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Rule Comparison FPL & Fanteam – Part 4: Forwards

In Rule Comparison FPL & Fanteam -Part 4: Forwards @Ramorey_FPL follows up on the leading question of this series: How do the different rules in FanTeam effect which players we should be choosing, when comparing to the regular FPL game?

In order to be in with a chance of taking home the prestigious €1,000,000 prize, you’ll first have to wrap your head around how FanTeam differs in scoring to the official FPL game we all know and love. Today, in the final article of this series, I’ll be covering the guys leading the line in our teams.

Rule Comparison FPL & Fanteam

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Let’s take one final look at the scoring to work out how it impacts our forwards:

The main rules we want to look at, that differentiate from FPL for forwards, are as follows:

Main scoring rules – Forwards

  • Team “wins” in period player is on the pitch (+1)
  • Team “loses” in period player is on the pitch (-1)
  • Midfielder or Forward plays the full match (+1)
  • Foul resulting in a SCORED freekick (-2)
  • Foul resulting in a penalty (-2)
  • No Bonus Points

Luckily these are the same scoring differences that the midfielders had, so we should be fairly up to speed already! Let’s take a closer look at how it impacts the men at the top.

Team “wins/loses” in the period player is on the pitch (+1/-1)

This rule roughly simplifies down to the following: Gain a point if you win the game (in the time you were on the pitch), lose a point if you lose the game – nothing for a draw. 

I’ll quickly expand on this as I don’t think I was as clear in previous articles. It’s the impact a player had while they were on the pitch. Example:

Player comes on at 70 mins, the score is 1-0, the player’s team is losing. The team the player is from scores and the game finishes 1-1. The player will get a bonus point because while he was on the pitch his team effectively won 1-0. You can look at it as if from the moment the player is subbed on, the score is effectively 0-0 in terms of their impact points.

Interestingly, a player that played that whole match would have got 0 points, as while they were on the pitch it was a draw. Similarly, the player who got subbed off at 70 minutes for your player will get a -1 because while he was on the pitch the team lost.

If this is still confusing please send me a message and I’ll try and simplify it back down again!

FPL & Fanteam – Part 4: Forwards Impact Points

Moving on! In Rule Comparisons between FPL & Fanteam – Part 2: Defenders, we discussed this scoring in more detail in. So I’ll just leave you with this table as a refresher for which teams gained impact points.

FPL & Fanteam - Part 4: Forwards impact points

Forwards Lack of Bonus on Fanteam

Whilst midfielders were very impacted by this rule change, I believe that forwards take it even harder. 

In FPL, the 4 points that forwards get for a goal is normally balanced by the fact that they receive more bonus for each goal they score. This is normally enough to bring premium forwards and midfielders level on points come the end of the season. However, with a lack of bonus in FanTeam, but similarly priced assets, it might make for worse value players in the forward slot. I’ll look into this in more detail towards the end of the article.

For now, let’s look at how many bonus points our forwards missed out on last season in FanTeam. (Filtered to those who gained at least 10):

FPL & Fanteam - Part 4: Forwards bonus points

In my opinion, these are some seriously big losses in points that you’ve simply got to factor into your thinking when picking your FanTeam squad. Some of the top 6 sides will probably benefit from the impact points mentioned above, but for those playing for lower table sides – this points hit will hurt their value (Ings, Maupay, Wood, Ayew). 

Foul Resulting in a Scored Freekick (-2) / Foul Resulting in Penalty (-2)

Which forwards conceded scoring free kicks last season? Is it just back luck or do some of our forwards give away a few too many fouls in and around the box?

I’ll keep this one snappy. The only 2 forwards to concede scoring freekicks were Ayew and Joelinton.

There was not a forward to concede a penalty last season.

I think it’s fairly safe to assume we don’t need to factor this rule into our thinking when picking forwards.

Midfielder or Forward plays the full match (+1)

I had a theory, before creating this article, that forwards would generate a lot more points from this rule than midfielders would. The logic: out-and-out strikers like Jimenez, Kane and Aubameyang simply don’t get subbed off that often. I was just under the impression that wide players who run more, get subbed more often. Let’s see how that hypothesis pans out for me:

FPL & Fanteam - Part 4: Forwards playtime 90 min

Things I noticed whilst curating this data:

  • Zaha played 90 minutes every time he started last season. This gave him a whopping bonus 36 points over the season.
  • Vardy is pretty much nailed to play the full match each time he plays, completing the 90 in 97% of his starts.
  • Auba, Kane and Haller finish the 90 in roughly 9 out of 10 games they start. Over the course of a season these points can really add up. Should Haller nail the starting spot he could be a great shout post gameweek-8.
  • Strikers from “the other 14 clubs” tend to finish about 60% of games they start. 
  • Firmino and Ings aren’t as nailed on for 90 as I thought, with only 15 and 14 finishes each.
  • Abraham only finished 36% of his games, could this be a sign that Werner would do the same in Lampard’s system or was it a fitness thing for Tammy?
  • Jota only finished 22% of all games he started last season, don’t count on him for any 90 minute points.

Final Analysis FPL & Fanteam – Part 4: Forwards

Now that we’ve looked at how the individual rules impact the forwards, let’s take a look at how it all comes together. It’s worth noting that this isn’t an exhaustive list of all forwards, but simply the ones that were in my thinking at the time of writing this article.

I’ve scaled all forwards to assume they play 3000 minutes, please bare this in mind. I realise that some of the players won’t hit this number, but hopefully it gives an idea of points should they be fit and starting.

FPL & Fanteam - Part 4: Forwards differences

Main differences for forwards on Fanteam

This is quite a range of differences, let’s break it down a little:

  • Firmino gets a large bump in FanTeam and whilst he doesn’t complete the full 90 in every match, the impact points + the 90’s he does complete is a very nice bonus for him.
  • Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin get a nice increase. The players have quite decent 90 minute stats, helping them move up the rankings.
  • Little variance in points for the rest of the top 10 clubs.
  • Ings and Adams are hit hard by the lack of bonus. As the players don’t regularly complete 90 or win the majority of their matches, they can’t generate the points from elsewhere like some other forwards can.

In conclusion, I would say that in general, you can look at forwards quite similarly in FPL and FanTeam – while they generate points in different ways, they come to very similar tallies. But make sure to keep an eye for “talismans” or “bonus point magnets” in lower side teams, as they will probably struggle to replicate their high points in the FanTeam game.

FPL & Fanteam – Part 4: Forwards concludes the series: “How do points differ between FPL and FanTeam”! If you enjoyed this series, I’d appreciate any comments or messages letting me know what you’d like me to look at next.

Once again, thank you for reading, if you’d like to message me or get more insight please feel free to follow me

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