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Monster Preview for the EPL €30K Thursday Double (July 16th)

This Thursday there will the next big tournament on Fanteam.com. Here is the Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW38.

The “Thursday Double” is guaranteed to be €30,000 and the first place will win the huge prize of €4000.

Each team for this tournament will cost a buy in of only €20.

But now, after a short explanation of the Pursuit format, we go directly to the preview, have fun.

What is Pursuit?

The €30K tournament this Thursday is in Pursuit format. This means that there will be no budget problems, but at the end of the tournament you will receive bonus points the more budget you have left.

More precisely, there are 0.4 points for every 1 million in budget that is left at the end.

So it can be worthwhile if you attach special importance to value for your money, while building your teams.

That’s why I love Pursuit! Interview with German DFS-Player Simmmen

Thursday Double Preview EPL GW36 Overview

Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW38 fixtures

We see in this tournament the starting positions of all 4 teams at this Thursday, because both matches start at 19:00 (CET).

So there are no surprises and you can set up your teams optimally.

But let’s take a closer look at the 4 teams in this tournament:

Thursday Double Preview: The Odds

Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW38 odds

We have 2 very similar matches this Thursday in England.

The two home teams Leicester and Everton are about 50/50 favourites to win with probabilities of 50% and 47%, the two away teams Sheffield and Aston Villa accordingly are the underdogs, but still far from being without a chance with still 22% and 26% to win respectively.

Now we look at the defense and the offense of all 4 teams for this Thursday.

Fanteam price means the average price for the expected line ups.

The best Defense on this Thursday

Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW38 defense

On the defensive, Leicester clearly outperforms co-favorite Everton with a clean sheet probability of 38% versus 31%.

Since both teams have the same average price on Fanteam in defense, Leicester appears to be the better choice here.

The two underdogs are very evenly matched, both still have solid 21% and 20% chances of not conceding a goal and cost an average of 6.0M and 5.7M.

So here it’s a matter of taste which team you ultimately prefer.

The best Offensive

Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW38 offensive

While in the defense Leicester seemed a bit better than Everton, in the offense it is the other way around for me.

Everton has a slightly higher probability of scoring at least 3 goals this Thursday than Leicester and the players cost a little less on average.

Even the most expensive players have this tendency, Vardy costs 10.9M, Calvert-Lewin 10.2M and Richarlison 10.7M.

Among the two underdogs, Aston Villa is probably the much better choice with a probability of 11% to score 3 goals compared to only 7% of Sheffield United.

Players to watch

Now i want to introduce you some interesting players for this tournament.

K. Schmeichel (Leicester / 8.5M) GK

A probability of almost 40%, that his team will not concede a goal this Thursday and a prize on Fanteam of 8.5M, for me Schmeichel is a very good choice as a goalkeeper in this tournament.

At home, Leicester have only conceded 15 goals in 17 games, the last 3 home games they had a clean sheet, so every defender of Leicester is worth a look.

Alternative as a goalkeeper, if you want more risk, is D. Henderson (6.5M) from the opponent Sheffield United.

He costs 2.0M less than Schmeichel, but of course he also will have a clean sheet less often than Schmeichel.

Since he probably gets more shots at his goal than Schmeichel, he could collect points here, because every shot he saves earns us 0.5 points on Fanteam.

G. Baldock (Sheffield / 6.3M) DEF

Baldock is my first choice on the Sheffield defense. 

Helists as a defender at Fanteam, but has played in midfield as a winger all season. Accordingly, he has already scored 2 goals and 4 assists in this season, no player at Sheffield has more assists on his account than Baldock.

Richarlison (Everton / 10.7M) MID

If you want a player with a high to score probability in your team for today’s tournament, Vardy from Leicester and Richarlison, as well as Calvert-Lewin from Everton are the best options.

But which one is the best choice?

Let’s take a look at the following tables:

Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW38 prices

In terms of to score probabilities, Vardy and Calvert-Lewin are just ahead of Richarlison with 45% and 42% respectively, compared to 40%.

However, Richarlison outperforms at “to assist %” with strong 21% compared to only 12% for Vardy and Calvert-Lewin. An assist is worth 3 points at Fanteam.

But there is another decisive advantage for Richarlison: he is listed in midfield at Fanteam. Vardy and Calvert-Lewin only earn 4 points for scoring a goal, whereas Richarlison earns 5 points.

Richarlison also earns 1 point for a clean sheet of his team, unlike Vardy and Calvert-Lewin, and don’t forget: Everton has a solid 31% probability of having a clean sheet.

Best Goal scorers

Weekly Monster Preview EPL GW38 Best players

You can enter the tournament here.

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