Champions League Group Stage Contest – Late Registration

This week the Champions League group phase 2020/2021 started. Last week, Fanteam started a huge €250,000 tournament for this event. The first of six gameweeks is now over but you can still register! This article is about why this is still a very good idea.

Why Late Registration is a good idea

57 Points

Although you missed the first matchday by late-regging, you will still start the tournament with a strong total of 57 points. That’s almost the average and still gives you all the chances for the tournament.


A very underestimated point is the predictability. We now only have 5 match days in front of us and can plan our squad better. I would like to go into that in more detail:

Fixture Difficulty Tracker

Let’s have a look at the following table excerpt:

Here we see all teams of the Champions League sorted by their probability to win the title. In addition, we see the respective opponents of all teams on the first two matchdays, whether it is a home match or an away match and how difficult the game will be according to the bookmakers. We often see here that the first match is clearly different from the second match in terms of difficulty. Atletico Madrid and Manchester United, for example, had a difficult first match against Bayern Munich and Paris respectively. But on the second matchday rather, easy matches against Salzburg and Leipzig at home will follow. Leipzig had a very easy home match against Istanbul Basaksehir and now a difficult away match against Manchester United. Conversely, FC Porto, for example, had a very difficult away match against Manchester City and now an easy home match against Piraeus. We would have had to consider all this if we had not late-regged. So we wouldn’t have wanted Porto players in our teams on the 1st game day, but we would want them now in our teams for the 2nd game day. Leipzig exactly the other way round.

Now we can plan from the second matchday on and it looks like this:

We can ignore the first matchday and fully concentrate on the remaining 5 matchdays. According to that we will plan and build our late reg teams for this €250K tournament. For this we will now take a closer look at some interesting teams and players.

Teams & Players to watch

Manchester City

Manchester City is a rather complicated team. Actually you can’t do without them, but there are a few things to consider. Why can’t you do without them? If we look at the table above, we see that they are the only one of all 32 teams that has only easy and very easy matches from gameweek 2 to 6. This is due to their easy group without really strong opponents. What do you have to consider? Pep Guardiola rotates more than probably any other coach in the Champions League. This is also due to the many options he has, especially in the offensive. That’s why it’s hard to predict which players will be in the starting eleven.

If both are fit, K. De Bruyne (12.0M) and R. Sterling (11.5M) are a relatively safe choice. Both have a high price on Fanteam, but when we see the easy game schedule of Manchester City, it is definitely worth it. You have to be careful though, if Manchester City are already safely qualified for the round of sixteen, even De Bruyne and Sterling could be benched. Here it can be worthwhile to watch the press conference before the games to get some information.

Juventus Turin

Juventus Turin is very interesting if you late-regged the tournament. First match they have Barcelona as an opponent, but at home. But then comes the easiest block of all teams. 3 very easy matches, 2 times against Ferencvarosi and then at home against Kiev. Of course for these 3 matches you want to have 2-3 Juventus players in your team.

C. Ronaldo (12.5M) is of course the first choice. He wants to play every match and is therefore a safe bank at Fanteam. Otherwise, it’s difficult to say who will play in the offensive. Dybala has been left out so far this season, Morata could make way for Ronaldo as center forward and Juventus has many other options, such as Chiesa, Kuluveski and Bernardeschi.

A. Sandro (6.5M) could be a good alternative if he is fit again by then. Also because he forms a good symbiosis with Ronaldo and always looks for him with crosses.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid went down against Bayern Munich, but they will cope with that. Now 3 feasible matches follow, where they are clear favorites: At home against Salzburg and Lok Moscow, and away at Lok Moscow. This results in some interesting symbioses for Fanteam, such as the two full-backs R. Lodi (6.5M) and K. Trippier (6.0M) with L. Suarez (8.5M) or J. Felix (8.0M). But also J. Oblak (6.0M) seems to be a great choice as goalkeeper for these matches.

Borussia Dortmund

Even if Dortmund disappointed on the first matchday against Lazio Rome, I wouldn’t write them off by a long shot. For one thing, it was the toughest group game away in Rome. For another, the game schedule is now relatively grateful. They play at home against Zenit, then 2 times against Brugge and then at home against Lazio Rome.

E. Haaland (11.0M) and J. Sancho (9.5M) are of course a dream duo for Fanteam. But also T. Hazard (8.0M), who is now fit again, could almost become an insider tip for this price on Fanteam for the remaining group phase.

FC Sevilla

After the difficult away match at Chelsea, Sevilla now has rather easy matches in front of them. Sevilla is also the only team from the upper half that now has 2 home matches in a row. In these 2 matches they also play against 2 clearly weaker opponents, Rennes and Krasnodar. That’s why I think Sevilla offers a great value for money in this late-reg tournament.

Especially the two full-backs J. Navas (6.0M) and M. Acuna (5.5M) form a great symbiosis with L. Ocampos (8.0M).

Shakhtar Donetsk

After the terrific win against Real Madrid, one must of course also mention Donetsk as a savings tip. They are also the only team from the lower third, which doesn’t have a hard match during the next 3 gameweeks.

R. Marlos (5.0M) and M. Tete (4.5M) form a good and very inexpensive symbiosis with center forward J. Moraes (5.0M), when he is back on the pitch.

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