Blazers vs Grizzlies 15/08 – Preview

Blazers vs Grizzlies 15/08 – Preview with the best players to watch!

The regular season finished yesterday but we are still not in the playoffs. The Blazers and the Grizzlies will fight for the last spot in the Western Conference Playoffs. If the Blazers win , then they will qualify , if the Grizzlies win then , they will play another game tomorrow.

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Blazers vs Grizzlies 15/08 – Preview

Firstly, we will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team.

Slate Review

Let’s see the winner of yesterday’s slate

What a crazy slate that was yesterday ! Affectum had Harden , who played enought to give him 51.75 points but the difference was 2% owned Johnson , that gave him 40.5 points and a 2% also , Embiid that played ( when he just shouldn’t ) and had 24.5 points. Well done – again – Affectum.

Players to watch

Let’s dive into the Blazers vs Grizzlies 15/08 – Preview. Firstly , let me start by saying that we have a pursuit type of slate , so that means that not only we have to find the highest scorers in the game but also at the lowest price.Secondly, we will need to select also a captain and a vice captain for the game.Now, on to our suggestions.

Point Guards

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Damian Lillard – Blazers – 16.1m

Lillard is the hottest player in the NBA right now and we just cannot avoid him. He is of course in consideration for both captain spots but he will eat a lot of the bonus points , since he is the most expensive option on the slate by 4m!

Ja Morant – Grizzlies – 11.9m

In what it would be the biggest game of his career so far, Morant has to lead his team into the playoffs. He does not shy away from a challenge and i am expecting a big game out of him. Would be a good option for both captain spots.

Shooting Guards

CJ McCollum – Blazers – 11.1m

He had 50 points against the Grizzlies in the beggining of the bubble and also , had only 1 game below 30 points. Safe floor and could be a good contrarian choice for the captain spot.

Dillon Brooks – Grizzlies – 9.5m

He likes to shoot and the Grizzlies let him shoot a lot. If he is on a good day he can give us 40+ points. Will it be tomorrow a good day though?

Gary Trent Jr. – Blazers – 7.6m

Basically, a cheaper version of Brooks. He is playing a lot of minutes and he is shooting a lot. He has the potential of big games but has cooled off in the last 3 in the bubble ( 18.4 points avg )

Small Forwards

Don’t even bother looking here…

Power Forwards

Carmelo Antony – Blazers – 8.8m

He had 32.25 points in their previous game and has 29.1 points average in the bubble. The biggest advantage of rostering Melo is the potential of getting a 35+ points night , something that makes him a good choice for the captain positions also.

Brandon Clarke – Grizzlies

Clarke is not playing well in the bubble but his best game came against the Blazers with 38.75 points. A repeat of that will almost guarantee that the winning lineup will have him inside.


Jonas Valanciunas – Grizzlies – 10.7m

Had a triple double in the last game and 72.25 points. We are talking for final for the Grizzlies , so i am expecting them to have Valanciunas on the court , as much as possible and when he plays over 30 minutes he averages 49.7 points per game. We just cannot ingore that.

Hassan Whiteside – Blazers – 6.3m

In the last 2 games he had 17.5 minutes and 29.9 fantasy points. This is an amazing production and i would prefer rostering him at 6.3m and taking a chance then playing Nurkic at 12.1m!

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Leave your comments, tips and feedback to the Blazers vs Grizzlies 15/08 – Preview here in the comment section. Good luck!

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