Monster Preview for the UEFA Nations League €30K GTD [€4K to 1st] September 3rd


UEFA Nations League Top Picks: On this Thursday the UEFA Nations League is starting the new season.

Fanteam again has a huge tournament to offer, with a guaranteed prize pool of 30.000€.

The buy-in costs only 20€ per team, so it is very affordable, but there is even a smaller version of this tournament with a buy-in of just 2€.

But now, after a short explanation about Pursuit, we’ll go straight to the Monster Preview for the UEFA Nations League:

What is Pursuit?

The 30K tournament this Thursday will again be played in Pursuit format. This means that there will be no budget problems, but at the end of the tournament you will receive bonus points the more budget you have left.

More precisely, there are 0.4 points for every 1 million in budget that is left at the end.

So it can be worthwhile if you attach special importance to value for your money, while building your teams.

UEFA Nations League: Overview

In this tournament on Fanteam there will be 6 matches with a total of 12 teams.

All 6 matches start at 20:45 (CET), so we know all the line-ups before the tournament starts.

UEFA Nations League: The Odds

We have a very balanced tournament, only Turkey is a clear favourite at home against Hungary with a 60% probability of winning.

All other 10 teams are very close together. So all 10 teams have very similar chances of winning between 29% and 41%.

UEFA Nations League: Best Defense

On the defensive, Turkey is of course the big favourite for a clean sheet with almost 50%.

On the other hand, 7.6M is very fair as an average price for the defensive player at Fanteam.

Only the goalkeeper with 10.2M is much too expensive for me.

In general, almost all teams have very solid clean sheet probabilities.

Also from the average prices there are several interesting candidates.

In particular Wales, Greece and Ukraine are looking very interesting to me.

At Greece the goalkeeper is very cheap with only 5.9M.

Even Hungary is not uninteresting despite a CS probability of only 17%, 4.1M is an extremely favourable average price.

Only Germany and Spain are probably too expensive for me.

UEFA Nations League: Best Offensive

Also in the offensive Turkey is the big favourite to score at least 3 goals with 25%.

After that, there is a big gap, because generally not many goals are expected on this match day.

That’s why I can’t highlight any team as really interesting, even though most average prices are in the lower range for offensive players.

Players to watch

V. Barkas – Greece – 5.9M – GK

The new regular goalkeeper of Celtic Glasgow is my first choice as goalkeeper here.

5.9M would be a very reasonable price for a goalkeeper on Fanteam anyway.

But Greece also has a 30% chance of not conceding a goal against Slovenia.

However, Slovenia at home could still have a few shots on goal.

Every saved shot by Barkas will give us an additional 0.5 points on Fanteam for our team.

With the Pursuit format, Barkas is therefore a great choice for me.

E. Sobol – Ukraine – 5.1M – DEF

The left-back from Club Brugge is extremely cheap with only 5.1M.

Ukraine has a very high clean sheet probability of 31%.

But Sobol can also be dangerous in the offensive.

He has already scored an assist during the first 4 matches for Club Brugge in this new season.

G. Bale – Wales – 8.4M – MID

Few teams in the world are as dependent on a player as Wales is on Gareth Bale.

In 83 international matches for Wales, Bale scored 33 goals and scored 14 assists.

For the tournament it is great that Bale is listed in midfield on Fanteam and not in attack.

That earns us valuable extra points, for example if he scores a goal or if Wales does not concede a goal.

Bale also often plays full time, which would also earn him another point.

For a prize of 8.4M, Bale is a very good choice for me here.

We hope you enjoyed the Monster Preview for the UEFA Nations League top picks at this Thursday and wish you good luck in the tournaments.

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