Full series – Clippers vs Mavs 7k [Multi-day event] – Preview

The NBA playoffs start tonight and along with the NBA Daily Showdown, Fanteam is introducing a new event, the Full series – Clippers vs Mavs [Multi-day event].

Pick your player matchups and win up to 500x your stake

Full series – Clippers vs Mavs [Multi-day event]

In this article, we will try to explain the rules for this event and also help you through the process of selecting the players that are most likely to help win this event.

Info and Rules

  • The event is limited only in one playoff matchup: LA Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks
  • Multi-GW structure – works as a mini-league for the duration of the matchup (4-7 games depending on the outcome of the Best-of-7)
  • You must pick any 5 players with a fixed cap of 57M
  • Transfers between games are allowed – you get one free per GW as always, -8p penalty if you do an extra one. BUT you can’t do more than 5 transfers total for the whole duration of the event
  • No captains & vice-captains

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Full series – Clippers vs Mavs Players Breakdown

As you can understand from the info above, we have to be very careful with the initial selection of players, since a couple of wrong moves, will hamper our chances of success.

With the above in mind, let’s get to our players breakdown.

Luka Doncic – Mavericks – 16.0m

Doncic is the highest-priced player in this series and for a good reason. In his last 14 games, he has 9 games with 50+ fantasy points, 4 with 60+, and 2 with 80+ !. This is an amazing production by any means. Of course, we are talking about the NBA Playoffs where things will get tougher. He will be facing a Clippers team that has many elite defenders to throw at him. However, he does average 51 fantasy points against them in 3 games, so they can only stop him so much. Taking Doncic is nearly a lock , or let’s say it like that, fading him takes a lot of guts.

Kawhi Leonard – Clippers – 15.5m

Leonard is right behind Luka and with a good reason. He lives for the playoffs and kind of scrolls through the regular season with days off and limited minutes. But, in the playoffs, I expect 38+ minutes out of him but also, I expect limited minutes if the games get out of hand, so be aware of that.

Kristaps Porzingis – Mavericks – 15.0m

We know that the Mavericks are a 2 men show , hence the price for Prorzingis. But with this price , come a lot of expectations and I am kind of afraid that Porzingis will be stopped by this Clippers defence.

Paul George – Clippers – 14.5m

If you want to save 1m in salary then pivoting to George off Leonard is a wise choice. Usually, you will get good production out of both of them, but maybe starting off with Leonard and then, during the course of the series, if you need that extra million to boost up other positions, make the swap.

Montrezl Harrell – Clippers – 12.0m

Harrell has not played yet in the bubble, so his condition is unknown. Might be the x-factor as the series moves along but getting him from the start is kind of tricky for me.

Lou Williams – Clippers – 11.5m

The Clippers have been slowly giving more minutes to Williams and he is taking full advantage of them. We know what he can do when he is on fire and the potential for 35+ games is there.

Tim Hardaway Jr. – Mavericks – 11.0m

He has become the starter lately and the one that’s gonna take – whatever – usage is left from the main duo of the Mavs. Not as safe floor as Williams but the ceiling is high.

Dorian Finney-Smith – Mavericks – 10.0m

He was a double-double machine in the bubble until he got hurt but again he has the potential to give us great stats, against a not-so-tall team like the Clippers. Could end up being a sneaky good pick.

Ivica Zubac – Clipper – 9.5m

When he gets 25 minutes , he gives us 30+ fantasy points. I think he will be able to play 25 minutes at least in the first games of the series.

Maxi Kleber – Mavericks – 9.5m

Has not been playing well in the bubble, averaging 19.6 fantasy points. He will get around 25 minutes per game also but I will need to see him playing better if I am going to spent 9.5m for him.

Marcus Morris Sr. – Clippers – 9.0m

He is playing a lot of minutes in the bubble but with Harrell back, he is going to be limited. Morris has the potential to give us a monster night but also has a very low floor. He is a risky play, maybe if you want to be contrarian.

Seth Curry – Mavericks – 9.0m

He was injured, so the Mavs were not playing him a lot in these games and he looks to be out of shape. He will need to get some good run to get his game back but could be a nice part of your team in the long run.

Reggie Jackson – Clippers – 8.5m

With the backcourt of the Clippers so loaded up, I do not know where Jackson will find his production. He can go off in limited minutes of course, so if you want to roster him just in case, feel free to.

Trey Burke – Mavericks – 8.5m

Mavericks say they like him and play him a lot of minutes but will he get enough run at the playoffs? He is an above 1 fantasy point per minute player, so if he gets the minutes he will produce.

Patrick Beverley – Clippers – 8.5m

He will be available to play but even if he did, his production potential is limited as he’ll be focused in defense as always. I prefer to take a chance on other players at his price range.

Delon Wright – Mavericks – 8.0m

He is in the same category as Beverley for me, although he does have a safe floor of around 15-20 points if you need someone at this range.

JaMychal Green – Clippers – 8.0m

0.84 fantasy points per minute in the bubble, but will he get the same minutes with Harrell back?

Boban Marjanovic – Mavericks – 7.5m

Well, if you would be playing 20 minutes per game, I would be all over Boban, but unfortunatelly he won’t.

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The rest of the players would only get in the game in certain circumstances, so there is no need to go through them unless you believe that someone will get minutes that matter and would be a difference-maker.

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Leave your comments, tips and feedback to the Full series – Clippers vs Mavs [Multi-day event] in the comment section. Good luck!

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