Formula Fantasy League – Bahrain #2 Weekend preview

In this article, we will dive into Fanteam’s Formula Fantasy League, and focus on the upcoming race weekend with the second-weekend preview in Bahrain. There is also a review of the previous Fanteam’s Formula Fantasy League for the first weekend of Bahrain.

Previous Formula Fantasy Review – Bahrain #1

The first weekend in Bahrain was dramatic and pretty shocking. The whole weekend was stigmatized by the terrible crash of Romain Grosjean. We watched a horrifying moment in Sunday’s race. Everyone was worried about the health of the formula one driver and luckily he survived after this accident. The safety of human life is the number one thing in this dangerous sport. The innovations that formula one brought to the cars for safety reasons saved Grosjean’s life. The ‘’halo’’ part in the car was the main reason. As for the ‘’halo,’’ many drivers and people of the community of formula criticized and argued that it’s not pretty and it will hurt the beauty of the sport. Now, everyone understood that safety measures were necessary. 

Lewis Hamilton got his 11th victory of the season, while Red Bull managed to finish 2nd and 3rd with Verstappen and Albon for a double podium finish. 

Bahrain #1 review: Free Practice

The weekend’s action started with the first two free practices on Friday and followed by the third on Saturday as usual. 

In the first practice, the drivers were testing the circuit but also the Pirelli’s prototype tires for the 2021 season. Mercedes was the fastest team and Hamilton was first and Bottas second. Perez was moving fast and finished 3rd. Verstappen didn’t race for many laps and that’s why he finished 6th. 

In the second free practice, Albon with Red Bull made a mistake and he crashed into the wall forcing a red flag. Hamilton once again was the fastest and Verstappen with Bottas following. Perez was again really fast and finished 4th. 

In the third free practice, Verstappen managed to win Mercedes and take first place. Hamilton and Bottas followed. Albon was the best behind the big 3 and McLaren finished 5th and 7th with Sainz and Norris. 

Bahrain #1 review: Qualifyings

The exciting qualifyings started under the lights in Bahrain. The circuit and the conditions were excellent for a stunning weekend in Bahrain. 

In Q1, Hamilton started really fast and set an impressive pace. George Russell managed to qualify in Q2 with a great lap. He was almost one second faster than his teammate Nicholas Latifi. Haas and Alfa Romeo didn’t make the cut through Q1 and Latifi finished in the last place with Williams. 

In Q2, everyone was trying to qualify with a medium set of tires. Hamilton continued to dominate and deliver the best lap. Carlos Sainz lost the car under braking forcing a red flag. Ferrari wasn’t able to qualify for Q3 with Stroll, Russell, and Sainz to start from the back of the grid. 

In Q3, Lewis Hamilton made an unbeatable lap and won the pole position. His teammate Valtteri Bottas finished 2nd and Red Bull was able to win 3rd and 4th place. Sergio Perez came in 5th and Ricciardo finished in the top 6. 

Bahrain #1 review: Race

The race lasted three corners when a horrific accident of Romain Grosjean’s Haas speared off into the barriers after contact with Daniil Kvyat. The driver was able to get out of the car suffering burns to his hands and feet. Everyone was shocked by this terrible accident! 

After an hour and 25 minutes, the race started for the second time with a standing grid. The race this time lasted for 8 turns when Stroll had a collision with Kvyat with Stroll’s Racing Point forced into a roll. The safety car was brought out, stopping again the action. 

When the safety car ended, Hamilton gained a big lead over the second Verstappen. Perez was racing really fast and he was third. Bottas was unlucky and forced for an early pit stop due to a debris puncture. McLaren needed a strong race for the battle of the 3rd place in the constructors’. Sainz and Norris were having a great race in 5th and 6th position. 

The number of pit stops was surprisingly high. All the drivers made at least two or three pit stops for a new set of tires. Bottas wasn’t able to recover and climb in the top places. Hamilton was unbeatable, Verstappen was in second place and Perez was racing for a podium finish. But, a mechanical problem in Sergio Perez’s Racing Point didn’t let him finish the race. A few laps before the finish his engine was smoking and the Mexican forced to stop aside the car. A second safety car was required and the race was over. 

Hamilton won for the 11th time this season and Max Verstappen was second. Alexander Albon was the winner who climbed 3rd due to the retirement of Perez. McLaren got a dream finish with Norris in 4th and Sainz in 5th place. While their opponents for the 3rd place in constructors saw both of their cars not finishing. 

Fantasy points in Bahrain #1

Formula Fantasy League – Bahrain #2 Weekend preview

How Fantasy managers did in Bahrain #1

Max Verstappen with Red Bull was the most popular pick with 86% and captained by 28%. Lewis Hamilton was second with 77% of managers choosing him and 47% picked as captain. Valteri Bottas and Sergio Perez were close with 66%. Pierre Gasly is always a popular choice and this weekend in Bahrain he was picked by 48%. While Charles Leclerc dropped to 31% and Alexander Albon only with 27%!

Hamilton was the best pick as captain with Verstappen, Albon, Gasly, and Norris. No one had the perfect team but the winning team got 5 out of 6 best drivers of the weekend. 

