Monster Preview for the €100K Champions League [€20K 1st place] August 7th

Daily Fantasy Preview Champions League 07/08: On this Friday the Champions League finally continues.

Fanteam has a huge tournament on offer, with a guaranteed prize pool of 100.000€.

The buy-in costs only 20€ per team and the winner will receive an incredible 20.000€.

But now, after a short explanation about Pursuit, we’ll go straight to the preview:

What is Pursuit?

The 100K tournament this Friday will again be played in Pursuit format. This means that there will be no budget problems, but at the end of the tournament you will receive bonus points the more budget you have left.

More precisely, there are 0.4 points for every 1 million in budget that is left at the end.

So it can be worthwhile if you attach special importance to value for your money, while building your teams.

Daily Fantasy Preview Champions League 07/08

Both games start at the same time at 21:00 (CET), so we know the line-ups in time before the tournament starts and have no bad surprises.

But let’s take a closer look at the 4 teams in this Daily Fantasy Preview Champions League tournament:

€100K Champions League: The Odds

The two home teams Juventus and Manchester City are the relatively clear favourites with to win probabilities of 68% and 57% respectively.

Interestingly, Manchester City has exactly the same to score probability as Juventus, although Juventus has an 11% higher probability of winning. On the other hand, the situation is of course exactly the other way round with Clean Sheet probabilities of 45% compared to 29%.

Now we look at the defense and the offense of all 4 teams for this Friday.

Fanteam price means the average price for the expected line ups.

The best Defense on this Friday

Daily Fantasy Preview Champions League 07/08 best defence

Juventus outperform all the other teams with a huge CS probability of almost 50%, Manchester City doesn’t look that good in comparison, although their average price in defense is already very much lowered by the very cheap E. Garcia (7.8M).

Real Madrid and Lyon have the identical clean sheet probability of 11%, but Lyon is much cheaper. Lyon also makes more sense from a defensive point of view, as they have to defend a 1-0 victory from the first leg against Juventus, Real Madrid have to catch up a 1-2 defeat, against Manchester City where they have to score at least 2 goals now and need to be offensive.

The best Offensive on this Friday

At the offensive, Juventus and Manchester City have the same probability of scoring at least 3 goals, but Manchester City is slightly cheaper.

However, they can be a little more relaxed at home after the 2-1 win away in Madrid, Juventus need a win at home, but the bookmakers are more likely to expect a 1-0 or 2-0 win here.

As Real Madrid need to score at least 2 goals, as I mentioned before, I think 8.8M is still ok in the offensive as an average price.

Champions League Players to watch

Now i want to introduce you some interesting players for this tournament.

A. Lopes – Lyon – 5.0M – GK

The goalkeeper of Lyon is my first choice here. 

Lyon may be an underdog away at Juventus Turin, but 5.0M is already a very good price for a goalkeeper. And the bookmakers don’t expect a wild game either, Juventus don’t have to go all in right away, even a 1-0 would be enough for them to go into extra time.

From the price-performance ratio, Lopes is the best choice for me, Courtois costs 3.2M more (!!) with 8.2M, Ederson costs 9.6M and Szczesny costs 10.9M.

M. Depay – Lyon – 6.2M – MID

With Depay I mention here a real saving tip, but I really see sense in Depay.

A glance at the goal chances for this tournament shows why:

Daily Fantasy Preview Champions League 07/08  fanteam price

Depay has a solid 22% chance to score a goal, so 6.2M is a very good price. Especially since, unlike Dembele (who also could be a solid option), he’s listed in midfield on Fanteam and thus brings us valuable extra points.

Furthermore Depay has a strong to assist probability of 19%.

K. Benzema – Real Madrid – 9.3M – FOR

This return match in Manchester is perfect for Benzema. Real Madrid need at least 2 goals to reach the quarter finals and therefore the offensive at Real Madrid will focus on the qualities of Benzema.

In the past season he scored 21 goals for Real Madrid in the league and he scored 8 more assists.

Alternatives to Benzema, or more precisely a very good duo with him, are of course E. Hazard (8.6M), J. Vinicius (8.4M) and M. Asensio (7.6M), depending on which 2 of those 3 players will be in the starting line-up at the end.

C. Ronaldo – Juventus Turin – 13.8M – FOR

Finally a very boring pick, but my preview would not be complete without Ronaldo.

The second leg is as if it would be  painted for a Ronaldo, KO phase of the Champions League and Juventus Turin have to win, after their 0-1 loss away at Lyon in march..

But a glance at the table of the most likely scorers says it all anyway:

In short: there is no way around Cristiano Ronaldo in this tournament.

Best goal scorers

Daily Fantasy Preview Champions League 07/08  best scorers

Draft your team for the 100k GTD

This was the Daily Fantasy Preview Champions League 07/08. Don’t miss previews for the upcoming fantasy tournaments.

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