NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Monday €10K -Preview

NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Monday 31/08 with the best players to watch!

Murray vs Mitchell and the duel is going into a 7th game but that is for another day. Let’s see that games for today and our options.

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NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Monday 31/08

We will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team but firstly we will review yesterday’s slate and the winning lineup.

Slate Review

And the winner was …

Valdezauras , who had Mitchell, Murray and Leonard and a 10% owned Daniel Theis. Well done !

Players to watch

It is time now to dive into the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Monday 31/08 preview. Since there are only 2 games on the slate, it is in a pursuit format and we have to select 5 players and also a Captain and a Vice-Captain.

This, adds another strategic layer to the game, since not only we have to select the players that will get the most points but also the ones that they can give us pursuit points as well.

High Priced (12.0m-17.0m)

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Giannis Antetokounmpo – Bucks – 16.8m

Giannis is – not only a great basketball player – but a fantasy beast, averaging 1.8 fantasy points per minute for the season and in the last five games he is at 1.96!

Of course, he is gonna be facing the Heat defense in this second round of the playoffs but he has shown that he is pretty much match proof at this point.

In 3 games against the Heat this season, he is averaging 55.3 fantasy points in 32.7 minutes ( 1.69 per minute ) and, to add to his value, since it is the playoffs he is going to play as many minutes as needed.

James Harden – Rockets – 16.6m

A lot of people will see his points in the previous game and avoid him. That would be wrong because he might have scored only 45.5 fantasy points but he did in only 28 minutes, which means he per minute average was 1.63, his normal average.

Of course, the game could again be a blowout and Harden could see fewer minutes but this is not very likely in my opinion, and I believe that Harden would get close to 40 minutes again and – hopefully – gives us a 70+ points outing.

Mid Priced (8.0m-11.9m)

Bam Adebayo – Heat – 11.4m

The Bucks have no answer for him and it shows in his stats. In 3 games against them, Adebayo averages 38.6 points in 32.3 minutes, good for 1.2 fantasy points per minute. He is a double-double machine, has almost 6 assists per game, 1 steal and 1.5 blocks.

Like Vucevic did in the previous round, I expect Adebayo to have a very good series against the Bucks and give us a lot of fantasy points.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – Thunder – 10.5m

He had an awful game 2 nights ago but in, what might be the last game of the season for the Thunder, I do not expect a repeat of that performance.

He is averaging 1 point per minute for the season and he was doing the same in the last 3 games o the series and in total against the Rockets, in 8 games this season he has 34.6 fantasy points per game and this is the floor outcome that I expect out of him tonight.

Eric Gordon – Rockets – 8.9m

Westbrook came back and I did not know how this would affect Gordon’s production but it turns out that it did not affect it at all.

Gordon played his normal minutes, 32, took 17 shots and scored 33 fantasy points, making the last game his 5th straight game where he scored 30 points or more.

Another good thing is that he had the second game in a row he shot efficiently ( almost 53%) and if he can stay at that range than he will keep giving us value.

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Value Plays (4.3m-7.9m)

Robert Covington – Rockets – 7.9m

He is right at the edge of the value play but however you want to call him, he is going to be a good play. In the last couple of games, he has been shooting more than 10 shots and also grabbing rebounds and contributing to the defensive stats also.

In the last game, he had 43.8 points in 31 minutes, which might not be his normal production but it is not out of reach in any game, if he stays aggressive. The Rockets seem to understand that they need him and they need to keep giving him shots and as long as he has more than 10 shots in a game he will return value.

Jae Crowder – Heat – 7.5m

Crowder has 0.87 fantasy points for the season but he had 0.91 against the Pacers in the 1st round of the playoffs, averaging 23 points per game.

Now, against the Bucks he has 32.1 fantasy points in 3 games and is at 1.08 points per minute.

All the above make him a good play in my eyes, especially if you consider that he was playing with a sprained foot against the Pacers, which should be better now, after the extended rest the Heat got.

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Leave your comments, tips, and feedback to the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Monday 31/08 here in the comment section. Good luck!

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