The complete Guide to FanTeam 1 Million Season Game 20/21

The complete Guide to Fanteam 1 Million Season Game 2020-21

The complete Guide to Fanteam 1 Million Season Game 20/21 will contain all content for the seasonal game of the EPL. The Premier League has relaunched for 2020/21 and we’ll have everything you need to set you up for the new season.

Fanteam 1 Million Season Game 20/21

Since we announced the Fantasy Premier League Cash Game – 1 Million Euro Gtd. there was great interest around the world’s largest season long Fantasy Premier League Football game. Get all the information in the video.

How to play FPL: A beginner’s guide

New to Fantasy Premier League (FPL) but not sure where to start? The 10 FPL Tips that every successful Fantasy Manager must follow explain everything you need to know.

In addition, check out the official How to play FPL: A beginner’s guide.

Guide to Fanteam 1 Million Season Game 20/21

The guide explains what the Season Game on Fanteam actually is, what the rules are and how you can win the 200.000€ with your football knowledge. This is where you can find our price-by-price, position-by-position rundown of pretty much every asset in the Fanteam 1 Million Season Game 20/21.

Fanteam & FPL

On Fanteam, the participation fee is 25€ per team you enter. The Fanteam Season Game is characterized by the fact that for a relatively small entry fee, you have the chance to win the top prize of 200.000€. On top of that to have a whole season of fun and excitement. In addition to the blatant main prize, there are also prizes for the weekly or monthly best in the amount of several hundred euros.

Rule Comparisons between FPL & Fanteam

Fanteam’s 1 Million Season Game and the official Fantasy Premier League are fairly similar. But they are not identical and have some different rules. The leading question of the following posts is: “How do the different rules in Fanteam effect which players we should be choosing, when comparing to the regular Fantasy Premier League game?

  1. Goalkeepers
  2. Defenders
  3. Midfielders
  4. Forwards

Strategy Guide to Fanteam 1 Million Season Game 20/21

In addition to having a clear idea of the different rules, insights from top FPL managers will help you draft better teams and develop a sound strategy for your squad.

Official Fanteam Podcast

Firstly, Join Andrew Ferguson in his weekly podcast for the best Fantasy Premier League – 1 Million Euro Gtd. briefing in the world. Subscribing to this show will be the greatest signing you make all season. Listen to the tips, predictions and strategies from Fantasy Experts. Each week he will be joined by a new host to discuss the upcoming game week and fixtures.

If you could pick one player from each team…

Secondly, read the in-depth analysis on which top players to pick from each team. You will not only get a single tip on whom to draft, but insights on the entire thought process to define a good picking strategy.

Follow us on Twitter

How can following us on Twitter can be a strategy advice? We do in-depth reviews and analyze player performance in many of our tweets.

Guide to Fanteam – Team by Team

In the Team Fantasy Previews, we cover what changed during the off-season, new signings, what do we expect from the key players in each team, and which assets to pay attention to while building your Premier League squad.

The complete Guide to Fanteam 1 Million Season Game 2020-21

Create your team and win €200,000 for 1st place!

The €1,000,000 prize pool is guaranteed – this means, regardless of whether the cash league fills or no, we will pay out the entire €1M prize pool winnings, as advertised. To make things even more exciting, we’re paying out winnings to the top 5500 finishers.

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