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Hello and welcome to Fanteam’s Team of the Week 23! Here we are drafting a team which we think is capable of winning €7500 in the upcoming Weekly Monster. 

Yes, the stakes have risen – our usual €50K prize-pool becomes €75K so we have to choose carefully to get the top prize… 

What is the Weekly Monster? 

The Weekly Monster is a weekly competition held on where players choose a starting XI (no subs) from the teams playing that Gameweek from a budget of 100.0M (depends on the Gameweek), with the objective of scoring as many points as possible. Players score points using the same system as in the €1M season-long game – a scoring system that will feel very familiar to those who have played FPL. 

Players are priced in accordance with the match odds for each given fixture. This means that the price list will differ every week, and will often read very differently to the season-long game, as prices are brought up or down depending on the quality of the fixture, and the form of the player.

Team of the Week

Chelsea is the first team we want to make a stack of. Their defensive record since appointing Thomas Tuchel is very good conceding 0 goals and just 12 shots in 3 games. Sheffield hasn’t lost their chances to stay in the league but their finishing is poor so we can count on a clean sheet with plenty of goals scored. 

That’s why we will go with Chilwell (10.2M) who can easily be substituted by Alonso or James if they will secure his spot with a Safety Net option. Mount (12.3 M) was praised by the manager in the last interview and also was very active against Spurs in the last game. Even if he won’t start the game, we will have plenty of decent opting thanks to Safety Net again. And we can’t avoid Werner (12.6 M) who is trusted by Tuchel and has a lot of chances in every game he plays. 

The second team is Liverpool who is facing Manchester City. This game is very important for Reds because it’s almost their last chance to stay in the race for the trophy. City has great results in the last games but it will be their first big game without De Bruine so let’s risk it and try to stack Liverpool defense. 

Alisson (7.0M) will get us some points even if City will manage to score providing us with saves while each one of them secures us a 0.5 pts. Let’s just hope he will come back from his illness. 

Alexander-Arnold (7.2 M) gets his fitness back. He has more xG and xA than Robertson while being chipper. Moreover, let’s don’t forget he can get his chance to get some pts by providing a decent corner and shooting from a free-kick. Salah (9.9 M) is an obvious pick but you can wait and see if Mane (9.2 M) is ready to play. Their xG is almost equal and xA is much better for the Senegalian – even despite the fact that he hasn’t played in the last 2 games. 

The third team we want to get in our squad will be Brighton. The Seagulls haven’t conceded in the last 4 games while Graham Potter changed their tactics a bit – the team is playing much safer now taking fewer risks on their own half and letting their opponents create fewer opportunities to score. Burnley doesn’t impress all season long and Shawn Dyche now has a lot of problems with injured players so Brighton players might have plenty of chances to score. 

In defense, we have great value in Burn (7.4 M). He is now more confident going forward and has more shots per 90 minutes than Dunk (7.8 M). He even provided an assist to Alzate against Liverpool in the last game “stolen” by Trossard thanks to a small deflection. And his ownership will definitely be lower than any other Brighton defender. Seems like a good value. If you don’t want to risk just go with Dunk – he still offers a great threat from set pieces. 

We will pick more obvious candidates from Brighton’s attack with Trossard (8.9 M) and Maupay (9.6 M) forming almost an attacking duo in the last games. We can’t be confident that Leandro will get a full time but he still offers great value having 2 passes led to shot per 90 minutes and second-best xG (0,89) in the last 4 games. Guess who is first? You got it right, Neal Maupay (1,35).

West Ham will be our last team. They never had 38 points after 22 EPL games so we surely trust that The Hammers are in a good shape. Antonio (10.0 M) is back on track and did Soucek (9.7 M) ever lost his? 

But there are a lot of interesting options upfront with Bowen (9.5 M), Benrahma (8.8 M), Fornals (9.2 M) and of course Lingard (8.1 M) who scored two in his debut against Aston Villa. So we have a lot of options there. 

Our captain will be Maupay (yes we want to risk it – how do you win €7500 in other way?) and we will give VC to Salah/Mane – depends only on Sadio’s fitness.

What will your team look like? Let us know and write down your thoughts in the comment section below!


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