NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Wednesday €10K -Preview

NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Wednesday 26/08 with the best players to watch!

The Clippers won and took the lead over the Mavericks and the Nuggets won to see another day in yesterday’s games.

Tonight, we have the Bucks and the Lakers that look to close out their series and the Rockets vs the Thunder in what projects to be the most exciting game out of the three.

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NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Wednesday 26/08

We will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team but firstly we will review yesterday’s slate and the winning lineup.

Slate Review

Tricky slate yesterday as it was in pursuit mode and that adds an extra layer of difficultness.

But, as you can see, this did not stop gk17n from drafting smart and winning the 1k. The key plays here were that he made Murray his captain and he selected Mitchel both players – relativately – low owned and both of them returned very good value.

Players to watch

It is time now to dive into the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Wednesday 26/08 preview. We have 2 games for tonight’s 10K main Slate but firstly, let me start by saying that you need to be aware of the news close to the start of the games because a lot of value can open up then. With that in mind, let’s get to our suggestions.

Point Guards

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James Harden – Rockets – 16.9m

Harden finally had a big game on Monday scoring 74 fantasy points, after 3 straight games where he barely scratched 60. The problem with Harden is his price tag, especially since we have also Giannis playing the same day with him and we need to choose between the two.

On the other hand, he still has 1.56 fantasy points per minute, like he did during the regular season, so fading him is hard to do, since the games against the Thunder seem to be very competitive and he will keep getting 35+ minutes.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – Thunder – 10.7m

He has scored over 44 fantasy points in the last 3 games and the most impressive thing is that he has played 44 minutes per game in that span.

The impressive thing about his performances is how he contributes in other areas, except scoring. He is averaging 8.3 rebounds, 4.7 assists, and 1.7 steals. All these peripherals add up to his fantasy production and make his floor more secure and his selection for out teams easier.

As always, all 3 of the Thunder guards are in play, so I will also have some lineups with Paul and Schroder but like I said above, I prefer SGA ahead of the other two for tonight..

D.J. Augustin – Magic – 7.9m

It is a toss-up between the 2 Magic points guards, Augustin and Fultz. They are playing the same minutes, and have the same production on average but it seems that in the game that one will be good the other one will be bad. Last game it was Fultz who had a good game, so now I would go with Augustin since he has the better per minute average also (0.96) between the two.

Shooting Guards

CJ McCollum – Blazers – 12.8m

Blazers seem to be running out of gas in the last games and are now on the brink of elimination. If that wasn’t enough they will be facing the Lakers without Lillard. That might be bad for them but it will create some opportunities for DFS.

The one that seems to be talking most of the load that Lillard is leaving up for grabs, is McCollum.

In the last two games he has 1.14 fantasy points per minute, the highest on the Blazers, and tonight he will need to take even more responsibilities, so he should be in your player pool.

Eric Gordon – Rockets – 8.9m

Gordon is as steady as any player can be. He had 30-34 fantasy points in the 4 games of this series. He has 19 shots per game and he is clearly the second option of the Rockets behind Harden. The problem is that he is shooting at 38.2%. At one point, he will get hot and I would want to have him on my teams then.

Gary Trent Jr. – Blazers – 7.5m

Trent has been awful in the playoffs, averaging 14.8 fantasy points but tonight there would be no Lillard. It is not a pretty play but one of the Blazers guards will score points and I am going to go with the one that is going to play the most minutes out of the Blazers reserves. Simons (5.7m) is also an option if you want something cheaper, as his minutes are going to be there.

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Small Forwards

LeBron James – Lakers – 15.6m

This game has a blowout risk but LeBron can deliver, even he plays less than 30 minutes, as he showed us in the previous game scoring 57 fantasy points in 29 minutes. He is averaging a triple-double, shooting at 55.7% from the field and he looks to be focused and determined. I expect him to come out wanting to close out the series tonight and I believe he will have a huge performance gain.

Khris Middleton – Bucks – 10.6m

He is finally playing closer to his standards, averaging 1.09 fantasy points per minute. This might seem quite good but during the regular season he had 1.19, so there is still room for improvement there.

He has 38 and 39 fantasy points in the last two games and i think this is his normal floor, so at 10.6m I am going to go to him again.

Danuel House Jr. – Rockets – 7.4m

Out of all the small forwards on the Rockets roster, House has been the one with the most steady production, averaging 30 points in the series. His per-minute stats are not that good ( 0.74 fantasy points per minute ) but that’s the story with Covington and Tucker also, so at the end of the day it comes down to who you like or who fits your team salary-wise. But ignoring that, my choice will be House.

Power Forwards

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Bucks – 16.8m

The only thing that concerns me when I play Giannis is his minutes since the Bucks are always finding ways to rest their best players. If you look, though, his minutes during these 4 games of the playoffs, you would see that he keeps getting 30+ minutes, even if the games are not close.

So, 30+ minutes of a player that has 1.84 fantasy points per minute and is averaging 31.3 points, 15.8 rebounds, and 6.8 assists, with a double-double in every game? Yes , I will take that at any price.

Carmelo Anthony – Blazers – 10.2m

2 players are seeing a huge usage bump when Lillard is out. One is McCollum and the other one is Anthony. He has been on and off in this series, scoring from 2 to 41 points but without Lillard, I cannot see how he will not get at least close to 40 points, even if the game gets out of hand.

Kyle Kuzma – Lakers – 7.5m

With Davis kind of injured and the game looking like it is going to be an easy win for the Lakers, I can see a scenario where Kuzma is going to get a lot more then the 24 he is getting until now. He is at 0.85 fantasy points per minute for the season and playing his best basketball against second units or at games that don’t matter, so these games seem to be like a good setting for him and at 7.5m he is worth the risk.


Nikola Vucevic – Magic – 13.5m

Not a lot of center options for tonight and Vucevic is the clear number 1. His price is not cheap but he is averaging 52.1 fantasy points per game in this series and the Bucks just cannot (or don’t want to) contain him.

The best part of all of these is that he is not even doing something extraordinary. He is averaging 1.34 fantasy points per minute when during the regular season he was at 1.29. I think that the Bucks game plan is to let Vucevic score and to contain the rest of the guards, which is enhancing his production even more.

Dwight Howard – Lakers – 5.8m

He has 25 points in 25 minutes in the previous game and is starting to see more minutes in the last couple of games. He is a 1 fantasy point per minute player and although McGee is a better per minute producer ( 1.56 points per minute ), Howard is the one that keeps getting 20+ minutes and McGee is stuck at 15.

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Leave your comments, tips, and feedback to the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Wednesday 26/08 here in the comment section. Good luck!

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