NBA Daily Showdown €10K [14/16] – Preview

NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 12/08 with the best players to watch!

What a slate that was yesterday , with people sitting out in the last minute, Giannis ejected and Lillard going nuclear!

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NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 12/08

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Slate Review

Let’s see the winner of yesterday’s slate

NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 12/08 review

Apparently Piteka_flah is reading this posts , because we have suggested yesterday 5 out of 7 of the players that was in his lineup. The other 2 , Mason III and Poeltl , added up to what was the winning lineup and 1.5k more to Pietka_flah pockets. Well done !

Players to watch

Enough with the past though. Let’s get to the NBA Daily Fantasy Preview 12/08. We have 3 games for tonight’s 10K main Slate but firstly , let me start by saying that you need to be aware of the news close to the start of the games because alot of a value can open up then. Now, on to our suggestions.

Point Guards

In addition, check the NBA Fantasy Strategy Guide if you are new to the game.

Kyle Lowry – Raptors – 11.7m

Lowry got the rest in the previous game , so i expect him to play tonight. Teams will start getting their starters ready for the playoffs , so i expect him to get his normal minutes. If so , we have 40+ points in the bag.

Lou Williams – Clippers – 8.0m

Coach Rivers said yesterday that he expects to play on Friday his playoff rotation. That means , that tonight’s game will be a game that Lou Williams can play close to 25 minutes. This will be good for us.

Raul Neto – 76ers – 4.8m

The Sixers game is first , so we would know the lineups before lock. If a lot of players get rulled out again , then i would give a shot to Neto , since in the last game he had 31 points in 26 minutes. At this price , he just need him to play 20+ minutes and he would be a valuable player.

Shooting Guards

Tyler Herro – Heat – 8.6m

Nunn will remain out , so Herro is again a valid option , even with Dragic back. He averaging 37.6 points in his last 3 games , more then 4x value.

Alec Burks – 76ers – 7.9m

If everybody is rulled out again , the Burks is a lock. He is averaging 1.05 points in his last 7 games and we know that he will produce , if he is on the floor. Depending on the news , Richardson (8.2m) is also in play.

Small Forwards

Kawhi Leonard – Clippers – 13.3m

I would choose one of Leonard and George , even if both of them play , since they are stadily giving us 40+ performances. If one of them sits out , then the other one is a must.

Tobias Harris – 76ers – 11.5m

If he plays , he is in a prime position and if Embiid is out , then he is a lock.

Jimmy Butler – Heat – 11.4m

In the previous game he had 50.75 points in just 29 minutes. We just need him to play close to that and if so , he will give us value.

Power Forwards

Pascal Siakam – Raptors – 11.1m

Siakam is not playing well in the bubble and i have a feeling that the Raptors would like to get him going before the playoffs. That would be good for us , since he is an amazing fantasy producer when his game is on.

Chris Boucher – Raptors – 6.7m

30 minutes – 52.75 points. We now that if Boucher gets the minutes , he will produce. The problem is that we need a lot of players to be rulled out again , in order for him to get the minutes , so make sure to follow the news during the day and see who is playing for the Raptors.

Mike Scott – 76ers – 6.7m

Same price with Boucher , same concerns. Depending of who will get rulled out , Scott will become a valuable play because he has close to 1 point per minute on average.


Bam Adebayo – Heat – 10.8m

Out of all the Centers tonight , i believe only two will get their normal amount of minutes. One of them is Adebayo , with his 1.27 points per minute in the last 7 games , in 29minutes per game.

Ivica Zubac – Clippers – 8.6m

The other one is Zubac. He has been playing for 25 minutes in the last 5 games and has 33.65 points per game , which makes him close to 4x value and a safe choice at the center position.

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