EARLY: NHL 2.5k Daily Showdown Sunday 16/08 – Preview

NHL Early Daily Showdown Preview 16/08 with the best players to watch!

First round of the playoffs and we have some exciting series to watch and play DFS on!

NHL Early Daily Showdown Preview 16/08

Firstly, we will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team.

Players to watch

Let’s dive into the NHL Early Daily Fantasy Preview 16/08. We have 2 games for the early Slate but firstly , let me start by saying that you need to be aware of the news close to the start of the games be cause we still do not know the line ups and starting Goalies.


In addition, check the NHL Fantasy Strategy Guide if you are new to the game.

Ben Bishop – Stars – 8.9m

Bishop is the highest projected Goalie out of the 4 and for a good reason. He has good form and will face a lot of shots , which should ramp up his points. At this price i am willing to take a chance.

Cam Talbot – Flames – 9.1m

Talbot is the most expensive Goalie for this early slate but he is worth it. The game has a low total and his team is the favorite to win , so we will get the extra points.


Mark Giordano – Flames – 10.9m

Giordano is a no brainer at this stage . Had 9.25 points last game and is averaging 4+ in the last 5. Gets shots on goal , blocks , along with the assists , so yeah , play him.

John Carlson – Capitals – 11.6m

I have learned not to ingore for in Hockey and Carlson is on fire scoring 16 points in 2 games since his return. The Capitals need to win and they will be constantly on attack , pushing from their defence also.

Devon Toews – Islanders – 8.9m

The Islanders are 2-0 up and they will face a lot of attacks in this game. Toews has been excellent for them , racking up defensive and offensive stats. He is worth a look here.


Alex Ovechkin – Capitals – 13.3m

I know that i sound like a broken record everytime the Capitals play but if they are going to win they will need Ovechkin. Last game he scored twice and almost had a third one to equalise. I am hopping for a repeat today.

Johnny Gaudreau – Flames – 10.6m

He is involved in almost every attacking play for the flames and has been unlucky so far because he could have a couple of goals and assists more. I am hoping that tonight he will get his luck back and give us a big return.

Brock Nelson – Islanders – 9.9m

He has been playing very well in this series and is very good at hitting on the counter attack , which is what i am thinking that the Islanders would do a lot today.

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