NBA Daily Showdown €20K [2/16] – Preview

NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 31/07!

It was sure nice to have basketball back after all this time and what is even better is the fact that from here on we have more games!

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NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 31/07

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Slate Review

Before we dive in to our suggestions for tonight’s slate , let’s take a look at yesterday’s one.

Congratulations to ToniVFL for winning first place , earning close to 1k!

The key to his win was that he used Royce O’Nealy , who got the start and at a very low price ( 6.4 m ) had 30.75 points and Kyle Kuzma ( 6.9m / 31.25 p ). Both of these players where very low owned ( 9% and 15% ) and gave ToniVFL the edge over the field !

Players to watch

6 games for tonight’s 20K Slate , so let’ get to our suggestions immediately.

Point Guards

Check the NBA Fantasy Strategy Guide if you are new to the game.

James Harden – Rockets – 16.5m

The question is always Harden or Westbrook. Of course both of them are very good plays but for tonight’s game i would go with Harden over Westbrook. He looks to be in excellent condition and will be highly motivated to play in the first game of the restart.

Luca Doncic – Mavericks – 16.2m

I cannot ignore Luca. Mavericks play for the playoffs , he is one of the best DFS players , the game has the highest points total with 228.5 points and goes against a team that he had 70+ points previously in the year. I cannot recommend him enough.

Ja Morant – Grizzlies – 10.8m

I like Ja Morant a lot tonight. He seems to be in a very good shape and the match up is very good for him. The price tag is fair and he should have a great game.

Shabazz Napier – Wizards – 8.0m

Wizards are a wonderful team for DFS purposes since they are running up and down, score a lot and play no defence. Napier seems to be their starting point guard, has a very good matchup vs the Suns and will get a lot of shots.

Chris Chiozza – Nets – 6.1m

Nets have a depleted roster in Orlando and Chiozza will be their starting point guard. He will not get a lot of shots but he will have assist and gets a lot of defensive stats , so he looks good for his value.

Brad Wannamaker – Celtics – 4.8m

If you are looking for something cheap in the point guard position, Wannamaker has a good chance of playing solid minutes, since Kemba Walker will be limited. Worth a flyer in some lineups.

Shooting Guards

Devin Booker – Suns – 13.1m

The most expensive shooting guard but with a reason. He plays against the Wizards , gonna shoot like crazy and most propably will be in a close game , so what’s not to like?

Caris Levert – Nets – 11.5m

I think Levert will be in play for the whole restart. He is the best player for the Nets and as long as they are playing for the playoffs , he will be their go to guy.

Ben McLemore – Rockets – 5.5m

One of the guards of the Rockets is gonna go off tonight . I am taking McLemore , since he had very good games since the restart and i am hoping he will hit 4-5 of his 3 pointers.

Small Forwards

Kris Middleton – Bucks – 10.8m

With Bledsoe out , Middleton has increased usage and i like him a lot in this spot. My only concern – as it always is with the Bucks – is how many minutes will he play .

Troy Brown Jr. – Wizards – 8.1m

The Wizards have very little to play for here , so their main focus will be to develope their talent. Troy Brown Jr. will be on of their main pieces going forward and they will give him a lot of minutes in these 8 games.

Rodions Kurucs – Nets – 5.5m

Kurucs is very low priced for the minutes he will be getting for the Nets. Not safe choice by any means but at 5.5m i am willing to risk it , since there are not a lot of good players left in the Nets rotation.

Power Forwards

Kristaps Porzingis – Mavericks – 12.6m

51.75 and 56. That’s his points total in the 2 games he has played the Rockets this season and i think this trent will continue tonight !

Jaren Jackson Jr. – Grizzlies – 8.8m

Triple J is a great points per minute guy in DFS , the only problem is that he gets in fould trouble and does not play a lot of minutes. He was getting better at it before the break and i am willing to risk it tonight also. If he plays 30+ minutes , he will be an excellent play.

Richaun Holmes – Kings – 7.2m

Kings will be chasing that 8th playoff spot and their best bet to get it is to play their best players. Holmes is one of them. Risky play but with high reward.

Jonathan Isaac – Magic – 5.5m

Isaac got injured just before the break but he is healthy now and will play. He will be in a minutes restriction but at 5.5m he is too cheap to be ignored. Magic are the first game on the slate , so keep an eye out for news about him. If he ends up not playing , Aaron Gordon – 9.8m – becomes a solid play


Nicola Vucevic – Magic – 12.4m

I always play Centers against the Nets and i am gonna do it tonight also. Vucevic is a fantasy monster , so , everything is pointing out to a great night from him.

DeAndre Ayton – Suns – 11.5m

Anyone playing against the Wizards is in a great matchup and Ayton is no exception. He should be able to do whatever he wants to do with their frontcourt , my only concern will be if he will play enough minutes to make it worth paying 11.5m for him.

Jarred Allen – Nets -10.2m

The only center left on the Nets roster , so he won’t be splitting up the minutes with DeAndre Jordan. He won’t score a lot of points but he will rebound and block a lot of shots.

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