Fanteam Premier League 1M: Gameweek 1 Review

The Season game is now underway, with Gameweek 1 already in the books. In this Fanteam Premier League 1M: Gameweek 1 Review article we will talk about what we learned from watching the matches, and why now is the best time to sign up for the contest.

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In a glance: Gameweek 1 Review

The big guns showed their strength, with Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Leicester all scoring a lot and winning in impressive matches. Newcomers West Brom, Fulham and Leeds showed defensive weaknesses, even though Leeds played a great offensive game. Spurs and Sheffield United were maybe the biggest disappointments, while we didn’t witness anything special from the rest of the teams. 

Four teams (Manchester City, Manchester United, Burnley, and Aston Villa) had the weekend off, so we don’t know where they stand yet.

Late Registration: The value of coming in now

Managers who register now will not have a disadvantage. In contrast, we see our top managers putting up most of their teams in Late Registration. Why is that?

First of all, starting with 46 points will get you 72 points away from the 1st place and only 26 points away from the paid positions (5659th). In this really long season, these differences are close to nothing; you can cover them even in one good gameweek.

But more than that, the advantages you have over the 17,000 teams that registered early are:

  1. You already know how the teams lined up and the roles of -new- players. 
  2. Manchester City and Manchester United didn’t play, so many teams might not have players from these top teams. And these teams as you might know they will be crucial.
  3. Many managers will have to play the wildcard to fix their teams and buy the stars of the two Manchester teams. Saving your wildcard for later is definitely worth more than 20 points!

As we said, the season is long and the information we got from the first games is significant. 

Results in Gameweek 1

Goals (Fantasy Assist)

Fulham 0-3 Arsenal
A.Lacazette (Willian), Gabriel (Willian), P.Aubameyang (Willian)

Crystal Palace 1-0 Southampton
W.Zaha (A. Townsend)

Liverpool 4-3 Leeds
M.Salah, J.Harrison (K.Phillips), van Dijk (A. Robertson), P. Bamford (S. Dallas), M.Salah, M.Klich (H.Costa), M.Salah (Fabinho)

West Ham 0-2 Newcastle
C.Wilson (J. Hendrick), J. Hendrick (M.Almiron)

West Brom 0-3 Leicester
T.Castagne (D. Praet), J.Vardy, J.Vardy (J.Justin)

Spurs 0-1 Everton
D.Calvert-Lewin (L.Digne)

Sheffield United 0-2 Wolves
R.Jimenez (D.Podence), R.Saiss (P.Neto)

Brighton 1-3 Chelsea
Jorginho (T.Werner), L.Trossard (T.Lamptey), R.James (Jorginho), K.Zouma (R. James)

GW1 Review: Players that stood out

Let’s start our Fanteam Premier League 1M: Gameweek 1 Review with the best players of the past match day.

Fanteam Premier League 1M Gameweek 1 review - Best teams

  • Mohamed Salah (12.5M – MID): Liverpool hosted Leeds in the first game of the season, and it was an amazing match ending as a 4-3 win for Liverpool. Salah scored a hat-trick with two of them being penalties and the third one a very impressive shot. 
  • Willian (9.0M – MID): His first game in Premier League with Arsenal was exceptional. The new player of Arsenal had a huge impact, with Arsenal beating Fulham 0-3. Willian gave all the (3) assists and made himself a pretty strong midfielder for fantasy. 
  • Jamie Vardy (10.5M – FOR): The Leicester star scored 2 penalties to beat the newcomer West Brom 0-3.
  • Jeff Hendrick (5.0M – MID): A pretty strong start for the midfielder of Newcastle with a goal and an assist in the first win over West Ham 0-2. 

