NBA Daily Showdown €10K [12/16] – Preview

NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 10/08 with the best players to watch!

We are getting close to the end of the “regular season” but we still have 4 game days and a lot of action , so let’s dive right in!

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NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 10/08

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Players to watch

3 games for tonight’s 10K main Slate and here are our suggestions.

Point Guards

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Jamal Murray – Nuggets – 11.4m

He returned in the last game and managed to play 40 minutes and score 53.5 points. My only concern are the minutes but i will a chance on him.

Fred Vanvleet – Raptors – 10.9m

Toronto has nothing to play for , since they have already clinched the division and now their playoff opponent, so we do not know how the minutes will go in this game but Vanvleet is hot right now and i am hoping that he will keep it up .

Goran Dragic – Heat – 8.1m

It seems like Dragic will play tonight and i beleive he will immediately go to the starting line up. It is a tough match up against the Pacers but Dragic will play a lot of minutes , in what i think it will be a close game.

Shooting Guards

Victor Oladipo – Pacers – 8.4m

Oladipo is seeing his minutes increasing game by game and with them the production is rising also. The price is fair and it wont be hard for him to hit value.

Tyler Herro – Heat – 8.1m

Nunn will be out of the game , so Herro’s minutes will be there , even if Dragic returns. If he doesn’t , Herro is a lock.

Small Forwards

Lebron James – Lakers – 14.8m

The way i am thinking this , is that Lebron is gonna be pissed that the Lakers are not playing well in the bubble and would want to win tonight and will carry them to a victory.

TJ Warren – Pacers – 13.1m

How can i stop playing the hottest basketball player on the planet?

Torrey Craig – Nuggets – 6.3m

Craig is getting a lot of minutes due to the Nuggets injuries and he is producing at around 4x value. Not the highest of returns but a safe choice if you need something cheap.

Power Forwards

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Bucks – 16.3m

Does he play 30 minutes ? I do not know but if he does he is going to have 60+ points.

Pascal Siakam – Raptors – 11.1m

Siakam is not playing well in the bubble and he is a risky play , especially at this price but i like the match up against the Bucks and hope i will get him when he has his break out game.


Bam Adebayo – Heat – 11.2m

He is my favorite Center tonight , coming in at a fair price and with a good match up.

Brook Lopez – Bucks – 9.1m

He is averaging 0.99 points per minute and playing 34 minutes per game. Lopez is having a very good tournament so far and i want to take advantage of it.

Dwight Howard – Lakers – 6.8m

In the 2 games since he returned to action , Howard has 1.41 points per minute ! At this price , it is an excellent value and he is facing a Nuggets team that likes to play big ,so maybe we will see him play even more minutes then the 20 he is playing so far.

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