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Line-up Upload Feature (BETA)

The Line-up Upload Features lets you enter teams into Fanteams Fantasy Tournaments by uploading a csv file.

It is a helpful tool for those who plan to have multiple entries in a tournament and have some kind of program that structures the set up for them. It is recommended to use spreadsheets, like Excel for this purpose.

Furthermore is also possible to develop software in any programming language to utilize the feature. The process of uploading the file is easy to understand. The system will accept a large number of entries in a few seconds.

We would like to stress that this feature is in beta, so please be careful if you are not comfortable with trusting it with big buy-ins.

How does the Line-up upload work?

  1. Firstly, open the tournament you are interested in
  2. Secondly, Look for the download symbol at the bottom of the player list. If you click it, you will get a file with player names, player IDs, prices, positions, statuses for the tournament.
  3. The system is using player IDs as identificator, not player names.
  4. In addition, in order to upload a file with entries, go to the triple-dot menu on the right side. Choose ‘Upload team(s) from file’.
  5. After that, the system will check your file and let you know If there are any problems. You will be required to confirm before any teams are entered into the tournament.

Line-up Upload: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Select CSV Download

DFS Line-up Upload step 1

2. Select More Options

DFS Line-up Upload step2

3. Select CSV Upload

DFS Line-up Upload step 3

4. File Upload Succeded

The upload file format

The system will accept a text file that looks like this, where each line describes an entry:

  • 49993,25428,217031,123999,122580,218181,217031,25428
  • 49993,25428,217031,123999,122580,218181,123999,25428
  • 49993,25428,217031,123999,122580,218181,122580,25428

This example file has three entries for tournament ID 49993. Each entry has 5 players on the field + captain + vice-captain.

In general, this is the matrix for the upload file format:

TournamentID, player1ID, player2ID,…playerxID, captainID, vicecaptainID

where ‘x’ is the number of players used in the actual tournament format. If there is no vice-captain in the format, it will look like this:

TournamentID, player1ID, player2ID,…playerxID, captainID

Additional Information for the file upload

It works for all tournaments. The system checks what kind of tournament it is. Do we require 7 players? Do we have a vice-captain? Then it looks for the appropriate number of IDs in the file. If there are other checks relevant to this tournament, for example, a maximum budget or a minimum number of players for a given position, the system will of course check for this and not allow entries that violate the rules.

Season games with substitutes

Many users run multiple entries in the season games. In order to reduce maintenance, they run for example 20 identical teams for the first half of the season, and then start to make the teams take different paths at the end of the season. lf you need to enter a lot of duplicate entries to for example the 1 Million PL season game, it may be easier for you to enter the identical entries by file. They will then automatically be linked, so that subsequent changes made to one team will be possible to do for all.

For all tournaments with substitutes, you need to add the subs at the end of the line in the file. So for the 1 M game, your file would have this format:

TournamentID,player1ID,player2ID,…,player11ID,captainlD,vicecaptainlD,sub1 ID,sub2ID,sub3ID,sub4ID

Details to bear in mind

  • Fields are separated by comma, not semicolon
  • No whitespaces after the comma
  • No comma at the end of a line
  • There should be no newline or whitespace after the last entry

Moreover, there is no limit as to how many entries you can have in a file. But some tournaments may have a limit as to how many entries you are allowed to have in total (entered manually + by file).

Help us improve the tool!

To sum up, we are looking forward to your collaboration and feedback! Please report all problems to improve the Line-up Upload feature and drop a comment below. Try it with the NBA Leaderboard on Fanteam – win a Rolex!

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