Best Goalkeepers of Gameweek 1

  • J. Pickford (4.5M – Everton): He started this season strong, with some amazing saves to help his team get the clean sheet and the 0-1 win at Tottenham. With 5 saves and a clean sheet, he was the best goalkeeper of the gameweek alongside V.Guaita. (9.5 Fantasy Points)
  • V. Guaita (4.5M – Crystal Palace): He had a great game with 5 saves and a clean sheet to help his team get the 1-0 home win over Southampton. (9.5 Fantasy Points)
  • K. Darlow (4.0M – Newcastle): He was in the starting line-up as we expected, instead of M. Dubravka (5.0M – GK) who is still injured. He had a good game with 3 saves and a clean sheet, contributing to get the 0-2 win at West Ham. (8.5 Fantasy Points) 

Best Defenders of Gameweek 1 

  • Gabriel (5.0M – Arsenal): The new player from Arsenal was in the starting line-up contributing to his team’s clean sheet and also scoring a goal. (13 Fantasy Points)
  • T. Castagne (5.0M – Leicester): We expected him to have a big role in the offense and we were right. He scored a goal in his first game and took the clean sheet as well. (13 Fantasy Points)
  • R. Saiss (5.0M – Wolves): Wolves managed to get the clean sheet and defender Saiss scored the 2nd goal of his team with a nice header. (13 Fantasy Points)
  • R. James (5.0M – Chelsea): He scored his first Premier League goal and he gave an assist giving the Blues the 1-3 away win against Brighton. (12 Fantasy Points)
  • L. Digne (6.0M – Everton): He gave an incredible assist to Calvert-Lewin (8.0M – FOR) and Everton held the clean sheet in a tough match with Spurs. (10 Fantasy Points)
  • J. Justin (5.0M – Leicester): His team didn’t concede a goal so he got the clean sheet. He also won the second penalty, with J. Vardy (10.5M – FOR) scoring and giving him the fantasy assist. (9 Fantasy Points)
  • K. Zouma (4.5M – Chelsea): He scored the 3rd goal of his team with a shot where Brighton’s center-back Webster changed the trajectory of the ball. (9 Fantasy Points)
  • V. Dijk (6.0M – Liverpool): The star center-back didn’t earn a clean sheet, but he scored a goal from a nice header coming off a corner. (8 Fantasy Points)

Best Midfielders of Gameweek 1

  • M. Salah (12.5M – Liverpool): He scored a hat-trick giving his team the 4-3 win against Leeds. (19 Fantasy Points)
  • Willian (9.0M – Arsenal): He gave 3 assists, making him a really hot choice for every fantasy team for the next gameweeks (13 Fantasy Points)
  • J. Hendrick (5.0M – Newcastle): He scored a goal and gave an assist, which makes him a good cheap solution if he has that huge impact in the Newcastle’s offense (13 Fantasy Points)
  • Jorginho (5.0M – Chelsea): He started the season with scoring a penalty and giving an assist. He shot the penalty instead of the newcomer star T. Werner (10.0M – FOR), which might indicate that he is the first in line for shooting penalties. (11 Fantasy Points)
  • W. Zaha (6.5M – Crystal Palace): He could have scored more than one goal. The new season has started well for the star of Crystal Palace, who wishes he will go better than last year. (10 Fantasy Points)

Best Forwards of Gameweek 1 

  • J. Vardy (10.5M – Leicester): The big star of Leicester scored two penalties in the first match, making him an even hotter pick for fantasy. (12 Fantasy Points)
  • R. Jimenez (9.0M – Wolves): The striker of Wolves scored once again. With a quick goal at the 3rd minute of the game, he gave his team a huge advantage for getting the win over Sheffield United. He played the whole game and he had some more chances to score a second goal. (8 Fantasy Points)
  • C. Wilson (6.5M – Newcastle): He transferred late to the team, but he was in the starting line-up which indicates that he will be the number one striker of the team already from the first match. Also, he scored a goal and fantasy managers should look out for Newcastle’s forward. (7 Fantasy Points)
Fanteam Premier League 1M Gameweek 1 review - Best players-min

Who impressed us most in Gameweek 1

Let’s continue our Fanteam Premier League 1M: Gameweek 1 Review with the surprises.


