NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Thursday €10k -Preview

NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Thursday 20/08 with the best players to watch!

The surprises keep on coming in the NBA Playoffs and the games will be getting more competitive as we go along.

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NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Thursday 20/08

We will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team but firstly we will review yesterday’s slate and the winning lineup.

Slate Review

And the winner is …

Jesus2, who managed to net over 1.1k with a balanced lineup and a very low owned Boban, who made the difference with his 25.75 points. It still surprises me how low owned Leonard keeps going in the first 2 games. I think people tend to forget how good he is.

Players to watch

Let’s dive into the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Thursday 20/08. We have 4 games for tonight’s 10K main Slate but firstly, let me start by saying that you need to be aware of the news close to the start of the games because a lot of value can open up then. With that in mind, let’s get to our suggestions.

Point Guards

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James Harden – Rockets – 17.2m

As long as Westbrook is out, he has the potential of giving us 80+ games, in other words, he is a lock for me.

Damian Lillard -Blazers – 15.7m

What I said about Harden, more or less, applies to Lillard also. He will get us 50 points but always has the potential of exploding for 70+, therefore, I cannot avoid him.

Eric Bledsoe – Bucks – 8.2m

The Bucks lost and Giannis seemed to be the only player actually trying. I am expecting that to change tonight and Bledsoe is – again – too cheap to be ignored.

Alex Caruso – Lakers – 5.4m

Caruso played 30 minutes in the first game and scored only 11.5 points. If he is going to get 25+ minutes again, I am willing to take a chance on him.

Shooting Guards

Terrence Ross – Magic – 7.9m

To be honest, you can choose any of the 2 Magic shooting guards, Ross and Fournier (8.1m), and expect, more or less, the same production. I am going with Ross because he is playing better in the bubble so far and he is a little bit cheaper.

Eric Gordon – Rockets – 7.3m

He is still below 8m and he will keep playing close to 30 minutes. In addition to that, out of all the guards of the Rockets, he is the better player, so I am going to keep riding him.

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Small Forwards

LeBron James – Lakers – 15.8m

Lakers lost. LeBron had 71.75. He should be pissed and would want to win. That’s enough for me.

Khris Middleton – Bucks – 11.2m

I do not expect the Bucks starters to play a second bad game in a row, so I will have as much as I can, from their big three.

Robert Covington – Rockets – 8.8m

He played 31 minutes in the first game and had 17.75 points. This is not his norm, as he is a 0.93 points per minute player for the season. His minutes should be secure around the 30-minute mark, so a 28+ points outing is something that I am hoping for.

Darius Bazley – Thunder – 6.5m

Played only 18 minutes, partly due to foul trouble, in the first game, and had 22.25 points. He has played extremely well in the bubble and at 6.5m, I will have a lot of him in my lineups.

Power Forwards

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Bucks – 16.6m

My only concern will be how to fit Harden and Giannis together in as many lineups as i can.

Anthony Davis – Lakers – 14.8m

He has two 50+ games in a row and the Blazers have no one to stop him. I would play him with LeBron, or mix and match him with Giannis and Harden if you can make it work financially.

Carmelo Anthony – Blazers – 9.1m

Firstly he is playing 38 minutes. Secondly, he is going to shoot a lot. As a result, he might get us 20 points, he might get us 40. In conclusion, you can select him if you feel confident about him, to be honest, I cannot seem to get him right.

Jeff Green – Rockets – 7.2m

Green has established himself as the backup center of the Rockets and he is playing around 30 minutes per game. His floor is around 25 points and he is a safe option at this price level.


Nikola Vucevic – Magic – 12.5m

He dropped 62 points last game, partly because the Bucks decided to let him shoot the 3 point shot alone and he punished them. I expect that the Bucks will try to defend him better tonight but if there is one problem in the Buck defense, it’s their perimeter defense, therefore I will give one more chance to Vucevic.

Jusuf Nurkic – Blazers – 12.3m

What an amazing story this Nurkic return to action has been. He is playing extremely well and if 40 points are his floor, I am going to keep using him in my lineups.

Hassan Whiteside – Blazers – 6.7m

He had 7 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 blocks in 26 minutes against the Lakers in the first game, giving us 26 points in return. He is an amazing per minute producer, Lakers are a big team, so he is going to get the minutes and that makes him an excellent alternative to Nurkic, at half the price (and the production probably).

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Leave your comments, tips, and feedback to the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Thursday 20/08 here in the comment section. Good luck!

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