NBA 50k Monday Monster – Preview

NBA 50k Monday Monster

Fanteam’s NBA 50k Monday Night Monster is back! Welcome to our preview with the best players to watch!

With 10 games on the slate and € 50,000 in total prizes available and a gigantic €7,500 going to whoever will finish in the first place, there is no better time to start playing NBA Fantasy on Fanteam!

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Players To Watch

Of course, in such a big slate like the one we have for tonight’s NBA 50k Monday Monster, there are many players to choose from and it can get a little bit confusing. Below, you can find some of our suggestions, players that stand out and can make a difference.

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Point Guards

There are plenty of quality options in the Point Guard position for tonight’s NBA 50k Monday Monster.

Top Picks

Damian Lillard (15.2m) looks to be the top choice from the Point Guards. Without McCollum and Nurkic on the floor this season he is averaging 1.4 fantasy points per minute and has a 32.6% usage rate. He has 3 consecutive games with over 50 fantasy points and is coming off a 60.75 fantasy points performance. The matchup is favorable also, going up against an Oklahoma team that is the 8th worst in the league for fantasy points against from the point guard position.

Steph Curry (14.9m)is up there also and with a very favorable price, going up against a Wolves team that simply cannot defend. People seem to be down on him this season, but we are still talking about a player that averages 1.4 fantasy points per game and has a 32.5% usage rate.

Luka Doncic (16.9m)is always in play since he is capable of giving us huge games. The problem is that his price is way up there and he needs to give us a 60+ fantasy points game to make it worth and that is a tough ask on a daily basis.

Mid Priced

Looking further down the salary list, Ben Simmons (11.4m) and Fred Vanvleet (11.5m) seem to have good prices for what they can offer us. Simmons had 48 fantasy points against the Pistons 2 nights ago and looks to be good for another high return against a team that just cannot defend him. Vanvleet without Lowry gets a huge bump in usage and is averaging 1.1 fantasy points per minute and also had a big game against the Pacers yesterday.

Kemba Walker (10.5m) is slowly getting more minutes, getting closer to 30 minutes per game now, and the more he plays, the more fantasy points he produces. He won’t be at this price for long so let’s take advantage of it while we can.

Jamal Murray (10.4m) has been underwhelming this season but seems to be on a good run lately, with 4/5 games with 40+ fantasy points. Again, he is too cheap for what he can -potentially- offer.

Value Picks

If Herro is out again for the Heat, Goran Dragic (8.8m) becomes a top option again. You can go to Kendrick Nunn (8.9m) if you prefer but Dragic for me is the safer option with a very high floor and safe minutes.

Jalen Brunson (6.8m) has been getting close to 32 minutes per game for the last 4 games, and that makes him a valid option. He has been around a 1 fantasy points per minute producer for this year and this kind of minute and production rates are hard to find at such a low price.

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Shooting Guards

Top Picks

Zach LaVine (15.4m) has been red hot for the season and he is coming into this game with over 50 fantasy points in 3 games out of the last 5. He is the main option in this high-paced Bulls offense and although the matchup against the Celtics is a tough one, he has shown us that he is match proof at this point.

Mid Priced

Malik Beasley (9.5m) seems like a solid option at shooting guard and he will be in my player pool whether or not Russell plays in this game.

Tim Hardaway jr. (8.9m) and Evan Fournier (8.3m) are solid options at their prices, both of them relying heavily on their shot, so if you pick them, you need to pray for them to have a good shooting night.

Value Picks

With The Raptors being banged up, Norman Powell (6.9m) entered the starting line up and he seems to be getting more and more confident with each game. He is averaging 1.01 fantasy points per minute this season, so if he gets 32+ minutes again, he looks like a steal at his price.

Wayne Ellington (6.1m) looks to have secured his playing time lately averaging 31.5 minutes per game and he is producing 28.3 fantasy points in the last 4 games.

Small Forwards

Top Picks

Kevin Durant (16.5 m) is my first choice at the small forward position. He looks extremely good out there and seems to be the 1st option in the new Nets Super Star Trio.

Durant has the highest usage from them and is averaging 1.5 fantasy points per minute in the -few- games that they have played until now, so if I had to choose one of the 3 studs in Brooklyn, I would go with him.