Sergio Perez was unlucky this weekend and let down the managers that picked him. He was 3rd and almost had achieved a podium after a long time, but his car let him down with a few laps for the finish. Alexander Albon was the big winner of Perez’s retirement and finished 3rd. 

Bahrain #2 Weekend preview 

The upcoming weekend will be very interesting and also very different than usual. The different layout of the track will be really interesting, but also the changes that have come in the driver’s seats. Romain Grosjean after his horrifying accident won’t be able to participate. The reserve driver of Haas Pietro Fittipaldi will replace him for the upcoming weekend. 

The multi-champion Lewis Hamilton was found positive for Covid-19 and ruled out of the second weekend in Bahrain. Mercedes decided to replace him with George Russell of Williams. Russell will get the opportunity to drive a championship-winning car instead of the weak car of Williams. His seat in Williams will be filled by F2 racer Jack Aitken.

Two drivers will debut this weekend while George Russell will race with the best car instead of the weakest one.   

The circuit

Formula One will be in Bahrain for a second weekend with a different layout on the same track. This outer layout of Bahrain will be incredibly fast. The circuit has long straight lines and the cars with higher max speed will benefit. The race will have 87 laps and in qualifyings, we might witness a 50-second lap!

Driver prices

In the absence of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen is the most expensive driver this weekend with a 20.0M price. Valtteri Bottas is next with 19.2M and his new teammate George Russell with 16.0M. Sergio Perez and Alexander Albon are following with 14.2M and 13.6M. After their great first-weekend McLaren is more expensive this time. Carlos Sainz will cost 13.2M while his teammate will cost 12.2M. Between the two of them, we see Ricciardo with 12.9M. Next, there is Charles Leclerc with 11.6M and Lance Stroll with 10.4M. Esteban Ocon costs 9.2M ahead of Pierre Gasly 8.9M and Sebastian Vettel 8.4M. Daniil Kvyal is at 7.0M and Kimi Raikkonen is the most expensive of the bottom 6 drivers with 5.0M. The debut drivers of Haas and Williams are the cheapest with Fittipaldi at 2.4M and Aitken at 2M. 

What to expect

We expect a pretty interesting weekend. Bottas is the number one driver of Mercedes now and we have to see if he will be able to deliver. Max Verstappen is the favorite to win and finally beat Mercedes. George Russell will be able to fight no only for a top 10 finish but for a podium finish. The young driver has a unique opportunity to shine this weekend!

Sergio Perez and Racing Point want to benefit and deliver a podium while the battle for the 3rd place in the constructors’ championship is big. We expect McLaren to showcase one of the best cars this weekend. It’s really fast in the straights and Sainz with Norris will have big chances for a great result.

We also expect Ferrari and the cars with Ferrari engines (Alfa Romeo and Haas) to struggle a lot, even more than the last race… The big straights are not their comfort zone. 

Team preview – Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas (19.2M) has the obligation to deliver and prove that he can win. Without Hamilton, Bottas must win his opponent Verstappen. George Russell (16.0M) will race with the best car on the grid and will be able to fight for a high place finish. But can he get comfortable with it quickly enough to score a podium or a win? We’re looking forward to finding out!

Team preview – Red Bull

Red Bull and especially Max Verstappen (20.0M) has a huge opportunity to get a victory this weekend. Without Hamilton on the grid, Verstappen has proved that he can win Bottas. Alexander Albon (13.6M) had a podium finish but he needs two more great appearances for him to stay in the team. 

Team preview – McLaren

Carlos Sainz (13.2M) and Lando Norris (12.2M) wants to continue the great result of the first race in Bahrain. Their car is really fast and probably the best behind Mercedes and Red Bull. 

Team preview – Racing Point

Racing Point wants to bounce back after the double DNF. Sergio Perez (14.2) is targeting a podium finish while his teammate Lance Stroll (10.4M) wants desperately a good result.

Team preview – Renault

The track does not suit their car but they will fight for the best outcome. Daniel Ricciardo (12.9M) is among the fastest drivers and Esteban Ocon (9.2M) has proved consistent. 

Team preview – Ferrari

Ferrari will struggle this weekend. The high-speed track does not fit their engine and we expect them to finish outside of the top 10. 

Team preview – AlphaTauri

Pierre Gasly (8.9M) is delivering good results every week, but this track will be challenging for AlphaTauri once again. Given that the Ferrari-powered cars are on a huge disadvantage, AlphaTauri is on the verge of scoring some points this weekend once again. 

Team preview – Alfa Romeo

The car has a Ferrari engine and probably won’t be able to do much. Kimi Raikkonen (5.0M) has the most experience to win the battle between the bottom 6 drivers of Alfa-Haas and Williams. 

Team preview – Haas

Another team with a Ferrari engine. Kevin Magnussen (2.6M) will enjoy his lasts races with formula while his new teammate for this weekend. Pietro Fittipaldi (2.4M) will make his debut and will give his best to make a name for himself filling in Romain’s shoes.

Team preview – Williams

Nicholas Latifi (3.2M) will fight against Alfa Romeo and Haas and will be interesting to watch the fight between his new teammate Jack Aitken (2.0M). Given that Williams don’t rely on a Ferrari engine, there’s a higher possibility this time that they finish above their low-ranked opponents.

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