NBA Leaderboard on Fanteam // 25.12. – 07.01.

NBA is back and with it, we have the NBA Leaderboard on Fanteam back!

When will the NBA Leaderboard Challenge on Fanteam take place?

Fanteam celebrates NBA’s returns for the 2020-21 season on the 25th of December and hosts 3 leaderboards with amazing prizes including a brand new PS5 with a copy of NBA2K21, a custom NBA jersey, tournament tickets and of course thousands of Euro!

All you have to do is to do is take part in our NBA Daily Contests which will commence on December 25th.

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Last year’s Leaderboard Results

Last year’s NBA Leaderboard challenge on Fanteam was a huge success! In the end, user “Affectum” was able to secure the top spot with a last-minute finish. He finished first in the main contest on the last Gameday before the playoffs and overtook 4 opponents with his profit points and also gave us an interview to tell us what he was going to do with his brand new Rolex!

Daily Events and 3 Leaderboards

For the 2020-21 season Fanteam will offer the following structure and guarantees for the Daily NBA Events.

NBA Leaderboard Main Event

  • Buyin: 5€
  • Entry Cap: 100 teams / player

Beginner Event

  • Buyin 1€
  • Entry Cap: 150 teams / player

Highroller Event

This Event is dedicated to Highrollers.

  • Buyin50€
  • Entry Cap5 teams / player

How the NBA Leaderboard points are calculated

As stated above, the only thing you have to do to participate in the Leaderboards is to play in the Daily NBA contests during the promotional period (25/12 – 7/1).

Here is how the places in the leaderboard will be calculated: The user with the most profit (total winnings minus total buy-ins) of each calendar match day will receive the most points. The user with the second-highest profit, the second most, and so on (more info on the table at the bottom).

The point score for each rank:

NBA Leaderboard on Fanteam - win a Rolex! price structure

The prizes of the Leaderboard Challenge

Find enclosed the leaderboard prizes for the Rookie, Pro and All Star event:

As always, before jumping into the contest, make sure to read the NBA Fantasy Strategy Guide.

Good luck!

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