Fanteam 1M PL Season game – GW20 Statistical Analysis

The second half of the season has started, and our Statistical Analysis articles are back with an update for GW20. In this article, we will present the key facts and statistics of the Fanteam 1M PL Season game from gameweek 20!

Gameweeks 20: Team scores

“High variance” is the best description of Gameweek 20. This week, we saw the average scores be… average. However, the max scores achieved from our top teams were among the highest we’ve seen so far in the season!

This was due to some very popular players having monster nights, while other stars stayed quiet. Captains also played a very important role, as we saw a 10+ point difference among the top captain picks (discussed below). For now, let’s see the key numbers of Gameweek 20:

  • Best team of Gameweek 20: 117 points
  • Average Score of Gameweek 20: 59.7 points
  • Top 10% threshold for Gameweek 20: 81 points
  • Top 25% threshold for Gameweek 20: 71.5 points

Gameweek 20: Top players

Let’s see below how some key players performed this week. The X-axis on the chart visualizes the player’s price, while on the Y-axis the points scored on Gameweek 20. The size of the bubble shows how popular each player is. The top-left quadrant is where the best picks of the week lie (cheap and high-scoring), while on the bottom-right we find the underachievers (expensive and low-scoring).

Top fantasy scorers for Gameweek 20

  1. Joao Cancelo (5.2M – DEF): 16 Fantasy Points – 10.383 teams (41.36%)
  2. Sadio Mane (11.6M – MID): 15 Fantasy Points – 1.823 teams (7.26%)
  3. Tomas Soucek (5.3M – MID): 14 Fantasy Points – 10.853 teams (43.24%)
  4. Riyad Mahrez (9.0M – MID): 13 Fantasy Points – 1.137 teams (4.53%)
  5. Raheem Sterling (10.9M – MID): 13 Fantasy Points – 10.406 teams (41.45%)

Gameweek 20: How teams lined up

Top captains for Gameweek 20

This week we saw the highest captaincy % of the season so far, with Bruno Fernandes earning the trust of more than half of the managers (50.6%). Sterling was the far second with around 1 in 6 teams trusting him, and far behind him came Salah and Kane, who were playing against each other.

Sterling won this battle in a dominating fashion, giving the managers that picked him a 20+ point advantage over the managers that bet against him! Honorable mention to the surprising 2% who picked the up-and-coming Gundogan and shared this success as well!

Top transfers before Gameweek 20

In a season-long game like this, one of the biggest factors of each team is the transfers they make and which players are bought or sold over the season.

Below we have listed the 5 most popular purchases and sells for the two weeks:

Most Purchased Players before Gameweek 20

  1. Ilkay Gundogan (5.9M – MID): 3.605 teams (14.36%)
  2. Raheem Sterling (10.9M – MID): 3.084 teams (12.29%)
  3. Bruno Fernandes (11.4M – MID): 2.261 teams (9.01%)
  4. Harry Kane (11.5M – FWD):  2.202 teams (8.77%)
  5. Heung-Min Son (10.6M – MID): 2.031 teams (8.09%)

Most Sold Players before Gameweek 20

  1. Kevin De Bruyne (11.9M – MID): 8.446 teams (33.65%)
  2. Jamie Vardy (10.9M – FWD): 2.038 teams (8.12%)
  3. Kurt Zouma (5.0M – DEF): 1.402 teams (5.59%)
  4. Harry Kane (11.5M – FWD): 2.072 teams (4.53%)
  5. Tomas Soucek (5.2M – MID): 1.049 teams (4.18%)

Transfers overview for Gameweek 20

Another important part of the game’s strategy is how managers spend their transfers. Choosing to pay a -4p penalty to change a player is a risky move, but is often important to tackle the matchups or save up enough funds for a key transfer.

Exactly half of the teams made 0 transfers this week. Probably a lot of them were inactive as the Tuesday afternoon deadline made it hard for managers to find the time for changes. The ones who did make transfers, around half of the teams paid transfer penalties or played their wildcards.

With Kevin De Bruyne and Jamie Vardy getting injured, a lot of teams had to hit the fantasy e-brake and edit their teams considerably. The -4 penalty was definitely worth it, especially if you traded KDB with Sterling and Vardy with the red-hot Lacazette!

Wildcards used

Wildcards are used to “reset” your team, allowing unlimited transfers to be made for a single Gameweek. Each team has two wildcards available, one in the first half of the season, and one for the second half.

This was the first week of the second half, with all teams having a fresh wildcard in their hands.

Interestingly, one in ten teams hit the button right off the bat! Probably the biggest reason for that were the big injuries that popped up, but some managers might have chosen to “reset” their teams after the special Double Gameweek lineups of GW19.

Wrapping up: Standings after Gameweek 20

Below you will see a distribution of the team standings so far. For charting purposes, we’ve hidden the very low scores (below 780p) that represent ~1% of the sample.

With every passing gameweek, we naturally see this chart to widen more and more. Teams are dropping behind in an increasing pace, with wrong moves and forgotten transfers playing a bigger role at this stage of the season.

On the top of the leaderboard we see a small number of teams forming a tight elite, but several thousand teams are still within reach to win the whole thing!

  • 1085 teams (~4.3%) are above 1,300 points 
  • Only 10 teams are above 1,400 points (~0.04%)
  • 7,758 teams are between in the tight window between 1,170-1,260 points (~31%)
  • Around 30% of the teams are now below 1,070 points in total, more than 150p away from the paid spots
  • The average total score across the competition now stands at 1,123 points

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