Who takes penalties in the Champions League? Part 2

Who takes penalties in the Champions League will be one of the key questions to win the €250K Champions League Group Stage [€50K to 1st]. Penalties have been a very large point of discussion this season.

Who takes penalties for each team in the UCL? (3rd and 4th seeds, the bargain bucket)

In the first article of this 2 part series, we went through the 1st and 2nd seeds to see who takes the penalties for each of those teams. If you missed it, you can check it out.

Find all informations for the group stage tournament in the post €250K Champions League Group Stage Tournament.

3rd Seed Penalty Takers

The aims of this article are to find the biggest bargain penalty taker of the lot, I’m hoping for a 4.0m taker! Let’s get straight into it.

Salzburg – Szoboszlai | 5.0m | Midfielder

Who takes penalties in the Champions League? Part 2 a

He wasn’t the primary penalty taker last season but appears to have taken over from Haaland as the main man. He has scored 6/6 of his last penalties, so nothing to scoff at there. Hee-chan Hwang was another taker who took them ahead of Szoboszlai, but he too has moved to a different team. 

Another potentially exciting option on the team is Mohamed Camara (4.0m | Mid). He took a penalty in a game last season after Szoboszlai had already scored one – so he’s in with a chance if they get 2 in a game! He’s also taken part in 4 games so far this season, starting 3 of them.

Inter – Lukaku | 8.0m | Forward

Who takes penalties in the Champions League? Part 2 Inter

Lukaku scored 8 out of 8 from the spot last season and I’m sure he’s going to continue great scoring form in this one. 

It’s worth noting that he does partially share the kicks with Martinez (8.0m | For), but as he took  4 last season, scoring only 2, I believe him to be the worse pick of the two of them.

Olympiacos – Valbuena | 5.0m | Midfielder

Who takes penalties in the Champions League? Part 2 oly

At 5.0m, Valbuena could be in with a great shout for becoming bench fodder for a lot of teams. He has scored 9 in his last 11 penalties taken for Olympiacos.

It is worth noting that although Valbuena historically appears to be the primary taker, El Arabi (5.0m | For) took a recent penalty with Valbuena on the pitch. Luckily for us, he missed it and Valbuena appears to be back on them.

Atalanta – Muriel | 7.0m | Forward

Whilst researching for this article, it was written in many places that De Roon (5.5m | Mid) was the main taker for Atalanta. Unfortunately I could not find any evidence to back this up as many people have taken penalties with him present on the pitch.

Since the start of last season Muriel has taken 8 penalties and converted 7 of them. Malynovskyi (6.0m | Mid) did take one, but Muriel was on the bench at the time. It’s worth noting that Zapata (7.0m | For) was on the pitch for this one, but Malynovskyi missed it.

Zapata has also taken penalties but neither Muriel or Malynovskyi were on the pitch at the time. Ilicic has been on the pitch for one of Zapata’s penalties.

Ilicic (5.5m | Mid) has taken penalties when none of the above have been present.

I believe the order to be: Muriel > Malynovskyi > Zapata > Ilicic

One final note to make it even more confusing: Aleksey Miranchuk has moved to Atalanta this season. He took penalties before at Lokomotiv and could potentially make his mark at Atalanta by taking the spot kicks.

Krasnodar – Claesson | 5.0m | Midfielder

While Berg (5.0 | For) did take one this season, he missed it and Claesson took the next one with Berg on the pitch. He scored this penalty so it seems likely he will continue to take them.

It’s very worth noting that Ari (4.0m | For) is a strong starter and scorer for Krasnodar when fit. He is also their main penalty taker. Unfortunately he has been recovering from a long term injury and is 34 years of age. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance for us though!

Lazio – Immobile | 8.5m | Forward

Immobile has scored an insane 15 penalties since the start of last season, he has taken 17 in total. 

Lazio actually have some fairly favourable fixtures across the entire group stage, considering they are a 3rd seed team. I can see them managing to score a decent amount across their 6 games and if they score, he’s sure to be involved.

Dynamo Kyiv – Tsyhankov / Verbic | 4.5m | Midfielder

Who takes penalties in the Champions League? Part 2 juventus

Penalty duties for Kyiv appear to be shared between these 2 guys. Tsyhankov has taken 7 since the start of last season, Verbic has taken 4.

The 2 most recent penalties were taken by other players, but it appears that the main guys were not playing that match and it should not affect the regular takers.

Leipzig – Forsberg | 6.5m | Midfielder

Who takes penalties in the Champions League? Part 2 leipzig

Last season Forsberg shared penalty duties with Timo Werner (9.0m | For | Now at Chelsea). It appears that with Werner gone he has taken over as the main taker for Leipzig and will continue to take them this season in the UCL.

