Fanteam Premier League 1M: Sheffield United Fantasy preview

In this Fanteam Premier League 1M article, we will do an in-depth Sheffield United Fantasy preview. We will cover what changed during the offseason, what do we expect from them, and which players to pay attention to while building your Premier League squad.

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19/20 in a glance – Sheffield United 

The season started with Sheffield United being favorites to go straight back to the Championship, but they managed to impress everyone and finish 9th (14 wins, 12 draws, 12 losses). With only 39 goals against them, they were the 4th best defense after Liverpool (33), Manchester City (35), and Manchester United (36). Their defense was amazing! The gameplay of the team was really different from everyone else and their defenders had a huge impact on the offense too. Their defenders were a superb choice for the game in the whole season, not only because they had really good defense and the possibility for a clean sheet, but also because they had good chances for goals or assists. 

Transfer Activity – Sheffield United


  • Wes Foderingham (4.5M – GK)
  • Aaron Ramsdale (5.0M – GK)  


  • Mark Duffy
  • Keenan Ferguson 
  • Oliver Greaves 

Fanteam Premier League 1M: Sheffield Fantasy preview

What to expect for 20/21

We expect Sheffield to play just like the previous season. They didn’t have any significant change in their roster so defense is the key to their success. If they will be as good in defense as last year they will continue to impress. 

The stars – Sheffield United

  1. George Baldock (DEF – 5.5M): He didn’t miss a match and in 38 appearances he had 13 clean sheets. He also scored twice and gave 3 assists. He is definitely a choice you must consider for your Fanteam roster
  2. Enda Stevens (DEF – 5.5M): Previous season was great. He didn’t miss a match either so 13 clean sheets for him too. He scored 2 goals and gave 4 assists. As we said, defenders of Sheffield impact in offense too, which makes them really good choices for your fantasy team.  

Players to watch – Sheffield United

  1. Aaron Ramsdale (GK – 5.0M): He is a new player in the team, but he already has a whole season in the league. Even though he is young, he is very talented and the previous year being the first goalkeeper of Bournemouth gave him some experience. He had a good season but his team didn’t make it. Their defense wasn’t good and he couldn’t do more to help. Now he has a better team and a great defensive lineup. You can consider him for your main goalkeeper spot. 
  2. Chris Basham (DEF – 4.5M): His lower price makes him a strong low-cost defender. If he keeps his position and is in the starting lineup then you might want to choose him to save some more money.
  3. John Lundstram (MID – 5.5M): Last year he was outstanding. In fantasy, he was a defender last season which made him more appealing with Sheffield’s great defense and he was one of the best defenders in the game. He scored 5 goals and he gave 3 assists. This season he is a midfielder, but he has a good potential to put up some numbers. 

Key takeaways: Sheffield United Fantasy preview

Sheffield’s defense last season was among the best of the league. Will this season go just like the previous one or they won’t handle the pressure? Their defense can thrive and be again one of the best in the league so especially their goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale (5.0M – GK),  and defenders, George Baldock (5.5M – DEF), Enda Stevens (5.5M – DEF), John Egan (5.0M – DEF) and Chris Basham (4.5M – DEF) are automatically solid picks for you Fanteam Premier League 1M.

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