€1,000,000 Season Game Late Registration is open!

The first week of the Premier League is over and if you are like most of the managers that have entered the €1,000,000 Season Game Tournament (myself included), the hope and excitement have gone and are now replaced by anger and despair – mostly because you did not captain Salah or even rostered him!

But fear not my friends, Fanteam is giving us a second chance!

€1,000,000 Season Game Late Registration is now open, which means that we can register for the Tournament, with a new team and – of course – new hopes of winning it all!

What is the advantage of that, you ask?

Let me explain:

The complete Guide to FanTeam 1 Million Season Game 20/21

Unlimited Transfers

Entering a new team in the 1M season game Late Registration will put your team in Gameweek 2 and you will get free transfers until GW 2 starts, on Saturday the 13th at 13.00 CET.

That means that when the rest of the managers will just have 1 free transfer and have to spent their wildcard on the second one, or, even worse, lose points for additional transfers, you get to tweak your team as much as you like until the registration closes.

Up To Date Performances and Statistics

You also get to create a team, not with last season stats or guessing but with actual stats from the first week games and knowing how the players faired on actual games.

The players that were in the starting line up for each team, the system they used, how did the players perform, all of that information and a clean slate for you to use.

Free Points

Entering a team in the 1M season game Late Registration will give your new team 70% of the average points from teams in Gameweek 1, which will place you roughly around the middle of the field. This means you will start with 46 points.

Not good enough you say?

Well, ask the 7.000+ managers that are going to be below you in the standings and then think again because I am sure they would be begging for the points you will be getting for free!

Manchester Utd and City Players

Both Manchester teams start their games from game week 2, so if you enter a team in the 1M season game Late Registration you can use their players in your team immediately and not try to adjust your whole team in order to fit a Kevin De Bruyne or a Bruno Fernandez in.

Believe me, it is a lot easier to do that with 15 empty slots than it is with 1 free transfer and having to get rid of someone like Aubameyang or Salah, in order to do it.

You can also read about the advantages of missing Gameweek 1 deadline on the official Fantasy Premier League here, or in last year’s post The benefits of late registration for the PL season game.

Fanteam showed us that the glass is half full and not half empty, basically giving us an opportunity to erase all of our mistakes and have – literally – a clean slate for creating something better than before.

So, register your team now and start tinkering it throughout the week, until the €1,000,000 Season Game Late Registration GW2 deadline of 13:00 CET 19 September.

The complete Guide to Fanteam 1 Million Season Game 2020-21

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