Formula Fantasy League – Turkey Weekend preview

In this article, we will dive into Fanteam’s Formula Fantasy League, and focus on the upcoming race weekend with Turkey Weekend preview. There is also a review of the previous Fanteam’s Formula Fantasy League in Italy (Imola).

Previous Formula Fantasy Review – Italy (Imola)

The weekend in Italy was pretty wild. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas finished in the top two places giving Mercedes their seventh consecutive constructors title. Max Verstappen retired after suffering a tire issue that forced a safety car to show up. That led to an exciting race in the final laps. Daniel Ricciardo was the driver that took advantage of Verstappen’s retirement and secured his second podium of the season for Renault. 

Let’s see how it was played over the weekend.

Italy review: Free Practice

As we said in Formula Fantasy League – Italy Weekend preview the weekend in Imola had only one session of free practice. The drivers and the teams had only 90 minutes to learn the circuit and collect data from the track. All the drivers tried to race as many laps as they could making the session really interesting. Lewis Hamilton made the fastest lap and Max Verstappen split the Mercedes by finishing second ahead of Valtteri Bottas. Pierre Gasly had a pretty good practice and finished 4th, showing that AlphaTauri he could fight for a spot in the higher positions. 

Italy review: Qualifying

The Q1 was pretty intense. Some drivers couldn’t make a ‘’clean lap’’ (their laps were deleted due to track limits). Bottas, Albon, Ricciardo, and Stroll found themselves in the drop zone but on their last try, they managed to achieve the laps that qualified them for Q2. George Russell qualified for Williams’s second time in a row. Alfa Romeos, Haas, and the 2nd Williams were the slowest cars. (Grosjean, Magnussen, Raikkonen, Latifi, and Giovinazzi)

In the Q2, Max Verstappen had a power issue and the team forced to fix the issue in a short time. With a few minutes to go, Verstappen managed to qualify with a medium set of tires. Besides Verstappen, Hamilton and Bottas managed to get through on the mediums. AphaTauri qualified both of their cars in Q3 while Pierre Gasly finished 3rd. On the other hand, Racing Point was disappointing and didn’t qualify any of their cars. Perez, Ocon, Vettel, Russell, and Stroll were the 5 drivers that didn’t make it. 

In the final session of Q3, Mercedes once again was the best. Valtteri Bottas found the way to beat Lewis Hamilton and get the pole position. Max Verstappen had got an easy 3rd place and Pierre Gasly maintained his good form finishing 4th. Daniel Ricciardo and Alex Albon completed the top 6. 

Italy review: Race

At the start of the race, Valtteri Bottas had the lead and Max Verstappen was behind him. Lewis Hamilton lost some ground and he was 3rd. When the time came for the first pit stops, Verstappen made the first pit stop between the 3 of them changing to hard sets of tires. Bottas followed him, but Hamilton took a different route. Hamilton managed to have a good pace with mediums and prove that his strategy was better. Pierre Gasly was pretty unlucky. He was 4th and he seemed able to make a good race, but he had a mechanical issue and forced him to retire first. 

With 12 laps to go, Verstappen retired after suffering a sudden tire issue and forced a safety car to come out. The final few laps of the race were breathless. Ricciardo managed to stay in front of Daniil Kvyat and secure his second podium of the season. Charles Leclerc with Ferrari came 5th holding off the Racing Point of Sergio Perez. McLaren finished 7th and 8th with the duo of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. 

Alfa Romeo made a fantastic race who took their first double points to finish with Kimi Raikkonen 9th and Antonio Giovinazzi 10th. Alexander Albon had a pretty bad race and finished last after an unforced error. George Russell also made a terrible mistake and he crashed while the safety car was out.

Fantasy points in Italy (Imola)

How Fantasy managers did in Italy (Imola)

The best 3 drivers – Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, and Max Verstappen – were the most popular picks. Hamilton was owned by 84% and captained by 65.3%! Verstappen was picked by 80% (9.8% Captain) and Bottas owned by 74% with 12.9% as captain. Pierre Gasly was the next most popular with 53% of managers choosing him. Charles Leclerc was owned by 50%, Daniel Ricciardo next with 44% and Sergio Perez with 29%. 

The big disappointment of the weekend was Red Bull, Max Verstappen forced to retire and Alexander Albon finished last. Also, Pierre Gasly forced to retire cause of mechanical problems and spiced things up in the fantasy tournament.

