Monster Preview for the UCL €25K Barcelona vs Bayern [€4K to 1st] August 14th


On this Friday the Champions League continues with the third match of the quarter finals 2019/2020 and it is probably the biggest one: Barcelona vs Bayern Munich.

Fanteam again has a huge tournament to offer, with a guaranteed prize pool of 25.000€.

The buy-in costs only 20€ per team and the winner will receive an incredible 4.000€.

But now, after a short explanation about Pursuit, we’ll go straight to the preview:

What is Pursuit?

The 25K tournament this Friday will again be played in Pursuit format. This means that there will be no budget problems, but at the end of the tournament you will receive bonus points the more budget you have left.

More precisely, there are 0.4 points for every 1 million in budget that is left at the end.

So it can be worthwhile if you attach special importance to value for your money, while building your teams.

UCL €25K Barcelona – Bayern: The Odds

With almost 50% probability of winning, Bayern Munich is a surprisingly clear favourite in this match between two such heavyweights of European football.

But of course there are reasons for this: Barcelona has played its worst season in the league in 12 years and Bayern Munich has won the last 18 consecutive competitive matches.

Compared to yesterday, more goals are also expected. Accordingly Bayern has a huge 88% probability to score at least one goal tonight and Barcelona still has almost 80%.

The CS probabilities are accordingly rather low at 21% and 12%.

In the offensive Barcelona with an average price of 8.9M with still 20% probability to score 3 goals looks slightly more interesting to me than Bayern Munich.

Players to watch

Now i want to introduce you to 2 interesting players for this tournament.

J. Kimmich – Bayern Munchen – 10.3M – DEF

When you think of Bayern Munchen for this tournament on Fanteam, the first thing you would think of would be players like Lewandowski, Müller or Gnabry. But as a little insider tip, I think Kimmich is very interesting today.

This has several reasons: 

Firstly, as mentioned above, the biggest focus at Bayern Munich today will be on other players at Fanteam, especially in the (vice) captain question.

On the other hand Kimmich has a lot to offer for the bookmakers today also in the offensive, so he has by far the highest to score probability of all defenders in this tournament with 13%, and don’t forget: one goal scored by him earns us 6 points on Fanteam.

In the “to assist” ranking he is even more ahead with a 24% probability, only Messi, Müller and Gnabry have a higher probability to score an assist in this tournament.

L. Messi – Barcelona – 9.6M – FOR

Messi for under 10M on Fanteam, that’s unique and therefore Messi is my choice here.

Not only does he have a high to score a goal probability with 40%, which is only exceeded by R. Lewandowski with 54%, he also has the highest “to assist” probability for this match with 36% (followed by T. Müller with 31%).

For Barcelona to have a chance today, everything will depend on Messi. Because Barca is more dependent on Messi than ever before. Also, he will most likely not be substituted, which gives us an additional important bonus point at Fanteam.

Best goal scorers

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