€250K Champions League Group Stage Tournament

Join the €250,000 Fantasy Champions League Group Stage Tournament on! Compete against other managers and win big!

Champions League Fantasy for the Group Stage!

We’re bringing Champions League football back to Fanteam with a bang, and offering a €250,000 guaranteed prize pool contest! This contest will cover the Group Stage only.

Whether you’ve had a rough start to your fantasy football seasons and would like a clean slate, or you’re simply someone that enjoys Champions League football and would like to convert your knowledge into cash – FanTeam’s €250K UCL Group Stage tournament offers managers an exciting, high-stakes fantasy game with huge potential rewards.

Players of our Group Stage game have the chance to choose a star-studded lineup from Europe’s most elite talent. If you’ve ever wanted to own both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in your fantasy side – now you can!

Prize Structure

FanTeam will be offering a guaranteed minimum prize pool of a gob-smacking €250,000 for this contest, with a top prize of €50,000 to the winner.

There is a maximum of 15,000 seats available, however, the €250,000 prize pool is guaranteed, even if the contest does not fill.

The top 1,744 ranked entries at the end of the contest receive a payout between €35 and €50,000, depending on the exact finishing position.

Entry is just €25 per team, and each entry will be awarded two free tickets to weekly Freeroll contests exclusive to players of the €250K UCL Group Stage game.

fanteam uefa champions league fantasy football

Rules and Scoring

As expected in a fantasy game, players will have a 100.0M budget with which to pick their 15-man squad – a starting XI and a four man bench.

fantem champions league game rules

There will be just 6 Gameweeks in this contest, with each round of Group Stage fixtures considered as its own Gameweek. There will be no Wildcard or any other chips available, as this contest has far fewer rounds than our season-long games.

Scoring Rules

The rules and scoring is almost identical to our €1M season-long game, with one key difference being that players are allocated 2 free transfers per Gameweek rather than 1. Each additional transfer used will cost minus 4 points. Receiving 2 free transfers each Gameweek also means that players can hold up to 4 free transfers at any given time, so, for example, if a player used just one of their two free transfers in the first gameweek, they would have three free transfers waiting to be used the following Gameweek.

Players are priced in accordance with match odds. Player prices will not change like they do in our €1M season-long game. This allows managers to budget for the weeks ahead, without having to worry about unexpected price changes leaving you short on cash for your planned transfers.

Players can make unlimited changes to their Gameweek 1 squad up until the first match kicks off (October 20, 18:55 CET). From Gameweek 2 onwards, however, each Gameweek dealine will be 90 minutes before the first match kicks off.

For those playing our €1M season-long game, the scoring system in this contest will be identical. However, if you aren’t, don’t worry – our scoring system is very similar to that of most other fantasy football games like FPL, with just a few subtle differences.

Examples of these differences include midfielders and attackers being awarded an extra point for playing the full match without being substituted, as well as players being awarded or deducted 1 “impact” point depending on if their team is winning or losing the match in the period the player is on the pitch.

Players are also deducted 2 points for giving away a foul or penalty which directly leads to a goal, and goalkeepers are awarded 0.5 points for each save made. There are also no bonus points awarded.

FanTeam Champions League scoring

How To Play Champions League Fantasy Group Stage

To create your account and enter this contest, click on the green “Register” button in the top right of your screen.

Once registered, the €250K UCL Group Stage tournament can be found in the Lobby, under the “Football” tab.

At this stage you can start to build your team, with familiar player pricing and a 100.0M budget to work with. Remember, player prices will not change, so feel free to plan future transfers without worry of being priced out of your proposed moves. Don’t forget to select a Captain who’s points will be doubled, and a Vice-Captain, who will score double points if your captain does not play.

Once you’re happy with your squad and captain choice, submit your team for an entry fee of just €25. Remember, this fee earns you two tickets to UCL Group Stage exclusive freeroll events, and players are welcome to enter multiple teams for the same contest, in exchange for more freeroll tickets, as well as a higher chance at that life-changing €50,000 first place prize… Good luck!

To get involved and enter a team in to our 250,000 UEFA Champions League fantasy football contest, click the banner below.

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