Formula Fantasy League – Germany Weekend preview

In this article, we will dive into Fanteam’s Formula Fantasy League – Germany, and focus on the upcoming race weekend with a preview.

Previous Formula Fantasy Review – Russia (Sochi)

We were expecting Mercedes to thrive in that track and Lewis Hamilton to get the victory and equal Michael Schumacher’s Formula wins record, but the British driver had a bad weekend ending up in the 3rd place. Anything less than a win is not a good result for the six times world champion. Mercedes managed to get the victory with Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen took the 2nd. 

Let’s see how it was played over the weekend:

Russia review: Free Practice

In the practice sessions, Mercedes was the best team and Valtteri Bottas left good impressions that he could beat Lewis Hamilton this time. Also, Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz seemed to have what it takes to be the best of the rest. 

Russia review: Qualifying

The qualifying session was intense. Lewis Hamilton’s failed in his first attempt in Q2 to make a fast lap with medium tyres. When everybody was starting to make the second attempt of the session there was the crash of Sebastian Vettel forcing a red flag. When the Q2 continued everybody had only 2 minutes to start their fast lap. At that time, Lewis Hamilton was ranked 15th but managed to qualify with the soft tires. That was a bad outcome for him because he had to start the race with that set instead of Bottas and Verstappen.

The two contenders managed to make a good lap with the medium set at the start of Q2 and gained the advantage for the race. In Q3, Hamilton won the pole position and Verstappen got second place, separating the Mercedes from the 1-2. Sergio Perez was the best of the rest taking the 4th place and Ricciardo took the 5th. Both Renault and McLaren managed to have both of their cars in the Q3. 

Russia review: Race

The race was unpredictable once again. See our preview article Formula Fantasy League – Russia Weekend preview. In the first turn, Carlos Sainz took to the run-off area and hit the wall while trying to rejoin the circuit. Charles Leclerc collided with Lance Stroll causing the Racing Point to hit a wall. Lewis Hamilton was handed two 5-second penalties which forced the team to make an early pit-stop and to get over the penalties.

After that, Valtteri Bottas was the favorite to win the race and he did. Max Verstappen came in second place and Lewis Hamilton covered all the lost ground and ended up in 3rd. Sergio Perez got the 4th place and Ricciardo was 5th. Charles Leclerc managed to get the 6th place giving some important points to his team. Esteban Ocon got the 7th place and AlphaTauri had both their cars in the top 10 (8th-9th). Alexander Albon didn’t have a good weekend finishing only in 10th place.

Russia review: Fantasy points

How Fantasy managers did in Russia

As we expected, Mercedes was the best team and most of the managers owned the Mercedes’s duo. Lewis Hamilton was picked by 84% of the managers and by 61.2% as captain. The British driver was obviously the most popular captain pick and the unfortunate 3rd place in the race shaken things up in fantasy. The winner of the race, Valtteri Bottas, was the most popular pick with 85% ownership and captained by 26.8%. Max Verstappen after the disappointing weekend in Italy (Mugello) and the struggles he showed in the free practices, forced many of the managers not to pick him. Last week in Mugello he was picked by 92% and now in Russia, he was picked by only 49% and captained by a surprising 2.9%! Daniel Ricciardo was picked from 66% of managers and Sergio Perez by 52%. 

The 2 winners of our contest both had Valtteri Bottas as Captain and Max Verstappen as Vice-Captain. Next to them they lined up Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo, completing the perfect top-5 of the total points board!  

The biggest disappointment of the weekend was Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll. 54% of the users picked the driver of Mclaren (Sainz), but he had an unfortunate crash at the start of the race. Lance Stroll had a terrible weekend as well, scoring only 1 fantasy point, with 16% of teams owning him. In the qualifying session, he got 13th place and he didn’t manage to qualify for Q3 and in the race, he had a crash. 

Formula Fantasy League – Germany Preview

The Formula Fantasy League – Germany weekend is held on Nurburgring. The king of motorsports is returning to Nurburgring after 7 years and only seven drivers from the current grid were racing in 2013. That race was won by Sebastian Vettel with the dominating Red Bull and Romain Grosjean was third with Lotus. A lot of things have changed since then and we are expecting a surprising weekend. 

The circuit

The circuit of Nurburgring has a lot of straights and some high-speed corners. The weather will be a key factor for this weekend. It will be cold all weekend and there is a high chance of rain. A probable rain during the race could definitely shake things up. Last year in Germany (Hockenheim) the race was one to remember. There was a lot of rain during the race and the results were far away from any predictions. Seven drivers didn’t finish the race, and the pole man (1st in the starting grid) Lewis Hamilton got 9th place. Max Verstappen won the race and Sebastian Vettel after an incredible race came up in second place even though he started from the last position of the grid (20th). The final spot in the podium went to Daniil Kvyat. 

