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Top 5 Player Matchups for Gameweek 4

The Top 5 Fantasy Player Props on Fanteam for the upcoming Premier League Gameweek are here!

Hello, my name is Kieran (@FPLRatchet), and I’m back again this week to present to you my top 5 Player Matchups for Gameweek 4 on FanTeam!

What is “Player Matchups”?

Player Matchups is a game recently added to Fanteam’s portfolio of contests, which enables players to bet on between three, and ten, 1-vs-1 fantasy player matchups, with the potential to win up to 500x your stake.

Player Matchups act as a fantasy football accumulator, with your payout increasing the more matches you bet on. Players choose a stake between €1-€500, then bet on between 3-10 Matchups. Winning a 10-Matchup bet with the maximum stake would return €250,000!

Last week’s Results

To the joy of me, and those of you that followed my suggestions – all five of my recommendations last week won! This means that those that bet on my 5 recommended matchups got 20/1 profit on their stake… That’s a payout of €105 for those that bet €5 like I did!

Check out my article next week to see if I can make it two weeks on the bounce of 5 winning Matchups… So without further ado, here are my chosen Matchups for Gameweek 4.

  1. B. Fernandes (MUN) vs. K. Havertz (CHE)

My first choice for this week’s Matchups is Bruno Fernandes (MUN), at home to Spurs.

I actually backed Bruno last week in this very same Matchup against Kai Havertz, so here’s hoping that I’m on the right side of the Matchup for the second week running! Without covering the same ground I did last week in discussing this choice, the long and short of it is that whilst we know Bruno is an excellent fantasy asset, I’m yet to be convinced that Havertz is the same.

With both the yellow star, and penalties in his favour, I believe this Matchup swings in Bruno’s favour for the second week running, despite United having the more difficult fixture in Spurs at home. Havertz plays Crystal Palace – and nothing I’ve seen so far convinces me that this will be an easy game for Chelsea by any means.

  1. M. Rashford (MUN) vs. Richarlison (EVE)

My next choice for this week’s Matchups is Richarlison (EVE), facing Brighton at home.

Richarlison is a fantasy favourite of mine right now – it seems he’s slightly slipping under the radar as Dominic Calvert-Lewin grabs all the headlines. Everton appear to be operating a lop-sided 4-3-3 formation – where Richarlison on the left side of the front three pushes up the pitch into an inside-forward role, and James Rodríguez drops off slightly deeper and often drifts into central positions, making it appear sometimes as though he’s in the number 10 role, behind Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin as the two strikers.

This setup for Everton, then, appears centred around creating scoring opportunities for Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin. This, combined with the fact that Richarlison appears to be the number one penalty taker for Everton now, as Gylfi Sigurdsson has lost his starting place, makes the Brazilian an excellent fantasy option in my eyes. He also has a better fixture, as United’s fixture against Spurs looks to me like one that could easily go either way.

  1. R. Sterling (MCI) vs. M. Salah (LIV)

My third selection is Raheem Sterling (MCI), facing Leeds away.

This was probably the toughest selection to back for me this week, as betting against Mo Salah is always a risk, as he’s capable of delivering a fantasy haul in any given gameweek, and I also usually bet with the penalty takers, however, this Matchup has three mitigating circumstances which have led me to select Sterling over Salah:

1- The fixture. Whilst, on paper, Sterling and Salah’s fixtures this week may look to be of similar difficulty, the way in which Leeds and Man City both play leads me to believe that their match will be a goalfest. Both sides attack relentlessly, and leaving themselves potentially vulnerable at the back won’t stop them. This just screams goals to me, whereas I can see Aston Villa defending quite deep and stubbornly against this Liverpool side.

2- City’s injuries. With both Agüero and Jesus out, there’s every chance Sterling could play in the false 9 role against Leeds. Seeing Raheem start in this position in a game that I believe will be incredibly open would leave me feeling very confident about this selection indeed.

3- The yellow asterisk. Sterling is on the left side of this Matchup with the yellow asterisk, meaning that he wins the Matchup in the event of a draw. This is always a big pull for me when deciding which player to back.

  1. A. Mitrović (FUL) vs. R. Jiménez (WOL)

My fourth pick this week is Raul Jiménez (WOL) at home to Fulham.

Despite Jiménez being on the right side of this Matchup, meaning he loses in the event of a draw, I still believe this Matchup to be weighted in his favour. Part of the reason for this is that I believe Wolves will win this match, meaning that Jiménez would receive 1 impact point, and Mitrović would be deducted 1 impact point, meaning that if neither player gets an attacking return, Jiménez would likely win the matchup, despite Mitrović having the yellow asterisk next to his name.

For me, Wolves are one of the most consistent teams in the league, and I personally am not letting last week’s defeat to West Ham change my view on this, and I would expect a response from Nuno’s men this week. I also wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Jiménez emerge as the man leading that response.

  1. R. Firmino (LIV) vs. T. Alexander-Arnold (LIV)

My final selection this week, is Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV), facing Aston Villa away.

After successfully backing Trent in this same matchup last week, most of my reasoning will have already been covered – the key reason being that Trent has so many more routes to points than Firmino.

The yellow star being on Firmino makes me hesitant with this choice, however, I believe the chances of Liverpool keeping a clean sheet to be higher than the chances of Firmino scoring in this match, and with their assist potential similarly balanced, this, for me, is still a Matchup weighted firmly in favour of Alexander-Arnold, and I’m confident in backing him for my final choice of the week.

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