Fantasy NBA Season Game 20/21 – Introducing the €25.000 Guarantee Tournament on Fanteam

Fanteam is proudly announcing its first-ever Fantasy NBA Season 20/21 tournament, which has been opened for registration this week. You can already start to enter your first draft so join today! Gameweek 1 starts December 22nd.

Show your Fantasy NBA Manager skills and win a part of 25.000€

Promising to be an intense experience with a new gameweek every day, the NBA season game has a €25,000 in guarantees! Manage your dream team throughout the whole NBA regular season, as you try to maneuver to the top of the standings! The buy-in is €25 and it is possible to have up to 5 entries.


You will have 9 players at any time: 2 point guards, 2 shooting guards, 2 shooting forwards, 2 point forwards, 1 center. The teams will have no captains and the maximum players you can have from any club are 2.

Number of free transfers: 1 per every 2 gameweeks

You will receive one transfer every 2 game weeks, and it is possible to save up, so you have a maximum of 2 transfers for a gameweek. It is however not possible to make any additional transfers in exchange for a point penalty. Usually, a gameweek lasts a day.


There are no wildcards in the default setup. However, if the season experiences big disruption with many teams inactive due to Covid-19, we may open up for wildcard(s).

Postponed/abandoned matches

Assuming that any postponed match will be played at some point during the season any such matches will simply be put into a future gameweek that corresponds with the new starting date. If a match is abandoned mid-game, and not completed at a later date, the players will keep the points they accumulated up to the point of the interruption. If an interrupted match is re-scheduled to be finished at a later date, the players will keep accumulating points as normal. It is the team line-up for the original gameweek that will be used for this.

Player prices adjustment

There will be adjustments to player prices during the game. Price changes will happen at 12:00 CET on the first Thursday of the month. The Maximum change per player will be 1M. Price changes will be based on expected performance in the upcoming 30 days and there will be no sale tax.

Deadline for changes: 90 minutes

Changes can be made all the way up to 90 minutes before the start of the first match in the gameweek.


The format has no subs, and safety net will not be in use.

Late registration: Until Sunday 27th of December, at 21:30 CET

It will be possible to enter even after the tournament has started. The final deadline is Sunday 27th, which is the start of gameweek 3. Please note that while generally this tournament assigns one gameweek to each day, the setup in the beginning of the tournament is slightly different (to allow to late reg). When late regging, you will be compensated for the gameweeks you did not have a team in. You will get 80% of the average score in the missing gameweeks.

Join now and show your skills

The entry in the NBA season game is €25, but it is possible to get in via cheaper satellites. Please note that you can only participate with 5 entries in the NBA season game though. So, save your seats and keep the chance to win 25.000€.

The entire rules can be found here.

We, at Fanteam wish you the best of luck and are looking forward to a wonderful fantasy season with you.

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