Why it is BETTER to start playing FanTeam in gameweek 2

Fanteam €1,000,000 Season Game Late Registration

The Fanteam Season Game Late Registration is now open! On Saturday we saw the Premier League season of 2020/21 kick off, and with it – the €1,000,000 jackpot FanTeam fantasy football game.

While many of you have already entered a team, I’m here to tell you that if you haven’t; it’s not too late. For those who have a team on the go already, I’m here to tell you that maybe you should consider entering another one.

Not only do I think it is possible to enter a team right now and do well, I believe it is advantageous for your final rank to enter one week late.

Why would I enter a team now, the game has already started!

Well yes, of course that is correct. However, there is a special rule that allows latecomers to shine in FanTeam:

“Players may join after the game starts, until game week 5. These players will receive 70% of the average points that other players have received so far”

If the game week average was 100, you start game week 2 with 70 points in the bank. Simple as that.

As the weeks go on, it becomes less and less desirable to enter a fresh team. If the average in game week 2 is also 100 points, then you’d be starting with a deficit of 60 points (Loss of 30 in week 1 and 30 in week 2). At that point it’s not yet s dealbreaker, but it starts to hit harder the longer you wait.

Let’s take a look at Salah, gameweek one. Didn’t have him in your side? No problem! Create another FanTeam and get some of his gameweek one points for yourself.

Salah © – scored 38 points last week, bumping up the average points and seriously hurting those non-owners. By starting a team in week 2, you get 70% of the average from week 1. It’s almost as if you’re getting some of Salah’s captain points from the week before!

A look at game week 1 – is it still favourable to enter a team now?

Thankfully for us, the average for the first week was not 100 points. We were actually blessed with a points-average of only ~65.7. This means that by starting week 2, we only miss out on a grand total of roughly 19.7(~20) points!

So we start with only 46 points from week 1, that’s the negative aspect of starting late. Let’s take a look at the advantages.

Man City / Man United Blanked Week 1

Managers who entered teams for the opening of the game had to factor many things into their team decisions. Some opted to leave these assets on the bench, causing a weaker starting 11 during the first week. Some opted for other players as placeholders, requiring them to use up valuable transfers and may even take point-hits to get in the players from the teams listed above.

We’re now presented with an advantage. We can draft a full 15 man squad, including any players we want, with confidence of them starting matches going forwards. No blanks for us, no expensive players sitting out on the bench, just a strong starting 11 with weaker players on the bench as we are accustomed to.

1 Week of Data to Analyse

Pre-season was valuable, but not as useful as seasons past. International matches broke up the already short pre-season into one with very few matches we could take seriously. All data was speculative. Any players we wanted in our sides, was mostly driven through analysis of historic data and impulsive feelings.

Again, we are presented with an advantage here. We have a week of data to look at, a wealth of information that those who created teams before the season began did not have.

Players like Mitrovic, Saliba, Haller, Saka, Pepe, Nketiah were all expected to start but did not. Gameweek 1 players may have to take hits or use valuable transfers in order to rectify these mistakes. As gameweek 2 starters, we avoid these hits. No one expected Alli to be hooked at half time or Havertz to disappoint so strongly, but we have this data to analyse before making our teams.

Then there were the surprises, players such as Salah. Many looked at Salah in pre-season and believed him to be off the pace, not worth an inclusion in their team – let alone the armband! Other players such as Roberton and van Dijk shone far and above the levels of Trent Alexander-Arnold, a mainstay in many teams. Finally we have the Leeds players, proving resilience and promise in both attack and defence, we can now consider all these players and more – without having to take hits or transfers to get them in.

How many points would you sacrifice for an extra wildcard?

Think about it; that’s what we are doing here. We are able to use the wealth of knowledge at hand to create a team of players that gameweek one players could not even consider! For only 20 points, we’ve got a free wildcard! With the Fanteam Season Late Registration we can add in whichever Man City or United players that we desire, we can include those players who made a surprise starting 11 appearance. We can include players like Pulisic and Ziyech that were not expected to start week 1 but will play in all games going forward.

Here’s a list of players I’m interested in this week, that I would not have considered when creating a team for the start of the season:

  • All United and City assets
  • Wood
  • Grealish, Watkins
  • Reece James, Pulisic, Ziyech
  • Trossard
  • Keita
  • Callum Wilson
  • Tierney, Bellerin
  • Zaha

The truth is, I’d have been willing to start some teams in game week 2 even if the average of week 1 was 150. Missing out on 45 points more than justifies a free wildcard and a team built on one week of analysis. For us to be able to start week 2 at a cost of only 20 points is too good for me to resist.

What if I already entered a team in the first week?

You can still use the Fanteam Season Game Late Registration! Take it from me, someone who has several teams already entered. I will be entering several more this week! The advantage gained with the knowledge we have and the blank slate with which we can create our teams upon, could prove crucial in winning the grand prize of 1 million euros.

Don’t be put off by the 30% loss in points. Remember, fantasy football is a marathon, not a sprint. 20 points is easily gained in one week, let alone the 37 we have remaining!

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