New on Fanteam: Fantasy Dota 2

FanTeam is opening a new and very anticipated discipline among eSports fans – Dota 2! To celebrate the arrival, we are offering a Freeroll where the first place wins a Ticket to our WCOFF contest worth 1100€!

This article will outline the rules of the game, along with going into detail about the fantasy scoring.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a team game where you and your opponents choose a character to play with at the beginning of the match. There are 119 heroes in the game, each of the heroes come with their own unique abilities. These abilities can be improved during the game, however, each hero has their own weaknesses and strengths. 

At the beginning of each match, players are divided into two teams (five on each) and every player chooses their own hero. Players in Dota 2 can control their hero, as well as all the units controlled by the hero. On average, a single match in Dota 2 lasts 20-40 minutes. Each team’s goal is to destroy the main enemy building, the Fortress (often called the Throne), whilst destroying towers and barracks along the way.

3 Phases

  1. Early game stage usually lasts up to 10-12 minutes. Players on their lines earn experience points (XP) and gold by killing monsters and attacking buildings.
  2. Mid Game lasts from 10-12 to 25-30 minutes and the players begin to move around the map in teams and attack enemy buildings together.
  3. Late Game comes after 25-30 minutes. A positive result is only possible from the coordinated actions of all team heroes.

Positions in Dota 2:

1st position – Carry

He is the leading hero, and everyone else helps him to gain strength. He is the one who causes the most damage to his enemies. In addition, the ‘Carry’ hero has a huge impact force that can destroy different buildings, this hero is characterized by weakness at the very beginning of the game.

2nd position – Mid or SoloMid

The leader is the player who is responsible for the line in the centre. In this position he is standing alone, but often the most battles on this line occur at an early stage of the game. As for his main characteristics, the ‘SoloMid’ can be called the Dota 2 Playmaker, as he is faster than the other heroes and he accumulates experience points and reaches a higher level.

3rd position – Hardliner

The hero in this position stands on the line closest to his enemies. It is very difficult for him to farm gold and experience points and the main functions of the role are to initiate the battle, distract the attention of the enemies to himself, and buy items for the team.

4th position – Semi-Support

All ‘Support’ players are responsible for all kinds of assistance that must be provided to leading role players. The main task is to move around the map in parallel killing enemies, exercising control over runes, etc.

5th position – Full-Support

‘Full-Support’ is the lowest valued position in the game. Often they are attached to one specific line and provide support to the leading character assigned to it, as well as protecting the leading hero from enemy attacks. They have a minimum amount of gold in their team and die most often.

Fantasy Dota 2 tournament format

In Daily Fantasy Dota 2 on FanTeam you need to select 3 or 5 players of any position based on your budget. The tournaments are created in the ‘Pursuit’ format. This means that your team gets 0.3 bonus points for every 100 thousand budget which remains unspent. You must choose the team captain whose points and price are multiplied by 2. The Vice-Captain plays with the price and points multiplied by 1.5.

Dota 2 Scoring

First blood – The first murder on the map. It counts for the hero who caused the last damage, so in this case, the first kill is summed up with the murder.

Buildings – The destruction of an enemy building. Counted as the hero who caused the last damage.

Roshan Kill – Killing the strongest monster in the centre of the map. Killing him gives powerful bonuses that can influence the outcome of the map.

Wards placed/killed – Setting/killing an object that gives visibility to the team. Setting up Wards is the the priority for the 5th position player.

Creep Kill – Killing monsters on the map that are beyond the control of the players.

Creep Deny– The process of achieving an allied creep, in order to prevent the enemy from doing so. For this kill, the enemy will receive a reduced amount of gold and experience.

Camp stacked – This is a process when you take neutral creeps from their camp to a new wave of rebirth to increase the total amount of creeps. This is most often done by a support hero.

Rune pick up – Rune is a special bonus that appears with a certain periodicity on the map.

Courier kill – Killing a creature that brings objects from shops to heroes and each team has one courier. After killing, a certain amount of time passes and courier is revived

Stuns (per second) – Stuns the hero. ‘Supports’ are the most skillful.

Healing (heroes) – Healing of characters with both skills and objects. For every thousand health, 4 points are awarded. Rounding to 100 hp.

Straight maps bonus – A bonus for winning with a difference in maps.

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