Ready to race? Fantasy Formula 1 on Fanteam!

Join the Fantasy Formula 1 on Fanteam and start your engines! The king of motorsports is here, with the largest Formula 1 fantasy contests in the world!

10 teams, 20 drivers and thousands of mechanics traveling around the globe in the most intense, cut-throat competition out there.

The Fantasy Formula 1 Format

We had to make this one special… And we did! Starting this weekend, you will be able to draft your team of 5 drivers, set your captains and enjoy the Grand Prix action! 

Qualifying and Race performance both count on a driver’s score, so Saturday noon is the time you want to remember every weekend. 

All drivers score points for their performance on the track, based on their final positions and the performance against their teammates. Bonus points are awarded for Fastest Lap & Driver of the Day!

Formula 1 contests will run in our Pursuit format. In Pursuit, you have enough budget to pick any 5 drivers you want, highlighting a Captain and a Vice-Captain who score more points for you, but at the same time cost more (2x and 1.5x). 

That’s why I love Pursuit! Interview with German DFS-Player Simmmen.

But you need to play smart! The cheapest your roster is, the more Pursuit bonus points you will receive. So don’t focus only on picking the winners, but finding the sleepers that overperform might win you the top prize.

The Fantasy Tournament Schedule

Deadline to enter is the official starting time of the Qualifying session. This is usually at 15:00 CET for European events, but might be later in the evening for the Americas or even Saturday morning for events in Asia or Australia. 

Keep in mind though! After the qualifying starts, all teams will be locked for the rest of the weekend – so pick wisely!

The Fantasy Formula 1 Scoring

Each Grand Prix consists of 2 racing events – Qualifying and Race. Drivers will score points on each one of the events, and their total points is the sum of the points they gathered in both.

You can find all scoring points in the support center.

1st place40 points40 points
2nd place33 points33 points
3rd place30 points30 points
4th place27 points27 points
5th place25 points25 points
6th place23 points23 points
7th place21 points21 points
8th place19 points19 points
9th place17 points17 points
10th place15 points15 points
11th – 20th place10 points – 1 point10 points – 1 point1 point per position
Retire / Not finish / Disqualify– 5 points– 5 points
Performance against teammate+/- 0.4 points per place difference+/- 0.4 points per place differenceMin. -2 points | Max. +2 points- If this driver didn’t finish: 0p- If only this driver finished: +2p
Finish compared to starting position+/- 0.25 points per place differenceIf driver doesn’t finish, he gets 0p
Fastest lap bonus2 points
Driver of the Day1 point
Win + Fastest lap bonus1 pointAwarded as bonus if driver finished 1st and had the Fastest lap
Scoring table – Fanteam Formula 1

The Prizes

We are proud to offer the biggest Formula 1 Daily Fantasy prize pools in the world right now! This was the post “Ready to race? Fantasy Formula 1 on Fanteam!”

In the Fanteam lobby you will find contests for multiple buy in levels. You can participate in the stakes that you feel more comfortable in. 

For the launch weekend, we are offering a €10,000 guaranteed contest with the buy-in at €20. This means that the winner will get a €2,000 payday!!!

Draft your formula team now!

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