender on Fanteam.

Already as a left-back he has scored 3 assists in 1363 minutes of play this season.

R. Mahrez (Manchester City / 14.8M) MID

Mahrez, who was on the bench against Liverpool, will probably be back on the grid against Southampton.

In 1633 minutes of play for City, he has already scored 9 goals and 11 assists this season.

In addition, he is listed in midfield on Fanteam, which makes it even more interesting for us.

We don’t have a risk with Mahrez either, should he really sit on the bench again, we would get Sterling through the Safety Net. (next after Sterling would be Bernardo Silva).

Southampton have already conceded 55 goals this season and I think Mahrez could have some chances to score points for us at Fanteam in this last match on Sunday.

D. Ings (Southampton / 7.0M) FOR

At the end a real risk pick for the offensive, but when will you get Ings for this price?

Ings has already scored 18 goals and 2 assists this season and City is not always insurmountable in the defensive.

They have conceded 33 goals this season so far, 4 teams have conceded less goals (Liverpool for example only 25).

And also the probabilities speak for Ings (see list below): he has a 30% chance to score in this game, what more could you ask for a prize 7.0M?

Goal scorers

This was the Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW33. I hope you enjoyed my preview & good luck in this tournament.

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