FanTeam 1v1 Invitational – Bet on your favourite CS:GO streamer!

FanTeam 1v1 Invitational bet on your favorite streamer

FanTeam 1v1 Invitational

On Friday the 14th August, we host the FanTeam 1v1 Invitational tournament in CS:GO, where 8 big streamers will battle for a chance of 1000$.

However, the main aspect of the tournament will be watching your favourite streamer for fun, and having the opportunity to bet on him winning a match. Or even the whole tournament.

Player Matchups: How to Play

When will the 1v1 start?

At 18:00 CET, the participants will start the tournament in 4 quarter finals and will be eliminated if they lose once. 

Each match will be played in a best of 3. There are certain maps in CS:GO, which are especially created for 1v1. Moreover the participants are only allowed to play specific weapons on each map.

  • On the first map, they are only allowed to use rifles such as the AK-47 and the M4A4.
  • The second map winner will be determined by a sniper battle, as they are only allowed to use the AWP.
  • If a decider is needed, the players will find the match-winner with only the Desert Eagle.

Where can you find the FanTeam 1v1 Invitational?

It is very easy to participate in the 1v1 Invitational.

  1. Head over to
  2. Click on Sportsbook > CS:GO
  3. Place your bet!

Bet on your favorite streamer!

In the following overview, I will give you a little introduction to the streamers of the FanTeam 1v1 Invitational, including the links where you can follow the event.


The Danish full time streamer has been playing Counter Strike for years already. He already dominated the former Counter Strike Version 1.6 and following this is playing at the highest level. On the paid service “FaceIt”, he managed to reach the highest level 10, which definitely proves his skill level, as not many people manage to do it. 


Currently undergoing a Road to Global series on his Twitch Channel, Roknar is one of the mavericks in the tournament. The Global Elite is the highest rank of Counter Strike matchmaking. He slowly comes near his goal, as he is currently ranked Legendary Eagle, just 3 ranks away.


Just 19 years old but already known for his insane skill level. The dutch streamer is known for his youtube content, where you will find an unbelievable amount of insane kills. If he can keep up this level in the 1v1 tournament, he will surely be one of the favorites.


Even though the Argentinian streamer has to face D0cc in the first round of the tournament, he still has a great chance of winning, as he is a pro player himself. Currently, he is not on a team, but that won’t reduce his skill level.


The Polish streamer is playing on a solid level, and is mostly playing on the paid service “esportal”. People play there if they want to play more tactically and not just based on raw skill. However, just aiming will be needed in the 1v1 tournament, so it will be exciting to see how he performs.


The French streamer is an ex-player and ex-coach of successful organisations such as Verygames and Team LDLC. He is still playing actively, but more for fun nowadays. 

Moreover he still has a lot of experience, so let’s see how he will be able to use it.


There isn’t much to say about s1rpent. Quiet, but still very skilled and playing on “FaceIt” level 10 as well. Even though his first round matchup is tough, maybe he can sneak through and upset his way to the final.


Crank is an upcoming polish pro player. He is still inexperienced, but is currently making appearances on, playing against higher tier teams. As an pro player, he surely has to deliver and fulfill the expectations of the fans.

Support your streamer in the FanTeam 1v1 Invitational

Place your bet on your favourite streamer here and enjoy the FanTeam 1v1 Invitational Event!

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