NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Tuesday €10k -Preview

NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Tuesday 18/08 with the best players to watch!

The second day of the playoffs and again we have 4 very exciting games ahead of us tonight, both from basketball and from a fantasy perspective.

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NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Tuesday 18/08

We will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team but firstly we will review yesterday’s slate and the winning lineup.

Slate Review

Lot’s of scoring yesterday and it resulted into a very high total for the winning lineup

NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Tuesday 18/08 review

Congratulations to Georkos8 for winning the 1st place and 1.1k, in a lineup without Doncic but with Leonard, George, and Morris as a Clippers stack and of course, Vanvleet and the monster performance of Mitchell.

Players to watch

Let’s dive into the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Tuesday 18/08. We have 4 games for tonight’s 10K main Slate but firstly, let me start by saying that you need to be aware of the news close to the start of the games because a lot of value can open up then. With that in mind, let’s get to our suggestions.

Point Guards

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James Harden – Rockets – 17.2m

This is an expensive price but Harden without Westbrook in a playoff game, means a lot of points and he needs to be on your roster no matter the price.

Damian Lillard – Blazers – 15.8m

With the way he is playing, his price seems reasonable. I will be rostering him till he cools off and honestly, I do not believe that the Lakers can stop him ( but they can contain him a bit I guess… )

Eric Bledsoe – Bucks – 8.2m

I keep going to Bledsoe and although he did not quite deliver yet, I have a feeling we are not far from a huge game from him. The price, if you consider the potential, is very low in my opinion.

Shooting Guards

Victor Oladipo – Pacers – 8.8m

I expect a low paced game and don’t want to be involved too much in it but the 8.8m I think it’s a low price for Oladipo in the playoffs.

Eric Gordon – Rockets – 6.9m

As long as Westbrook is out, there would be value in the Rockets guards. Which one will explode in each game is a difficult puzzle to solve but I am going to take my chances tonight with Gordon.

Small Forwards

Lebron James – Lakers – 15.5m

It is playoff time and playoff Lebron should be coming , right?

Kris Middleton – Bucks – 11.4m

I love the spot for Middleton here and the price is fair. My only concern is if he will see his normal minutes or the game will get out of hand early and the Bucks will rest their starters.

James Ennis III – Magic – 8.5m

If Gordon doesn’t play , i like Ennis a lot , since he will be getting a lot of minutes.

Power Forwards

Antony Davis – Lakers – 14.8m

Now, if you don’t like playoff Lebron, you might like playoff Davis. You could play them both to be honest if you want to avoid Harden or Lillard.

Jeff Green – Rockets – 6.5m

This is a very low price for someone that averages close to 25 points and likes to shoot so much.


Jusuf Nurkic – Blazers – 12.6m

I avoided him against Memphis and I got burned. Now, it is a tougher matchup against the Lakers but he is playing very well and he could prove to be a pivotal play tonight.

Dwight Howard – Lakers – 6.0m

Averaging almost 25 points in 25 minutes against the Blazers, Howard is in a prime position to produce and at a very good price. You can go to McGee (5.6m) if you like.

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Leave your comments, tips, and feedback to the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Tuesday 18/08/08 here in the comment section. Good luck!

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