NBA Daily Showdown €15K [13/16] – Preview

NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 11/08 with the best players to watch!

As yesterday showed us , we have to be aware of the news because a lot of people are getting ruled out , so this creates a lot of opportunities but also , a lot of uncertainties.

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NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 11/08

Firstly, we will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team. Don´t forget to check your standings in the NBA Leaderboard after every contest – are you able to compete with the best?

Slate Review

Let’s see the winners for both of yesterday’s slates

NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 11/08 slate review

jamelambourne won the Monday Double , playing smartly Boban as the captain and Bazley as the VC , surrounding them with 3 more players that got the highest points. Great job.

In the Showdown slate it was Ajdin.B that did it !

NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 11/08 showdown

Playing the top rated players and with smart , more value options like Powell and Dragic , he got the winning combination !

Players to watch

Enough with the past though. We have 7 games for tonight’s 15K main Slate and here are our suggestions.

Point Guards

In addition, check the NBA Fantasy Strategy Guide if you are new to the game.

Damian Lillard – Blazers – 15.1m

Lillard has 58.3 points in the Bubble and his team is still chasing the playoffs , so we should have another big performance out of him.

Russell Westbrook – Rockets – 14.1m

Westbrook got his rest and now he will be playing without Harden. The game is not so important for the Rockets but Westbrook should be getting his usual minutes.

Austin Rivers – Rockets – 6.9m

Rivers dropped 60 points in the previous game , playing alongside Harden. Now his playing next to Westbrook and he should get the same usage , so the potential is there.

Shooting Guards

Devin Booker – Suns – 13.1m

Great fantasy producer , playing in a game that his team needs the win , against a team that won’t be having 2 of it’s best players and maybe more. Yes , i am going to have Booker in my lineups.

Buddy Hield – Kings – 7.3m

Hield is having a terrible tournament , losing playing time and posting low numbers ( 21.3 fantasy points ). The game against the Pelicans has no importance , as both teams are eliminated , so i expect a free flowing game , the type of games that are suited for him. In addition to that , Kings will be without Fox and Bazemore , so more playing time for him. You could play Bogdanovic but i will go to the cheaper option in this one.

Josh Hart – Pelicans – 5.9m

Speaking of cheap options , Hart is at 5.9m and the Pelicans will be without Zion , Ingram and Holiday. Yeap , Hart is gonna shoot a lot !

Small Forwards

Jayson Tatum – Celtics – 12.0m

It’s hard to predict which one of the Celtics is going to have a big night but for tonight i would choose Tatum. I like the match up against the Grizzlies and he should be able to do what he wants with them. If he is out, i would go to Hayward easily also.

Robert Covington – Rockets – 9.5m

One of these days he is gonna give us a 60+ performance. Let’s c if it’s going to be tonight.

Rodions Curucs – Nets – 5.8m

Kurucs should get the start tonight and he is going to play big minutes. He has shown us that he can produce when given them minutes , so let’s hope he will deliver.

Power Forwards

Carmelo Antony – Blazers – 8.3m

Melo has 30+ points in 3 out of his last 4. His minutes are secured , the shots are gonna be there , so he looks to be a good value.

Mike Scott – 76ers – 5.7m

He should be getting plenty of minutes and when he does , he gives us a lot of points.

Jabari Parker – Kings – 4.8m

In 12 minutes against the Rockets he had 21 points. He should be getting more minutes in tonights game with all the people missing from the Kings and if he does , he will produce.


Jusuf Nurkic – Blazers – 13.1m

Minutes are secured and he is still giving us 1.41 points per minute.

Deandre Ayton – Suns – 11.1m

Don’t get scared from the 17 points he had yesterday. He played only 18 minutes because the game got out of hand. If he playes his regular minutes he will give us a solid return.

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