Mid Priced

Jaylen Brown (12.9m) without Tatum gets an uptick in usage rate and in minutes per game. He finally broke out of his shooting slump in the last game, producing 62.75 fantasy points in the process. I believe that this will carry on to this game also, facing a Bulls team that is not so good defensively. Even if Tatum plays tonight, again Brown seems like a good option, since he is averaging 1.3 fantasy points per game with or without Tatum on the floor.

Tobias Harris (10.8m) did not have a good game against the Pistons 2 nights ago, but I expect a bounce-back tonight, and he will be in my player pool, especially considering his price.

OG Anunoby (9.3m) was always getting huge minutes but this year he is also producing a lot of fantasy points. He is averaging 35 fantasy points per game in the last seven games and he seems to be a great value at his price tag.

Value Picks

At the lower salary levels, Doug McDermott (7.1m) and Josh Jackson (5.5m) are worth the risk, although they both play in difficult games. Both have the potential to give us enough points that will make their salary worthwhile. McDermott entered the starting lineup and is playing huge minutes but he is a little bit scoring dependent, so we will need his shoot to fall tonight. Jackson is getting close to 25 minutes per game and has a huge usage rate for a guy at his price and at the end of the day, all we need from a 5.5m guy is around 25 fantasy points.

Power Forwards

Top Picks

Anthony Davis (13.9m) is at the lowest price point I have ever seen him on an NBA Fantasy Tournament. I understand that the game against the Cavaliers has a blowout risk, and if this is the case, Davis will play fewer minutes than normal, but I just cannot ignore a player with his production at this price. He had 55.5 fantasy points against the Bulls in only 29 minutes!

Mid Priced

Zion Williamson (11.8m) is appropriately priced and plays against an opponent that cannot limit them, so he seems to be in a great spot. Zion has 5 straight games where he has played more than 35 minutes and in 4 out of those 5 games he had 40 fantasy points or more. As long as he is out there on the court, he will produce fantasy points for us and the Spurs have no one to match his physicality.

Value Picks

Jarred Vanderbilt (6.5m) has been making the most out of the opportunity that he got in Minnesota and since he entered the starting lineup he is averaging 1.03 fantasy points per minute. As long as he is playing close to 26 minutes, he will be a solid option.

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Top Picks

Nikola Jokic (16.7m) has 5 triple-doubles already this season, is averaging 63.8 fantasy points per game, and is playing close to 36 minutes per game. On top of all, he is going up against a Mavs team that is giving up 69.7 fantasy points per game against Centers, and he has already scored 64 fantasy points against Mas already once this season.

Joel Embiid (14.8m) has 65/58.25/58.5 in his last 3 games, with the last game being against the Pistons. His minutes are up, his usage is up and his focus seems to be there this season, so -barring a late injury scratch- he is one of the top Center choices.

Mid Priced

Myles Turner (16.7m) and Enes Kanter (9.8m) will be two players in this mid-price tier, which I will be targeting in tonight’s NBA Monster. Both of them have favorable matchups since their opponents are not famous for their interior defense. Turner just had 49 fantasy points against the Raptors yesterday, blocking 6 shots and getting 3 steals also. Just those things are 18 fantasy points alone, so you can understand that he has the potential of amazing fantasy points in multiple ways and this makes him extremely valuable. Kanter is in the starting lineup now that Nurkic is out and after the injury of McCollum, he is the second option behind Lillard in the Blazers offense. Without them, he is averaging 1.2 fantasy points per minute and he looks like an excellent option for his price.

Value Picks

James Wiseman (7.2m) is averaging 25 minutes in the last 3 games and 29.25 fantasy points. That’s 1.17 fantasy points per minute. The only concern about Wiseman is that he gets into foul trouble and thus he is losing minutes but at his price, he is worth the risk.

On the other side of this game, he will get Naz Reid (7.2m), who is averaging 33.5 points in his last 2 games, and going up against Wiseman, in a fast-paced game, seems to be a very good spot to continue this kind of production.

Aron Baynes (4.8m) started last game against the Pacers, due to Siakam being out. He played 18 minutes and had 25.25 points, making that the 3rd straight game where he had more than 16.5 fantasy points. If Siakam is out again tonight, he is definitely in consideration. If Siakam is in, you could use him since Indiana is a big team and his size and strength will be needed but the minutes will be limited.

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Leave your comments, tips, and feedback to the NBA 50k Monday Monster here in the comment section. Good luck!

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NBA 50k Monday Monster

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