Formula Fantasy League – Turkey Weekend preview Italiy Review

Turkey Weekend preview – the circuit

The king of motorsports is back in action this weekend. Formula One is returning to Turkey and in the Istanbul Park circuit after 9 years of absence. The Turkish weekend is the 5th unexpected race due to pandemic after Mugello (Italy), Nurburgring (Germany), Portimao (Portugal), and Imola (Italy). This track has a lot of straights and some really fast corners. Turn 8 is the iconic corner at Istanbul park. It is an incredibly fast, sweeping corner with four apexes and many drivers had spin-offs in this turn. 

Only four drivers of the grid have experience in this circuit. Kimi Raikkonen won the first race on this track in 2005. Lewis Hamilton achieved three podium finishes and Sebastian Vettel won twice with Red-Bull. The fourth driver is Sergio Perez who raced once in 2011.  

Turkey Weekend preview – driver prices

Lewis Hamilton is once again the most expensive driver, priced at 22.8M. His teammate Valtteri Bottas is following with 19.3M and Max Verstappen with 18.6M. Then we have the duo of Daniel Ricciardo with 14.1M and Sergio Perez with 13.8M. Alexander Albon is a little bit behind them with 12.9M and Charles Leclerc at 12.2M. 

Next, there is a group of three drivers priced between 10.5 and 11.5M. Both of the McLaren with Carlos Sainz (11.4M), Lando Norris (11.1M), and Lance Stroll (10.8M) with the 2nd Racing Point. The next group of drivers is priced around 8.5M with Pierre Gasly at 8.6M, Esteban Ocon at 8.4M, and Sebastian Vettel at 8.2M. The second AlphaTauri of Daniil Kvyat is at 6.5M. 

Finally, we have the cheapest drivers of Alfa Romeo, Haas, and Williams priced from 2M to 3.1M.

What to expect

Istanbul Park is a circuit that passes are easy and a track that used to had many accidents. It’s a high-speed circuit with fast corners and we can say is something between Portimao and Imola. 

Mercedes will be of course the best team and the team that everyone wants to beat. Red Bull wants to bounce back after the terrible weekend in Italy. We expect McLaren to be competitive and Lecler with Ferrari might not be as good as in the previous races. 

Team preview – Mercedes

They won their seventh consecutive constructors title in the last race. Lewis Hamilton (22.8M) can win the championship in Turkey. Valtteri Bottas (19.3M) is aiming to no let that happens and to fight for the win. 

Team preview – Red Bull

After their terrible race in Italy (Imola) they want to bounce back. Max Verstappen (18.6M) wants to return to the podium and Alex Albon (12.9M) needs desperately good results. 

Team preview – Racing Point

This track should fit their car and we expect Racing Point will contend for the higher positions. Sergio Perez (13.8M) could have achieved a podium in Italy, but the team made the choice to change tires after the incident.

Team preview – Renault

The French team is killing it this year. Daniel Ricciardo (14.1M) after his second podium wants to continue with good results. Renault might struggle a bit like Portimao. Esteban Ocon (8.4M) hopes his car won’t have a mechanical problem and get a top 10 finish.

Team preview – McLaren

We expect Carlos Sainz (11.4M) and Lando Norris (11.1M) to be really competitive. If the cars won’t have an unexpected incident  McLaren can get good results and have a top 6 finish.

Team preview – AlphaTauri

They are really good with the hard set of tires and in this track, it may be the best set. We expect AlphaTauri and especially Pierre Gasly (8.6M) can be competitive. Daniil Kvyat (6.5M) wants to show that he can be consistent. 

Team preview – Ferrari

Ferrari is clear that they focus on the next season. The Italian team might struggle once again but Charles Leclerc (12.2M) always finds a way to thrive. Sebastian Vettel (8.2M) is one driver that made victories in Turkey. He has the experience to make a good race on this track. 

Team preview – Haas

Both of their drivers are having their last races in the formula. Kevin Magnussen (2.8M) and Romain Grosjean (2.6M) struggle a lot this year and that will not change. It will be a miracle if someone can finish in the top 10. 

Team preview – Alfa Romeo

In the previous race, they made a miracle. They finished 9th and 10th. Kimi Raikkonen (3.1M) is the most experienced driver on the track and he has the experience of Istanbul Park. We expect him to have a bigger chance for the best driver of the 3 weaker teams. Antonio Giovinazzi (2.7M) might struggle. 

Team preview – Williams

George Russell (2.4M) and Nicolas Latifi (2.0M) once again they will fight against Alfa Romeo and Haas. George Russell might be able to win the fight against them and especially in qualifyings.  

Summing up – Turkey Weekend Preview

The race in Turkey after 9 years is pretty interesting. The famous Turn 8 will be breathtaking and Mercedes will be the team to beat once again. Red Bull will fight to bounce back after the terrible weekend in Italy. 

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