Fanteam 1M PL Season game – GW12 Statistical Analysis

In this article GW12 Statistical Analysis, we will present the key facts and statistics of the Fanteam 1M PL Season game from the previous weekend.

Gameweek 12: Team scores

This week was much “slower” than the previous one. With only 19 goals scored across all 10 Premier League matches, it was normal that most points were accumulated by the defenses and fantasy scores were lower. 

The average score of this week was 52.4 points, which is almost 25% lower than last week’s stunning 69.1 points! At the same time, from the scores distribution graph below we see that scores were more concentrated this time, as many teams had similar outputs.

Here are some key numbers about the graph above:

  • Best team of Gameweek 11: 97.5 points
  • Average Score of Gameweek 11: 52.4 points
  • Top 10% threshold for Gameweek 11: 67.5 points
  • Top 25% threshold for Gameweek 11: 60 points

Gameweek 12: Top players

Let’s see below how some key players performed this week. The X-axis on the chart visualizes the player’s price, while the Y-axis the points scored on Gameweek 11. The size of the bubble shows how popular each player is. The top-left quadrant is where the best picks of the week lie (cheap and high-scoring), while on the bottom-right we find the underachievers (expensive and low-scoring).

1M PL Season game – GW12 Statistical Analysis

Top fantasy scorers for Gameweek 12

  1. Jamie Vardy (10.7M – FWD): 14 Fantasy Points – 7.207 teams (28.71%)
  2. James Maddison (7.5M – MID): 14 Fantasy Points – 869 teams (3.46%)
  3. Emiliano Martinez (4.6M – GK): 10.5 Fantasy Points – 4.816 teams (19.18%)
  4. Nick Pope (5.1M – GK): 10 Fantasy Points – 372 teams (1.48%)
  5. James Justin (5.0M – DEF): 10 Fantasy Points – 3.189 teams (12.70%)
  6. Jan Bednarek (4.5M – DEF): 10 Fantasy Points – 241 teams (0.96%)
  7. Stuart Armstrong (5.9M – MID): 10 Fantasy Points – 174 teams (0.69%)

Gameweek 12: How teams lined up

Top captains for Gameweek 12

This week we saw a similar picture to the last one, with Salah and Kevin De Bruyne switching their percentages. This time, Salah was the most popular captain with one third of the teams, while KDB was around the 10% mark.

Other popular captains such as Fernandes, Werner, Son were much lower this week, probably because of the tough matchups their teams faced this week. It’s interesting that in the top 12 captains we see 0 defensive players (Defenders or Goalkeepers), only 6 Midfielders and 6 Forwards! 

1M PL Season game – GW12 Statistical Analysis top captain chart

Top transfers before Gameweek 12

In a season-long game like this, one of the biggest factors of each team is the transfers they make and which players are bought or sold over the season.

Below we have listed the 5 most popular purchases and sells for the week:

Most Purchased Players before Gameweek 12

  1. Mohamed Salah (12.5M – MID): 2479 teams (9.88%)
  2. Patrick Bamford (7.0M – FWD): 1746 teams (6.96%)
  3. Jack Grealish (7.1M – MID): 1257 teams (5.01%)
  4. Callum Wilson (6.8M – FWD):  1018 teams (4.7%)
  5. James Ward-Prowse (6.5M – MID): 915 teams (3.64%)

Most Sold Players before Gameweek 12

  1. Hakim Ziyech (8.3M – MID): 2672 teams (10.64%)
  2. James Rodriguez (7.1M – MID): 2383 teams (9.49%)
  3. Dominic Calvert-Lewin (8.5M – FWD): 1378 teams (5.49%)
  4. Bruno Fernandes (11.3M – MID): 783 teams (3.12%)
  5. Diogo Jota (6.8M – FWD): 831 teams (2.98%)

Transfers overview for Gameweek 12

Another important part of the game’s strategy is how managers spend their transfers. Choosing to pay a -4p penalty to change a player is a risky move, but is often important to tackle the matchups or save up enough funds for a key transfer.

For the second weekend in a row, we saw that more than half  (51%) of the managers didn’t make a transfer and save the free transfer for the special middle-week gameweek 13. The rest of the numbers were also very similar to the previous week’s, which starts to create a pattern of how managers approach their transfers.

Gameweek 12: Wildcards used

Wildcards are used to “reset” your team, allowing unlimited transfers to be made for a single Gameweek. Each team has two wildcards available, one in the first half of the season, and one for the second half.

Gameweek 12 was the least popular week so far to play a wildcard, with only 1.5% of the teams “hitting the button”. This was a bit strange given the multiple injuries that occurred last week among popular players (Rodrigues, Jota, Masuaku), but we assume that the tough matchups most teams were facing didn’t create good circumstances for a big overhaul.

36% of the wildcards are still in play with six gameweeks left to use it. 

Wrapping up: Standings after Gameweek 12

Below you will see a distribution of the team standings so far. For charting purposes, we’ve hidden the very low scores (below 520p) that represent ~3.2% of the sample.

In this week’s chart, we see that the gap from the top teams has shrunk a bit, but more teams are starting to fall behind from the middle of the pack. Some interesting facts:

  • 51% of the teams are in the very close window of 640-730 points
  • Less than 3% of the teams are now above the 790 points mark
  • Almost 17% of the teams are still below 610 points

I hope you enjoyed the 1M PL Season game – GW12 Statistical Analysis! If you enjoy statistics and want to find even more insights, read Fanteam 1M PL Season game – Weekly Statistical analysis – The road so far (GW8).

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