It’s also worth noting that Halstenberg (5.0m | Def) took one when Forsberg was substituted. Whilst 5.0m might seem a lot for a 3rd seed defender, a late substitution or injury to Forsberg could make him an enticing option for UCL fantasy managers.

With matches against İstanbul Başakşehir in the 1st and 5th gameweeks, both of these players could make for exciting picks.


4th Seed Penalty Takers

This is where we find the bargain penalty takers, let’s dive straight in and see what gems we can uncover!

Lokomotiv Moskva – Miranchuk | 4.5m | Midfielder 

Not to be confused with his twin brother, also A.Miranchuk. The twins played together at Krasnodar last season up until Aleksey left for Atalanta.

To make it even more confusing, Aleksey was on penalties before he left, scoring 7 of the 9 he took. Anton has now taken over penalty duties and scored 1 out of 1 taken so far.

It is worth noting that Smolov and Eder have each taken one since the start of last season. Luckily for us, Miranchuk was not present on the pitch for either of these.

Finding an ideal fixture to play Miranchuk may prove difficult, but home to Salzberg in week 5 could be our best option.

M’Gladbach – Stindl | 5.0m | Forward

Fairly straightforward here I believe. Stidl has scored 4 out of his last 4 so doesn’t appear to be in danger of losing them any time soon.

Bensebaini (4.5m | Def) has taken them in matches when Stindl has either been benched or substituted. This could make for a very exciting option!

Marseille – Payet | 6.0m | Midfielder

Who takes penalties in the Champions League? Marseille

Thankfully, the situation at Marseille appears fairly simple. Payet has scored 4 in 4 of his last regular time penalties. He’s extremely unlikely to lose them any time soon.

Unfortunately, the group appears to be quite hard for Marseille, but there may be opportunities to play him in week 4 and 5 when they are home to the easier teams.

Midtjylland – Evander | 4.0m | Midfielder

We’ve found one! A midfielder who takes penalties, at only 4.0m!

Evander is 4 from 4 when shooting from the spot, so I don’t see him losing them anytime soon either! The downside of Evander is that he doesn’t complete 90 minutes very often. In fact, sometimes he doesn’t even complete 60 minutes!

In even better news, it appears that Scholz (4.0m | Def) takes them when Evander isn’t on the pitch. A 4.0 defender who could be taking them too! We really are living the dream.

Shame Midtjylland might not even score a single goal the entire group stages… But that’s just a minor caveat… right…?

Rennes – M’Baye Niang | 5.5m | Forward

Rennes’ penalty taking situation is fairly simple. Niang takes them when he’s on the pitch. Having said that, he’s missed 3 of his last 7. Normally this would deter me, but he’s taken and scored the last 2 so I think he’s still nailed.

A 5.5m forward on penalties, who has scored 29 goals in 81 appearances for Rennes, could prove quite useful for our sides. Rennes take on Krasnodar at home in week 1 and away in week 5. Also with 9 assists in the above seasons, he could make for an interesting option.

Club Brugge – Vanaken | 5.0m | Midfielder

The situation at Brugge appears simple enough. Vanaken has scored 6 in the last 7 taken which should see him continue as the main man.

Ferencvaros – ? | ? | ?

I’m not quite sure on this one so I’ll just give you the information and let you decide!

  • Isael (4.5m | Mid) was the main taker. The downside, he missed 3 out of his last 4.
  • The most recent taker is Kharatin (4.0m | Mid) took the most recent one, but Isael wasn’t on the pitch.

İstanbul Başakşehir – Visca | 5.0m | Midfield

Visca has scored 9 of his last 11 penalties. Unfortunately I think the fixtures are probably a bit too difficult to consider getting a 5.0m midfielder from one of the lowest rank teams in the competition.

The good thing about penalty takers is that they have a chance in every game, so don’t write it off!

Let’s conclude!

And that’s that for the penalty takers! I hope this was in some way useful for you when creating your UCL fantasy squads. The key takeaways for me:

  • Evander (4.0m | Mid) is the best budget option when choosing a low priced penalty taker for the bench.
  • Should an obvious option emerge for Kyiv, at 4.5m they could have a great option given their fixtures.
  • Szoboszlai (5.0m | Mid) again is another great option given the fixtures for Salzburg.
  • Lukaku (8.0m | For) is the premium pick of the bunch, I think 8m could be great value for this fantastic goal scorer!

Good luck for the group stages, I wish you the best of luck!

Create your team and win!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope it’s been useful! If you have any questions, feel free to message me on twitter here:, I’m always happy to interact!

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