NBA is back 20k – Preview

NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 30/07! After what seemed for an eternity, NBA is back!

The first slate of the comeback is a small two gamer but with a huge prize pool of 20.000€ , a nice appetizer for what is to come in the next months!

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NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 30/07

We will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team. Don´t forget to check your standings in the NBA Leaderboard after every contest – are you able to compete with the best?

Players to watch

Without further discussion, lets dive into our picks for today.

Point Guards

Check the NBA Fantasy Strategy Guide if you are new to the game.

Jrue Holiday – Pelicans – 12.2

At the moment , Zion is questionable to play in the opener and if he doesn’t , then Holiday is a lock for me. Without Zion taking all the usage away , Holiday will need to take on more responsibilities , which mean more fantasy points for us. Even if Zion plays , he would be one of my top options , since the PG position at the top , is very very thin.

Mike Conley – Jazz – 8.9

Conley had a very bad start of the season , trying to adjust to a new team ,a new system and battling injuries. In the last 9 games before the break , he did average 28.9 fantasy points per game and 0.93 per minute. His recent form plus the absence of Bogdanovic makes him a very intriguing option.

Reggie Jackson – Clippers – 5.7

With Beverley questionable for the game and Lou Williams being in quarantine after he enjoyed a meal in a gentlemen’s club , the Clippers do not have anyone at the point guard position other then Reggie Jackson. So , if he gets the minutes , i like him a lot as a budget option . Since he joined the Clippers he has 0.96 fpg and with that price tag i would be more then happy to roster him.

Shooting Guards

Donovan Mitchell – Jazz – 12.3

Usually i do not like to pay up in the SG position but if you want to pay 12.3 for Donovan Mitchell i cannot fault you. In 3 games against the Pelicans this season , he is averaging 51.1 fantasy points ! Goes without saying , that if he gets to those number again , then he should be in your lineup , despite the high price tag.

Josh Hart – Pelicans – 6.7 / JJ Reddick – Pelicans – 6.5

Not too thrilled about the cheap options here but i would take whoever is in the lineup from these two. Both of them had one good and one bad game vs the Jazz , so there are not much to separate here. Again , if Zion is out , a lot of Pelicans become very valuable , since there will be an increase in usage for all of them.

Danny Green – Lakers – 5.9 / JR Smith – Lakers – 5.8 / Dion Waiters – Lakers – 5.5

The Lakers brought as free agents both JR Smith and Dion Waiters. Not to thrilled about any of them from a fantasy perspective to be honest since both of them , alongside Danny Green are just gonna split up the minutes and the points. If you have a feeling that one of them is going to go off , then , go for it. The price is right.

Small Forwards

Paul George – Clippers – 11.8

I think Leonard is too expensive at 14.9 , so i would go with the second best in the Clippers and that is Paul George. He says that he is feeling way better since his injury and i really hope that he will show it tonight , since a healthy Paul George is a fantasy monster.

Brandon Ingram – Pelicans – 11.6

He is having an incredible year and i think it will continue. If Zion is out , he is a near lock in my mind but either way , he is a solid play.

Joe Ingles – Jazz – 7.9

If you want a cheaper option in the Small Forward position , then Joe Ingles is your guy. He did not start the season well but he improved during the last months and i think ( hope ) it will continue with the restart. Against the Pelicans he is averaging 0.93 fantasy points per minute and usually gets a lot of minutes.

Power Forwards

Anthony Davis – Lakers – 14.9

The question this season with the Lakers is always the same. Should i play LeBron or AD? You can play both if you want but if i had to choose one of them it would be AD , mainly because there are no other good solutions at the Power Forward position , especially if Zion is out. Of AD is coming with a Questionable tag but he said he will play , even if he would have to wear special goggles .

Zion Williamson – Pelicans – 11.8

As I have said multiple times before , Zion is a must for me if he plays. Everything is centered around him in the Pelicans offence and he does not shy away from any responsibility , so check the news closer to lock.

Kyle Kuzma – Lakers – 6.9

Another pick that is correlated to a player playing or not. If Davis won’t play , then Kuzma will play a bulk of minutes and usually he can produce a lot of points.


Rudy Gobert – Jazz – 11.3

Gobert is a bit pricey for my taste but there are not a lot of options in the Center position for this slate , so we have to play him. Against the Pelicans this season he is not bad ( 1.09 ) so i guess he would be an ok option.

Derrick Favors – Pelicans – 7.9

You know what i am gonna say. If Zion is out , then i would gladly play Derrick Favors. He is averaging 1.22 fantasy points per minute vs the Jazz this year and i see no reason why he would not score big again if he gets the minutes.

Joakim Noah – Clippers – 4.3

Noah last year was good enough for the Grizzlies , giving us some very good performances ( from a fantasy perspective ). I like him at this spot , because he is at the minimum wage , Clippers won’t have Harrell , Zubac is questionable and they play against the Lakers. If he gives us 18-25 points , it would be amazing and i think he can.

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