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Weekly Monster Gameweek 22 – Captaincy Picks

It’s a long way to go until Friday, but the Weekly Monster gives you an opportunity to add some much-needed excitement to your week. Have a go for a chance of winning €5000. 

Weekly Monster Gameweek 22 – Fixtures

Unlike the main game, the deadline isn’t until kick off, so you can take advantage of any early team news. However, don’t worry if you can’t be around for that time. Anyone that doesn’t start will be automatically replaced with the closest equivalent teammate (for the same price or cheaper) e.g. if Salah doesn’t play you will get Mane. This happens immediately though, which unfortunately means that if the player you selected comes on at half time and bags a hat trick then you won’t get their points.

Weekly Monster Gameweek 22 – Which fixtures to target for Captaincy?

As mentioned earlier, you get an extra point for a win, so we want to be targeting winnable fixtures for our Captain. The three that catch my eye are:

Manchester United v Southampton – United aren’t on form and they struggle at home, however they need a win to maintain their league position, Southampton will attack them and that should enable them to play to their strengths.

Burnley v Manchester City – this is clearly the fixture of the week. Burnley tend to roll over for City who have won the previous matches 5-0, 3-0, 5-0 and 4-1.   

Liverpool v Brighton – Liverpool have found their mojo, Brighton don’t try to park the bus against the top sides and this will play into Liverpool’s hands.    

Weekly Monster Gameweek 22 – Captain Candidates

TOP CHOICE – Salah (14.7M)

I expect Liverpool to win, which means Salah will get an impact point. Assuming Mane doesn’t recover in time, then Salah is the prime pick considering how he performs without him. Earlier this week Adam Hopcroft tweeted the original version of this: in 20/21 Salah has only played 277 minutes with Mane and 1,377 without him (~20%). Despite only being 20% of the minutes played with him, Salah has recorded six goals (compared to nine with Mane) and two assists (which is the same as what he has managed with Mane). Ultimately, Salah is a machine when he gets to be the main man. 

SECOND CHOICE – Cancelo (11.0M)

As detailed above, City tend to thrash Burnley and I can’t see them conceding given Woods and Barnes are unlikely to feature. That suggests that Cancelo has a floor of seven points (CS + impact points). He’s fully rested, and we’ve seen that he effectively operates as a central midfielder, which makes it highly likely he’ll be involved when City attack. If he just gets a single attacking return, then that will result in a double-digit score.

THIRD CHOICE – Mahrez (14.1M)

Mahrez is a proper flat track bully, which is everything you’d want from a captain. He was fully rested at the weekend, so there’s a good chance that he will play 90 minutes and when you combine that with the impact point and CS bonus that gives a floor of five points. Five points isn’t what you’re hoping for from a captain though and if it’s upside that you’re after then he’s your man. In the previous fixture a few weeks ago he scored a hat trick and it wasn’t a one off. He’s scored seven goals in just four games against Burnley.

Punt – Cavani (£12.9)

In the previous fixture he scored a brace and created an assist for a spectacular return. When he starts, he plays 90 minutes. United desperately need a win and that plus the 90-minute bonus would give him a two-point head start. He averages the most big chances per game (1.0) for United and is very much overdue a return.

Whoever you decide to go for, good luck!

Please comment / tweet us with your thoughts on the above. Let us know what you think of this article and if you’ve got any feedback. We’ve created this for you and want to tailor it towards your needs. 

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