Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football – SCOFF 2021

FanTeam are very excited to announce the latest edition of the Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football (SCOFF)! This tournament has always been a huge success over the past years.

If this is the first you’re hearing of the SCOFF – here’s a quick introduction. The SCOFF offers a DFS experience like no other with a three step tournament structure, ending in a super high-stakes Premier League final played across two game weeks, boasting a record-breaking €500,000 prize-pool! Players have the option to enter at step 1 for just €1, or pay higher fees to enter at later stages of the tournament.

Tournament Information

The SCOFF Final starts at 15:00 GMT on May 15th. The Final will be played over two Premier League Gameweeks – GW37 & GW38. Each week is independent of the other, meaning that you will be able to create a brand new team in round two without any penalties. This is the real DFS experience!

This year’s guaranteed prize-pool is a monster €500,000, with a first place prize of €100,000! The rest of the prize-pool is distributed amongst 121 payout positions, with a minimum payout of €1,500.

How to qualify

The buy-in in the final is €1,100, but don’t worry, it’s very possible to get into the final without paying the big bucks. Actually, the vast majority of the finalists will qualify via satellites, which are running many times a week from now. These satellites aren’t just Premier League football contests either – you can qualify by playing all sorts of fantasy sports, from NFL to our new DOTA EPIC League format!

One such player who qualified through a satellite for the WCOFF Final (a different contest with a similar format) is fscottl – a Scottish Fanteam user who entered a satellite contest for just €2 last year. He eventually went on to win the tournament and take home a sweet €30,000 prize, after watching the final game of the contest on an offshore oil rig – where a late Mo Salah substitution ended up being the difference for fscottl to clinch that first place prize!

Check out our interview with fscottl where he talks us through his incredible WCOFF success story here.

Also our recent winner of €50,000 from the WCOFF 2020 gave us an interview!

Play now

SCOFF contests are open now. To enter, simply log in to your account, then check out the lobby on to find various upcoming SCOFF satellite contests with entry from as little as €1!

If you don’t have a FanTeam account yet – do not worry. Click below to start the simple registration process and set up your account today for free.

Good luck!

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