NHL Daily Showdown [Thursday] 3K – Preview

NHL Daily Showdown Preview 13/08 with the best players to watch!

First round of the playoffs and we have some exciting series to watch and play DFS on!

NHL Daily Showdown Preview 13/08

Firstly, we will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team.

Slate Review

Let’s see the winner of yesterday’s slate

NHL Daily Showdown Preview 13/08 review

Getting 24.25 points from a forward line that had a combined ownership of 5% and having your Goalie get almost 10 points would do the trick!

Players to watch

Enough with the past though. Let’s dive into the NHL Daily Fantasy Preview 13/08. We have 3 games for tonight’s 3K main Slate but firstly , let me start by saying that you need to be aware of the news close to the start of the games be cause we still do not know the line ups and starting Goalies.


In addition, check the NHL Fantasy Strategy Guide if you are new to the game.

Robin Lehner – Golden Knights – 9.1m

His team is the greatest favorite to win in the slate , according to Fanteam Sportbook , Blackhawks have a low goal projection but i beleive they would shot a decent amount of times , so we will also have enough saves to boost the points. All of the above make Lehner my first Goalie choice for tonight.

Anton Khudobin – Stars – 8.8m

I like the Stars keeper for tonight , either it is Khudobin or Bishop (8.7m). The game projects to be a low scoring game and the Flames will shoot a lot towards the net.


Shea Theodore – Golden Knights – 11.0m

I know i am stating the obvious here but Theodore is an expensive Defender that we cannot just pass buy. His ability to give us offensive points , playing for the 1L and 1PP , along with a very good matchup , make him and excellent play.

Duncan Keith – Blackhawks – 9.1m

A mid priced defender , playing in the 1PP line would be an excellent stacking choice if you wanna go Blackhawks route.


Patrice Bergeron – Bruins – 11.3m

Coming off an excellent performance in the first game and proving to us again and again that he lives for the playoffs , Bergeron is my number one choice for the Forward position. You can use him either as an one off or as a stack with Pastrnak (13.0m) and Marchand (11.2m)

J.J. Gaudreau – Flames – 10.4m

I like tha Flames 2 Line , especially the Gaudreau-Monahan combo. The game is projected to be low scoring but i expect the Flames to get a decent amount of shot to goal and who knows , maybe score a couple.

Mark Stone – Golden Knights – 10.6m

Stone and Karlsson are a good line combo to get into the Golden Knights at a cheaper price then the premium you would pay for Pacioretty-Marchessault.

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