What a surprise for the newcomer Leeds! The newcomers made a statement that they will be a tough team to beat. With an amazing and unique play style, they forced the champions (Liverpool) to have a really hard night. Even if they lost, a match like that makes Leeds a team to watch. 

  1. Kalvin Phillips (5.0M – MID): He had an offensive impact, giving an assist and also played the whole match. He most definitely will play every single minute this season. (5 Fantasy points)
  2. Jack Harrison (6.0M – MID): He scored an amazing goal that we can clearly see why there was hype behind him. (7 Fantasy Points)
  3. Patrick Bamford (6.5M – FOR): He scored a goal taking advantage of the mistake of van Dijk, but the surprise was that he was in the starting line-up instead of the new striker Rodrigo (6.5M – FOR). (5 Fantasy Points)


Despite the new players in the midfield (Allan 5.5M, Doucoure 6.0M, J.Rodriguez 7.0M) Everton managed to get the victory at the Spurs. Jordan Pickford (4.5M – GK) held the clean sheet with some amazing saves.  And an amazing assist from Lucas Digne (6.0M – DEF) to Dominic Calvert-Lewin (8.0M – FOR) made the score 0-1 for the Toffees. 

Willian (9.0M – MID)

The newcomer midfielder was impressive. Some managers considered he might not start or that he will not have a big role, but he proved them wrong. By giving 3 assists in his first Premier League match with his new team, he is definitely a fantasy worthy player. 

Salah (12.5M – MID) 

We can’t leave out of the equation the star of Liverpool. Salah with a hat-trick definitely stood out for his team.  

Top disappointments of Gameweek 1

Lastly, our Fanteam Premier League 1M: Gameweek 1 Review will talk about the biggest disappointments for fantasy managers.


What a disappointing start for Mourinho’s team. Spurs lost some good chances for scoring, but overall the defeat in their stadium from Everton was a big failure. 

  1. Harry Kein (11.0M – FOR): He didn’t take the chances he wanted and he disappointed over 17% managers of the game who picked him. (2 Fantasy Points)
  2. Heung-Min Son (10.0M – MID): He didn’t make the right choices and over 28% of managers had him in their teams. (2 Fantasy Points)
  3. Dele Alli (8.0M – MID): He missed a great opportunity to score and he let down 20% of managers who chose him the first game week. (1 Fantasy Point)

Ruben Vinagre (4.0M – DEF) 

Everyone expected him to be in the starting line-up, but he didn’t. The newcomer Marcal (4.5M – DEF) took his place. Vinagre was one of the most popular players because of his low price and 40% of the managers had him in their teams. (0 Fantasy Points)


They won but the 3 goals against them are not good for a champion defender.

  1. Defense: The whole Liverpool defense wasn’t good. Leeds found the way of scoring 3 goals. Virgil van Dijk (6.0M) made a huge mistake and cost his team to concede a goal. 
  2. Sadio Mane(12.0M – MID): He didn’t score and he didn’t give a single assist in 4 goals of his team. He disappointed over 30% of managers that chose him over Salah (12.5M – MID) who scored 3 goals.


The newcomer team wasn’t good enough to give Arsenal a tough game. The defense of Fulham was all over the place and Arsenal had an easy season opener game. 

Aleksandar Mitrovic(6.5M – FOR) 

He wasn’t in the starting line-up and 14% of managers had him on their teams. Aboubakar Kamara (5.0M – FOR) started in the forward line for Fulham and Mitrovic played only 28 minutes. (1 Fantasy Point)

West Brom

They had a tough game against Leicester and the 0-3 loss in their home wasn’t what they hoped for a good start. 

Sheffield United

Their tough defense didn’t seem ready for the first season’s game. They conceded two goals quickly and they lost 0-2 in their first home game against Wolves. 

Drafting your team for Gameweek 2

Knowing all the above, if you draft your team now you are guaranteed to avoid the mistakes everyone made in Gameweek 1 and invest on the value players that stood out. Learn more about Why it is BETTER to start playing FanTeam in Gameweek 2.

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