Fantasy Premier League Cash Game – 1 Million Euro Gtd.

The NEW Fantasy Premier League Cash Game! and the Scout Gaming Group are delighted to announce the opening of our 2020/21 season long fantasy Premier League football cash league, which has a gigantic and record-breaking prize pool of €1,000,000.


Like last years season long tournament, the entry fee will remain at €25. But this season we’re giving fantasy football managers so much more for their money – including a first-place prize of €200,000. But more on that later in the article.

The €1,000,000 prize pool is guaranteed – this means, regardless of whether the cash league fills or no, we will pay out the entire €1m prize pool winnings, as advertised.

To make things even more exciting, we’re paying out winnings to the top 5500 finishers, which is likely to be reassuring news for those that play the FPL game and fancy their chances of a high finish.

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Please see below a full breakdown of the €1,000,000 prize pool.

Fantasy Premier League Cash Game Prizes


If the €200,000 first place prize and top 5500 payout wasn’t enough to encourage you to enter, we’re also offering weekly cash prizes for the 3 highest scoring fantasy mangers, every single Gameweek; giving you more opportunities to win your entry fee back, plus more – much more!

If you top the weekly leaderboard then €200 will be sent your way; €100 for 2nd and €50 for 3rd. And that’s not all…

If that isn’t enough, we’re also paying out over €2000 in cash to the top 5 managers of the month, every month! Top the monthly leaderboard and you’ll net a cool €1000; €600 for 2nd, 3rd receives €350, €175 for 4th and a cool €100 for finishing 5th.


So, to quickly recap – for your €25 entry fee you get to enter a team in the €1,000,000 season long cash league, the chance to win manager of the week and monthly cash rewards for topping the leaderboards – what more value could we possibly throw at you? There’s more…

How’s about €45,000 worth of weekly exclusive daily fantasy football contests, available to those that enter the €1,000,000 season long game.

Exclusive weekly tournaments for Season Game players: In order to make the transition from season game to daily fantasy easier for new players, we have scheduled 33 tournaments with guaranteed prize pools, one per game week, which are only open to season game players and by ticket only.

How to use Free Tickets from Promotions & Satellites (FAQ)

These tournaments are free to enter, as the prize money will be taken from the prize pool of the season game. Every player will get 4 such tickets for each entry they make into the season game, but the maximum number of tickets a player can be awarded, is 33 – as each tournament only allows each player one entry.

  • Game Week 2: €4,000 GTD
  • Boxing Day Game Week: € 4,000
  • 31 other Game Weeks: € 1,000


A full and detailed breakdown of our Game Rules can be found on our >Support Pages<, via the ‘Details’ tab inside the €1m contest, or via the infographic below

  • You have UNLIMITED transfers to use until Gameweek 1 starts.
  • Build a fantasy football squad of 15 players with your 100M budget, consisting of 2 Goalkeepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders and 3 Forwards.
  • You can select a maximum of 3 players from one Premier League club.
  • Your chosen Captain with score double points and your Vice Captain will replace your Captain if your Captain doesn’t play.
  • The Gameweek deadline is one hour before the first fixture of the Gameweek is scheduled to kick off.
  • You have 1 Free Transfer to use each Gameweek. Additional transfers in the same Gameweek with cost -4 points per transfer.
  • If you don’t use your Free Transfers one week, it will roll over to the next, but will not exceed two free transfers.
  • You have TWO Wildcards available to use over the season – one in each half of the season (Gameweek 2 to 18 and Gameweek 19 to 38.) The Wildcard gives you unlimited team transfers for the Gameweek you activate it in.
  • Player prices can rise and fall throughout the season, based on form and transfers in/out. A players’ sale price will be the same as their purchase price, unlike FPL.
  • If the €1m season game doesn’t fill by September 12th, late registration will be available until Gameweek 4 starts. If you are a late registration, you will receive 70% of the average points from the Gameweek’s you didn’t play.


A full and detailed breakdown of our scoring system can be found on the Support Center or via the infographic below. Make sure to check out the Football DFS Strategy Guide.

Fantasy Premier League Cash Game Scoring Rules2

All managers of the Fantasy Premier League should carefully read this post: From Fantasy Premier League to Fanteam – use your FPL skills to win big!


If you’re an avid Fantasy Premier League player, you’ll fancy your chances of a top rank finish in our season long game, as your skill set is already well adapted for such a massive cash league.

Join the 2020/21 Fantasy Premier League season long game – Win up to 200,000€!

To those of you that entered our 2019/20 €250,000 season long game, we welcome you back with open arms and hope you were impressed with the way we handled the Covid19 interruptions this season.

If you’re new to Fanteam and are ready to create your free account, register today.

Once registered, head over top the Lobby and there you will see the colossal €1,000,000 FPL cash league in all its glory – click the enter button and enjoy creating your 15-man lineup.

Fantasy Premier League Cash Game Join now
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