Germany Weekend preview – driver prices

Lewis Hamilton (22.6M) is once again the most expensive driver by far. After Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas (19.1M) and Max Verstappen (18.4M) are the next most expensive drivers. Then we have a group with the midfield with Racing Points Sergio Perez (13.8M) and Lance Stroll (12.5M), Daniel Ricciardo (11.5M) with Renault,  Alexander Albon (11.3M) with the second Red Bull, and Lando Norris (11.2M) with McLaren. The next group is around 9M and 10M with Carlos Sainz (10.2M), Pierre Gasly (9,8M), Esteban Ocon (9.4M), and Charles Leclerc (9.2M). A lit bit behind them is Daniil Kvyat (7.8M) and Sebastian Vettel (7.4M) and far from them is the cheapest drivers of Alfa Romeo, Haas and Williams priced between 2M to 4M.

What to expect

We expect once again Mercedes to have a big advantage in the track, but the weather will be a huge factor this weekend. Mercedes have the best car and they are the team everyone wants to beat. Lewis Hamilton (22.6M) has the highest chances to win. Valtteri Bottas (19.1M) and Max Verstappen (18.4M) want to continue the good results from the previous race weekend and they will fight to beat each other and of course the favorite Lewis Hamilton (22.6M). Expect Ricciardo (11.5M) to do well after the good results he has and in a possible race with the rain, we expect McLarens and especially Sainz (10.2M) to be good.

The ‘’big winners’’ of rain will definitely be Red Bull and Max Verstappen (18.4M), who has some big wins because of it. On the other hand, Sergio Perez (13.8M) isn’t a fan of the rain and he is having some bad outcomes.  

Team preview – Mercedes

Mercedes are expected to have a big advantage in this track because of their versatile car. Lewis Hamilton (22.6M) is aiming for the win to match Micheal Schumacher’s tally of 91 wins. He missed the opportunity to win in the last race because of the penalties he got and the unfortunate situation to start the race with a soft set of tires. He will be hungry to return to victories. 

Team preview – Red Bull

Max Verstappen (18.4M) and Red Bull will fight for the win and they are hoping for rain in the race to help them close the gap between the better pace of Mercedes. Also, they have a better pit-stop team and in a possible race with many pit-stops will be in their favor. 

Team preview – Racing Point

Sergio Perez (13.8M) will be racing with the new upgrade package and after the good outcomes of the last two races in 4th and 5th place, he wants to achieve a podium. Racing Points are not so good in the rain so far. Especially, Sergio Perez (13.8M) is struggling a lot but his teammate Lance Stroll (12.5M) is better than him. In this case, Lance Stroll (12.5M) has the opportunity to beat his teammate and help his team fight for a high place. 

Team preview – Renault

Ricciardo (11.5M) is one of the seven drivers who have some experience in this track. He has a really good form and everyone expects him to be good. Renault has improved a lot since the begging and Ricciardo is a really hot pick for the last few races. This weekend in Germany we expect him to be a popular pick and will be interesting to see how Renault and Ricciardo will race under a possible rain. Esteban Ocon (9.4M) also had some experience from the junior championship on that track. 

Team preview – McLaren

The last races of McLaren were bad and Racing Point with Renault ‘’caught’’ them in the constructor’s championship. They want to return to the good results and rain will be a benefit for them. We expect Lando Norris (11.2M) and Carlos Sainz (10.2M) to be a big factor for the fantasy league this weekend. 

Team preview – AlphaTauri

AlphaTauri has improved over the last few races and the next one will be again a challenge for them to get some points. Their versatility will give them some higher chances in that race for better results and Pierre Gasly (9.8M) might be a really good choice. As for his teammate, Daniil Kvyat (7.8M) is good in the rain and last year in Germany he achieved a podium. 

Team preview – Ferrari

Charles Leclerc (9.2M) had a good race in Russia and he finished 6th. He wants to continue and finish in the top 10. Sebastian Vettel will race in his country and we expect a lot from him. He is good under the rain and this is a track that can show his talent. 

Team preview – Haas

Haas will struggle in this race. Their weak power unit of Ferrari is not helping them this season. Kevin Magnussen (3.6M) and Romain Grosjean (2.9M) will make a miracle if they can finish in the top 10. 

Team preview – Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo will fight against Haas and Williams. They have the weak power unit of Ferrari and they want to beat Haas and Williams in the championship. 

Team preview – Williams

The new management of Williams will help the team but the car is still the same. George Russell (2.6M) and Nicolas Latifi (2.0M) will fight to avoid the last positions once again. 

Summing up Formula Fantasy League – Germany

Another Race Weekend is ahead of us in Germany! We’re looking forward to seeing Hamilton compete for his 91st win, Red Bull to fight for the strategic advantage with the tires, and the three midfield teams to have a good competition for the best-of-the-rest. The possibility of rain could definitely spice things up and help some teams and drivers. 

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