Top 5 Player Matchups for Gameweek 7

Hello, I’m Kieran (@FPLRatchet), and I’m back to bring you my top 5 picks for Gameweek 7’s Premier League Player Matchups on Fanteam.

What is “Player Matchups”?

Player Matchups is a game recently added to Fanteam’s portfolio of contests, which enables players to bet on between three and ten, 1-vs-1 fantasy player matchups, with the potential to win up to 500x your stake.

Player Matchups act as a fantasy football accumulator, with your payout increasing with the more matches you bet on. Players choose a stake between €1-€500, then bet on between 3-10 Matchups. Winning a 10-Matchup bet with the maximum stake would return €250,000!

1. S. Mané (LIV) vs. R. Sterling (MCI)

My first choice for this week’s Matchups is Sadio Mané (LIV), facing West Ham at home.

Mané has been in fine form this season, registering 4 goals in his five appearances in the league so far compared to just 2 goals so far for Sterling. Liverpool always seem able to turn it on at Anfield, even without fans there to support them, and West Ham showed against Spurs that their defence is liable to concede plenty against a good enough side. Also, Mané has the yellow star in this Matchup, meaning he’ll win in the event of both players scoring equally.

Whilst Sterling does look dangerous at the moment, having scored in the Champions League in midweek, he is substituted far more often than Mané, meaning he is much less likely to receive the extra 1 point for playing the full game than Mané, tipping the odds firmly in favour of the Senegalese in my view.

2. H. M. Son (TOT) vs. R. Mahrez (MCI)

My next choice for this week’s Matchups is Heung-Min Son (TOT) at home to Brighton.

This is actually my favourite Matchup for this week. I was amazed to see that these two were Matched together, so Son having the yellow star in this Matchup seems baffling. Son is in the form of his career, with 8 goals and 2 assists in the league already, compared to 1 goal, 1 assist for Mahrez. And as if there weren’t enough factors in Son’s favour already – Spurs play at home whilst Man City are away.

Whilst the table would tell you that Brighton are far the superior side here, the two teams’ defences are quite comparable. Mahrez is als more likely to be substituted early if he starts, so will be less likely to earn the extra point for playing the full match. For me, it’s Son all the way on this one!

3. R. Firmino (LIV) vs. T. Alexander-Arnold (LIV)

My third selection is Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV), facing West Ham at Anfield.

I’ve seen this Matchup a few times now, and I’ve jumped on Trent every time. Despite scoring from a rebound last week, Firmino’s scoring record at Anfield is frankly shocking in the last couple of seasons. Trent actually had more attacking returns than Firmino in the League last season, and he has the potential for clean sheet points.

The only things to keep in mind here are that Firmino has the yellow star, so will win if both players score equal points, and Firmino is also eligible to get the extra point for playing the full game, whereas Trent isn’t as he’s a defender.

Top 5 Player Matchups for Gameweek 7

4. O. Watkins (AVL) vs. A. Mitrovic (FUL)

My fourth pick this week is Ollie Watkins (AVL) at home to Southampton.

In this article last week I discussed my opinion that Southampton’s defence is vulnerable with the high line that they insist on playing. Despite them managing to keep a clean sheet against Everton – this opinion still hasn’t changed. Everton were missing their fastest attacker, and key outlet for passes in behind the defence – Richarlison. James Rodriguez was also visibly not at full match fitness, despite starting the game.

Ollie Watkins in the ideal player on paper for this high line. He’s quick, can hold his own physically, and will finish clinically if given the opportunities. Opportunities which should come, with the creativity of Jack Grealish, Ross Barkley and John McGinn feeding him with passes. Watkins also has the yellow star and usually plays the full 90, just for good measure.

5. P. Bamford (LEE) vs. P. E. Aubameyang (ARS)

My final selection for Gameweek 7, is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (ARS), facing Man United away from home.

Whilst Bamford has undeniably had an excellent start to the season, coming off the back of a hat-trick against Aston Villa last week – form only counts for so much, and if you’d told me at the start of the season that I could bet on either Bamford or Aubameyang when they had comparable fixtures, I would have laughed. Aubameyang is one of the world’s elite attackers, and Bamford had many fans calling for him to be replaced coming into this season, and was always a notoriously wasteful finisher.

Whilst Aubameyang hasn’t been as involved as he usually is in the last few games, he, much like Jamie Vardy, always seems to find a way to score even if he doesn’t have the best statistics to back up the performances. Aubameyang is also on penalty duty, and I’m really not one for the whole “he’s due a goal” logic, but, he hasn’t returned for 3 weeks now, and he’s never gone 4 weeks without a goal or assist in his Premier League career…

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Good luck!

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