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Daily Fantasy NBA Preview Article

NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Saturday 05/09 with the best players to watch!

Both of the games ended up with a 15 points margin for the winner and both of them were upsets! Of course, it is hard at this point to say that Heat, now 3-0 up against the Bucks, are not the favorites.

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NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Saturday 05/09

We will present important picks for every slate here in our blog to help you choose your team but firstly we will review yesterday’s slate and the winning lineup.

Slate Review

And the winner was …

Daidalostsok who drafted a balanced team from the Heat-Bucks series but the key to his win was the wise choice of his Captain and Vice-Captain. Well done!

Players to watch

It is time now to dive into the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Saturday 05/09 preview. As this would be the case going forward since there are only 2 games on the slate, it is in a pursuit format and we have to select 5 players and also a Captain and a Vice-Captain.

This, adds another strategic layer to the game, since not only we have to select the players that will get the most points but also the ones that they can give us pursuit points as well.

High Priced (12.0m-17.0m)

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Kawhi Leonard – Clippers – 15.2m

I think I will start doing a copy-paste of whatever a say for Leonard, whenever he is on the slate because he always proves me right and he rarely gets any ownership.

He was on pace for 52+ points again in the previous game, had he played his normal minutes and his floor is there for tonight also.

I am hoping for a more competitive game because this will mean that the main players of these two teams are playing well and Leonard is going to be one of them.

As always, you can pivot to George, if you want a discount in the price, but keep in mind that you are getting a discount in the production also.

Nikola Jokic – Nuggets – 13.5m

Well, the first game against the Clippers was a blowout and Jokic ( as most of the Nuggets ) was a bust.

Despite that, I will go into game 2 with the same mentality I had in game one and still believe that Jokic will have big games against the Clippers and he is my clear #2 option from the high priced players.

Let’s hope he will prove me right.

Mid Priced (8.0m-11.9m)

Kyle Lowry – Raptors – 11.8m

54 fantasy points in 46 minutes for Lowry, who had his first 30 real points game in the bubble.

He is clearly sensing that it is time for him to take over, since he is having more usage, especially more shots, going from 12 in the first game to 23 in the last.

An added bonus is that he is playing 40+ minutes and unless the game is a blowout he will continue to do so, which makes him an excellent choice for our teams, especially if you consider that he is a 1.1 fantasy points per minute player.

Jaylen Brown – Celtics – 10.7m

Brown, to me, looks the most comfortable Celtic in the series, the one that has the best matchup and it shows.

He had 29.8/38.5/44.5 in the 3 games and his minutes are at 36 per game. I believe that the floor is around 35 points for him and with his price lower than Walker’s and Tatum’s, he seems like the obvious choice from the Celtics top 3.

OG Anunoby – Raptors – 8.3m

OG, not only gave the win to the Raptors with his 3p shot but gave us also the double-double bonus, since with that he reached 12 points, to go with his 10 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 3 steals. In total, he had 38.5 fantasy points, his second straight 30+ games, and the 5th game that he increased his fantasy points total.

Another thing to note is that he played 45 minutes in the last game and with his average for the series at 38 minutes, it is clear that he just needs to be in our lineups, simply because we cannot avoid an 8.3m player who plays 38 minutes and has 0.85 fantasy points per minute.

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Value Plays (4.3m-7.9m)

Daniel Theis – Celtics – 7.8m

Theis is playing 30 minutes for 2 straight games and in the playoffs, he is averaging 25.1.

With his minutes secure and his per-minute fantasy points at 1, he is an excellent play, especially at his price, which can occasionally give us a 39 fantasy points game.

Patrick Beverley – Clippers – 6.1m

Beverley came back and had 19 fantasy points in 12 minutes of play, which is a fantastic return. He is a risky play, but if he starts playing close to 20 minutes, he can give us around 20 points on any night and this is what we are looking for.

Against the Nuggets, in 3 games this season he is averaging 0.98 fantasy points per minute, higher than his season average of 0.88 for the season, so it seems that the matchup is good for him, at least better than average.

Robert R. Williams – Celtics – 5.4m

Williams keeps getting minutes and he keeps giving us a nice return for his value. In the last game, he played his lowest minutes of the series (14) but again managed to score 17.8 fantasy points.

With those, his averages for the series are 20 fantasy points per game and 1.17 per minute and with the tournaments being in pursuit format, a player at his price range, having such a high floor is a must-have.

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Leave your comments, tips, and feedback to the NBA Playoffs Daily Showdown: Saturday 05/09 here in the comment section. Good luck!

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Daily Fantasy NBA Preview Article

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